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  1. Boring and conservative in its reiteration of a tired, old theme, Harmony's Joshua Morse impersonation stands as testament to the ineptitude and cock-licking nepotism of the Overclocked Old Boys' Club. Nah, I'm just kidding. I fucking dig it. You have a beautiful voice and you've interpreted the piece in a way that brings out the dynamics and, in turn, emotiveness that the original composer implied in his composition, but was unable to realize due to technical constraints. It's a little repitious in and of itself, with one part flowing so subtley into and sounding so much similar to another as to make it difficult for the listener to tell which part of the song he is listening to, which, in turn, undermines any ideas about rising and falling tension; it's more than a little derivitive of a thousand "mature" pop songs I've heard a hundred thousand times, although most of them are not rooted in a song from from a videogame; it's not something I'd listen to on a regular basis but I fully recognize the nuance and craftsmenship that went into this piece of work. Good shit, Harmony. As the lost Judge, I give it a YES. To adress the "FUCKING THOUGHT" debate, it's leaps and bounds above anything Josh Morse has ever done, particularly in regards to humanity. While Morse is a talented composer, his pieces have always struck me as overly mechanical. Harmony's nuance in rhythmic intonation brings a whole different meal to the aural table than your typical cold-as-ice Josh Morse leftovers. You're still a shitty Judge, though and I don't like your decisions. I hope you meet the same fate as Schnaba before you. Watch your back. Oh, and the lyrics are make-me-laugh trite. Shoulda song about your cock.
  2. Now that we have enough talent in our project for me to realize my vision, I'm able to be more precise and demanding with regards to tone and genre standards. I went back and listened to Txai's Chun Li's Ending part 3 remix and came to two conclusions. 1) It simpley does not meet our genre guidelines. Nowhere near them. It's well-done, but it's straight-up orchestral, movie-score sounding stuff. 2) It's not Chun Li's Ending Part 3. If the melody is in there, it's so burried that I can't make it out. Can any of you? I've PMed Txai multiple times on VGmix to talk to him on the subject and have waited over a month for a reply. I'm afraid, at this point in time, I have no choice but to reject his submission and re-open the track. So, Txai, if you read this, please contact me and please don't take personal offense at my decision to not use your track in its current incarnation. You're more than welcome to revise it to meet our genre guidelines. Removed: Chun Li's Ending Part 3 - Txai Chun Li's Ending Part 3 is now open.
  3. Holy shit! Somebody call a doctor, cause these beats are fucking sick. I'd wet up the strings a little bit so they don't stand out so much and float a little better in an otherwise butter-smooth smix. (I just made that word up. It's a combination of "mix" and "sex.")
  4. I am pleased to announce that, out of over twenty WIPs, only two have been purged in the wake of our recently passed first deadline. They are as follows: 26. E. Honda's Ending - Dace K 45. Zangief's Stage - Nesper Those two tracks are once again open.
  5. It's now three days past the first deadline. In the next twenty-four hours I'll be removing musicians who's deadline was September fifteenth and who are assigned to songs they haven't provided a one-minute WIP for.
  6. This is actually some pretty good idea. I could take photos of me, Cammy and Chun-Li... Naked. Haha1hahaha! I think that might qualify as kiddie-porn over here in the States, junior.
  7. Sounds pretty cool! Ok, updated my WIP a bit, changed some eq, replaced the pizz with a SFA sounding synth. Very hard to get something to replace the pizz sound that fits in, the only other option would be a guitar sound. www.malcos.co.uk/Balrog_Malcos_Beta.mp3 I'm gonna do some more work on this tommorrow. Pencil me in for a DnB mix of Gouki's theme, I'll see if I can come up with something. This is still an awesome mix but I don't like the new lead either. You say only pizz strings, SFA--I don't know what that stands for--synth or guitar would fit the part you sequenced? It doesn't sound that way to me. If it were me doing it, and I could play keyboard like you, I'd try it with little-to-no quantization on a nice baby grand patch and change the accent on the quicker notes to something more fitting the instrument, but, that being said, I usually get rejected from Overclocked because the judges don't think my lead choices fit my arrangement. Of course, I love sine waves. So, there is that. For what it's worth, I prefered the strings to the synth.
