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  1. First order of business...'Aetherius' Second order of business: I think most people didn't notice this link. Oh snap! Unnecesarry "U!" My bad.
  2. New Blood on the Asphalt here. I just can't get the volumes right! The drums are all covered up in this version. Fuckin fuck. And Aethurius has his newest version here. As you can see, he doggedly insists on using the wrong key. He's also much better at making all of his parts audible.
  3. Final WIP of Blood on the Asphalt here. Next revision will be the album one. Feed me back.
  4. Haste makes waste, mothafucka! The timeline is it's done when it's done. Make sure you read the genre guidelines if you're considering making a submission.
  5. New Guile's Ending WIP here on DCT's server until I can get mine up again.
  6. Didn't catch the "MIXERS NEEDED" in the title, eh? But I digress; I just got a WIP from Akumajo and Braincells and my penis hasn't stopped twitching since. I'll upload the WIP here in a second. It's that hot Tokyo Nightlife shit. HOT new whip from Trenthian and his abnormally sized genitals too; I think he should have that looked at.
  7. Whoa! You do work fast. This is really cool. We've got some nice hard trance represenation in this. The source tune is clearly there but in an original arrangement. It gets a bit repetitive about three quarters of the way through, and I'd like so more variation in the drums especially, but it's a giant leap in the right direction so far. You might consider extending it and playing with the melody a little bit more in later reiterations too. Really, I'd like the track for the project to be representative of your best work which, talented as you are, is not likely to be something you come up with overnight--not to sound like a condescending tool. So this is awesome, and I'd like you to polish it up, sit on it for a few days at the very least, and then see if it needs anything else after it's been digesting for a little while, so to speak.
  8. More than five years after he revolutionized the game arrangement community, DJ Pretzel continues to inovate. Well done.
  9. It's November and a lot of submitters have their deadlines coming up in the next couple of weeks. I'm gonna yank people who don't come through and open up the tracks again.
  10. Just got the finished version of Bassic Kung Fu from Red Tailed Fox. Sammy's doing the scratch solo as I type and I'm PMing Moose now, who will be doin' the live bass.
  11. Both very fucking tight. I was especially grooving to Vega but I could comepletely imagine your Dee Jay standing in for the standard dub tunes that function as background music for the Club Babylon stage in Def Jam: Fight for New York, and that's what I'm looking for.
  12. Aethurius sent me his take on Guile's End Theme; I sent him mine. Now we must make them one!
  13. I am proud to announce that Braincells will be featured in Akumajobelmont's Ryu remix for our project. I also got a WIP from Hella-tite. That kid is weird!
  14. My OCR hoody is holding up exceptionally well after just about a year of heavy use. By contrast, my Walmart brand, plain black hoody, which I bought at around the same time--What can I say? I was inspired by the video for Eminem's Mosh--hasn't. They're not kidding about using high-quality materials. Get a hoody, kids. They're super comfortable, pretty stylish and will get you into conversations about (what is possibley one of your) favorite hobbies, not to mention help pay for the bandwidth you've been mooching by reloading the Gen Disc forum over and over again for hours every day after coming home from school. I don't do that, of course. I'm a total adult. Totally. Your OCR hoody will do anything your want it to! Well, almost.... The one and only thing your OCR hoody will not do is make you a Judge.
  15. How is everyone doing? I've noticed a sudden lull in corospondence both in this thread and through direct contact with myself from you kids. Deadline are slowly but surely creeping up on many of you, so make sure you're consistently working on your WIPs. Remember: Good music takes time, so don't expect me, the other mixers involved or yourself to be happy with the results of your work if you put it off until the night before; even if you can do something amazing in one night, you can make something more amazing in one month of consistent and attentive work. And that about meets my quota of condescending paternalism for the year. Since DJ Sammy has been having technical difficulties that prevent him from isolating his scratch track for post-production, I'm going to be shuffling the big Cammy collab over to Aetherius for producing and mastering next time I catch him on the AIM. You guys have done some amazing things with the original theme and I thank everyone involved for their hard work. DJ Sammy will still be producing a nonstop club mix of the project when it's complete, as well as contributing his own solo track and, if his techincal problems can be solved, a collab with Moose of the OneUps and Red Tailed Fox. As always, feel free to hit me up on the AIM or with a PM and please leave feedback on this board. -Your project director
  16. Lol, hopefully not clipping now. It's finished, tell me it's finished! rofl. Yes! Everybody get crazy! I'm moving straight on the Akuma theme! It's finished. Commence the crazy-getting.
