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  1. I'd be leaving the ordering up to Sammy and he'd either fade, transform or scratch a song depending on what sounds best for its begining and ending. If you don't want any of those functions performed on the begining or end of your song, we can leave yours at the end.
  2. I just had a badass idea regarding the finished album: What if, after Aethurius post-produced, volume managed and mastered all the tracks, he sent them to DJ Sammy, who would order them and make them fade into one another for the finished album, in the manner of a classic DJ mix tape? How much more urban can we get? Shieet! Thoughts?
  3. OK. I PMed Myth about getting his vocal track to me by next weekend. DJ Sammy is going to do a little fading and scratching on this already tight collab and then, Aetherius, I'm happy to have you do the post-production and final mix and as many other songs as you'd be willing too. If you could just master each final track so that it has the same relative volume as each other one, that would add an element of profesional polish to our project I hadn't expected we'd be able to attain. Awesome. Remember, everyone, your WIP deadlines are coming up very soon, next week for the bulk of you. Post links in thread or email them to me at shael.riley@gmail.com if you don't have webspace and don't want to use a song hosting service.
  4. Excellent work, Txai. This is a great asset to the project. Though largely a cinematic/orchestral piece, you've added just a touch of trance elements with some of the ethnic drum loops you use. Haha...I haven´t used drum loops on there. You can see the panning effect on the supposed "drum loops". Also, I think the arrangement has more than I expected. By the way, did you listened the original track? Good compression on your drums. I was fooled. Yes, I've heard the original track. I liked it so much, in fact, that I had someone remix it for a project I'm doing.
  5. ]Do you have some experience? Could you provide some examples?
  6. Nice work. Very true to the original. I think I'll have your track close out the album, with Jivemaster's opening it up. That's fine Shael, it would be an honour to be the ending title on the album and I'm happy I finally got it up to scratch. Remember I was using crappy headphones so the mastering might not be too hot, is there anything at all you want me to tidy up or suggest? Or do you have plans for someone in particular to do the final mastering to all the tracks? Anyway, glad to be part of the team and we are at least one step closer to completion. Glad to have you. If you know how, make sure it meets industry standard volume levels (I don't), and if you don't, just make sure it sounds about as loud as most OC ReMixes. Work on the ending. The goofy "Street Fighter 2" voice sample cuts off rather abruptly. If possibley, I'd like to have one person to final volume correction and mastering for every song in the project, to give it a more cohesive feel, but this is not something within the scope of my personal ability and I do not anticipate finding someone with the inclination, equiptment and knowledge to embark on such an ambition project without monetary compensation, so the current plan is to just have every remixer master his own submission while I keep an ear out for anything that sounds "funny."
  7. Nice work. Very true to the original. I think I'll have your track close out the album, with Jivemaster's opening it up.
  8. Excellent work, Txai. This is a great asset to the project. Though largely a cinematic/orchestral piece, you've added just a touch of trance elements with some of the ethnic drum loops you use. While I'm still looking for music that sticks more closely to the listed genres and is more clearly urban in character, the overall quality of this piece makes me proud to have it in the project as something of a deviation from its bulk, just like the Vurez's T-Hawk submission. The rest of you, though, you make sure your music is urban, damnit.
  9. Like Zircon, Harmony and Grey Lightning before him, Schnabubula has dropped out of the project. The Judges seem to not like me. Was it something I said?
  10. Good point! Neither of those would do that! OK. Well, we'll have to come up with something more unique.
  11. It's originally the name of a series of governmentally subsidized films with an anti-drunk-driving message, probobly part of Reagan's "war on drugs." That was back when didn't have any war proper going on. Anyway, the title's subsequently been used a few times by different facets of the music industry, usually in an ironically anti-establishment capacity. I think it suits our purpouses.
  12. I'm thinking of renaming the project either Beat of the City or Blood on the Asphalt. Thoughts?
  13. Shnabubula and Trenthian have joined the fray. Chun Li's track is open again.
  14. There are some short and simple tracks if you're looking for lighter faire. Check out the bulk of the ending themes, or even some little pseudo-sound effect ditties like "Here Comes a New Challenger."
  15. Sure thing. You got 15 days to give me a one-minute WIP. Balrog's stage, unless I'm very wrong, is only arranged slightly betweeen SF2, SSF2 and SSF2:T. I've played both SNES carts and the arcade game for, like, a bazillion hours. The major difference between the three versions is the quality of the midi instruments; the arrangement itself is changed only marginally between itterations.
  16. The requirements are musical arrangement and production ability, an ability to meet deadlines and a sense of theme, mood and tone, which you seem to have. I dig your WIP muchly. If you can produce a completed version by November 16th, you've got the spot. We needed some hard rock to compliment our rave, trance, break-beat, R&B and hip-hop.
  17. I think Richter has the right idea. Blanket deadlines may have worked for similar projects in the past, but none of them had the sheer volume of tracks to be covered or mixers needed as this one. Thus, individual deadlines may be a workable solution. So I'm going to set one right now. If you are currently signed up to cover a track, you have until September 15th to provide me with a one-minute WIP of your submission, preferabley via a link posted in this thread--I'm not one for secrecy. Furthermore, the aforementioned mixers who are already dedicated a one or more tracks hereby have a final deadline of November 15th, three months from today, to provide me with a final version of their WIP, preferably emailed to me (Shael.riley@gmail.com) as an attatchment or external URL. All interested parties who sign up to cover a track hereafter will have one month to provide a one-minute WIP and three to provide a finished track, no ifs ands or buts. Failure to do so will cause the track to be re-opened for submissions from other arrangers.
  18. There's no deadline. I've been really relaxed about letting people submit their WIPs at the level of completion and pace they're comfortable with. Do you kids think this could be contributing to our recently stunted progress, having passed the initial concept stages of the project and gotten into the meat of it? People seem to be very excited, show me an early WIP, and then drop off the face of the earth. Would it be easier for everyone if I said "get your final WIP in by this date or you're out of the project?" To me, that would just seem to exclude certain people with demanding schedules or a slow creation process and I don't want to do that, but I will if it's the only way to get results. Thoughts?
  19. We do really need more mixers. We've had more than our fair share of drop-outs.
  20. How would one launch Reason 2.5 as a ReWire slave in Madtracker 2.5.0? The first thing to determine is if Madtracker can act as a rewire host. Based on what it says on their page "Hook it up inside any ReWire host, and use MadTracker as an expansion with your current musical projects!" I can only assume by this that Madtracker, like reason acts as rewire slaves. You'd need a rewire host, like the free tracktion (or at least, it used to be). Shit. My hopes of hooking Reason up to a tracker are dashed. Thanks for the info, regardless.
  21. How would one launch Reason 2.5 as a ReWire slave in Madtracker 2.5.0?
  22. How would one launch Madtracker 2.5.0 as a Reason ReWire slave in Reason 2.5?
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