  8. Haha! For realy? You can aparently sequence pretty well, in spite of inebriation.
  9. I'll roll with E. Honda for now and if he (or anyone else) cannot produce a track for Vega that falls within genre guidelines, I'll resume my attempt when the time comes. Much obliged. The only way to settle this mess is for me to take Vega myself, and employ the vocal talents of one Joe Cammisa to put together a vocal arrangement in the style of Nine Inch Nails, tentatively entittled "Beautiful."
  10. Awesome. Maybe, if you're up for it, we can work something out where you provide DJ Sammy G with seperate tracks for your drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitar and he does a remix in the traditional sense, adding some breaks and sexy vinyl loops to create a hip-hop/rock mix. This, of course, wouldn't replace your finished, fantastic rock mix. It'd just be something cool to hear and experiment with. We could then decide which version better fits our project's goals. Looking forward to hearing your finished version.
  11. I can put your down for E. Honda but Legion's mix still won't meet our genre guidelines.
  12. Can someone rip or point us to a good rip of all the vocal samples from the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo arcade rom for DJ Sammy G to use as transitional scratches, etc...? Also, I did some more with my High Score remix. Please provide feedback for your beloved director. <3 Hi, Score! The name of the mix is "Hi, Score!" which is, of course, not to be confused with the name of the original, which is High Score.
  13. I read them. You said you wanted more rock remixes to go with the rest...this *will* be rock when everything's in place. Wait for the drums. Who? The slot was empty when I posted that I would do it on 8/12. Edit: I see what you mean about it not being the right style the way it is now. Do you want me to throw you another WIP with the drums I have in mind, or should I work on it as a solo submission to OCR? -steve If you said you would do it on 8/12 I must've forgotten to put your name down. Sorry about that. I fucked up. Still, I don't think that WIP will work for the project unless its drums are funky brekbeat, vinylized loops and its bass it cut and spliced from another song by a proper DJ. Do you want take a shot at another track?
  14. That is some fucking sweet riffage, but did you read our genre guidelines at all? I don't think we can use this. Also, r3s is doing Vega's stage. Not sure how you got here.
  15. Dear Shael, I know I've been really lazy getting my WIP to you and I still think I can make the 1-minute deadline by tommorow but I wanted to show you what I have now so you don't kick me off the project. -S Hi, Score.
  16. Hot shit! At first I thought it was gonna be a Balrog-does-a-rap-video thing and then it turned slightly progressive and clever. You have stolen my heart. <3 I agree with Mr. Fox, however, on the pizzicatos. I'd go so far as to say I'd like you to try a different patch altogether there, maybe something more electronic.
  17. Oh, Shael. I'm amazed this project hasn't garnered more attention, but it seems to be growing ever so slowly. Looks good so far, guys! Thank you. I'm not sure exactly how projects are supposed to garner attention. Maybe you can give us some suggestions? There may be room for a publicity manager amongst our massively priveledged ranks.
  18. SWEEEEEET! Don't like it personally. Boring and inappropriately artsy. Pretty good by itself, but what's it gotta do with urban (and other) remixes of music from a game featuring people in costumes beating each other? I think it captures the gloom and glow of urban architecture very well. It's got an honesty about it, just like people in costume beating each other. Seriously though, it's got the pavement; it's got the fist; it's got the blue glow of a super-late-night/super-early-morning construction site looking place. I think a fight could go down there and there's a tension that hangs in the air. Or Maybe I'm just a big fag for Chris's photographs. *shrug* Anyone else have thoughts?
  19. What would you guys think of this as the back cover for the album, with the tracklist superimposed over it? http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs6/i/2005/078/6/b/This_is____by_DirectorFlik.jpg
  20. If you aren't gonna order them based on the rhythmic and melodic similarities of intros and outros, I'll give you a a list and it won't be similar to the one of the front page. Also, DamienKraus just sent me his WIP and, holy fuck, it's like I'm listening to Aphex Twin. You're gonna love it or hate it. I dig it. Check it out. And this just in: AE of Wave Theory is doing M. Bison.
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