  17. Somebody call a dietician; those beats are phat! Edit: either my speakers or broken, or this new revision is clipping more than a little. It may, in fact, be too phat.
  18. You goof. We're doing Vega. Together. Like we used to. Like a family.
  19. You want it; you got it. Also, I've setup a partial mirror for your WIPs at http://lobachevsky.homelinux.net/~sriley/Blood%20on%20the%20Asphalt/ Hopefully it will be up when you check it. If your WIP isn't on it and you've sent it to me, let me know. I may have missed a couple.
  20. This is gonna be the most racist thing I've said all year but, HOLY FUCK! HARMONY'S BLACK! He sounded white. I know people can't sound white or black, not by any reasonable standards of scientific backing. But I just kind of intuit it when I hear a smooth tenor with a continental US accent--the kind newscasters have--and an acoustic guitar. Just shows what a presumptious biggot I am. Also, Josh Morse saw my previous in-thread comments and accausted me on AIM, trying to defend his overly mechanical music, which was the best thing ever. I'm amazed at the heated and personal debate surrounding this piece of music. I'm simpley amazed. I speculate that the real tension between the parties in question--and there are quite a few--may have been pre-existing, personal, having nothing to actually do with Harmony's piece, and simpley boiled over into a teniously related slander when presented with the oppurtunity. So, hey, I'm gonna close my post out by bringing in back to the topic at hand; that is to say, "you sure did make an Overclocked remix, Harmony. Nice work."
  21. I was too busy. But now, I will get some points. Listen, Shael. My song is an orchestral stuff. But it is also epic. I remember when you said that this was a good example of how and when the mood and genre guidelines can be relaxed for ending themes. If you didn´t noticed, it IS Chun Li's Ending Part 3 (Check the last version of my WIP at 03:16 and in the end at 04:44). Please, consider the spc file. Of course I saw your message at VGMix. But I was busy and a bit confused to answer your question. You said me something about some scratching to my song for a more "urban" concept. Also you didn´t PMed me over a month ago, as you said now. The message was proposed in September 12. I was working on this mix for almost five months and I haven´t intentions to change the communication of my song. I think it means quality and re-arrangement, so it´s more important. I don´t want to be a n00b, but if my work is really rejected, you never will receive a Chun Li's End 3 as I made. I am very disappointed. -Txai I did say that it was an example of how genre guidelines could be relaxed, and it was a compromise I should not have made, born out of desperation when the project was all but devoid of musicians, one that was hurting my vision and one that I apologize to you for, as it caused me to accept your submission and then reverse my stance; I'd certainly be upset too if I were in your position. I've listened to the SPC file, which centers around a very short and simple rock motiff with a sort of consistant meandering back to the dominant fifth and I've listened to your submission which is a complicated orchestral composition, in which I simpley cannot recognize the simple motiff of the SPC file, even after multiple and deliberately discerning listens, nor can anyone I've asked. This is a moot point, however, as, though it is a well-done and intricate composition, it would not meet our genre guidelines in the style you composed it in even if the motiff repeated note-for-note with swelling orchestral backup for five minutes. As you said, it's epic, without a doubt. However, it is not evokative of urban imagery and, thus, not congruent with my vision for this project. If the PM was dated September 12th, which it may well be, all I can say is I've been sending and receiving an average of four PMs a day managing this project and I've certainly gotten dates, names and times mixed up more than a few times. I also suck at estimating. Please trust that it was not my intent to make you look bad by exagerating the amount of time that transpired while I waited for a PM, but note also that the two full weeks that did transpire without a response from you to me, your project director, constitute enough of a non-responsive time period to be considered a problem in and of itself. You should have responded at your earliest convienence, moreso if you were confused by my initial letter. I'm not asking you to revise your submission if your vision for it didn't match mine. Follow your instincts and make the best music you can. I wish you the best of luck in getting your submission posted on OCR if that is you intention and again, I'm deeply sorry for changing my flexibility on the matter of genre guidelines mid-way through the project. I should never have waivered on them in the first place. It's unfortunate that your song was the only one effected, but I'm thankful that it was only one track out of more than twenty. For everyone else, please keep in mind that the genre guidelines are not debatable and not expandable at this point, even for a very good piece of music. Chun Li's Ending Part 3 remains open.
  22. Sorry, Joker and Jose'. Still plenty of good tracks left, though. Plenty of bad ones too. Who's up for doing the Game Over theme?
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