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  1. Saga Frontier 2 is one of favorite OSTs of all time. Great job, that melody is amazing and you did it justice. I really like how you added some variation to the melody later on. The guitar sounded a little off to me. It sound like you are playing a nylon string, but it could be a vst...anyway Everything note in the guitar line was played close to the same volume and sounded down picked (I do hear the tiny accents in there but I think the execution just hid the dynamic variation a bit). This created a very flat guitar sound imo. Maybe try adding some vibrator on the slide up or the sustained 'A' I still really enjoyed everything I hope I don't seem rude, just want to give some feedback.
  2. Dueling 3rds, risers, great filter sweeps, tight percussion, awesome arrangement. improv I really enjoyed this, thanks for creating it.
  3. Great Mix! The improvisatory elements in the latter half of the piece were nice. I would have loved to hear more variation of the melody (hook) and possibly some more call and answer. I haven't played Undertale, but I really enjoyed this.
  4. That is a pretty decent guitar sound towards the end of the piece. It had me convinced for a sec
  5. Love the piano and chip sounds together. Some pretty tough runs in there o.o tenouttaten
  6. Excellent remix! Love the meters, love the improve, the rhodes was a great touch AND it stayed interesting the entire time.
  7. Excellent stuff on Aquatic Shrediance. Very melodic and not overly djenty. 

    Love the arpeggio/tapping lick at 3:35. 


  8. So I am very new to this site, but I am eager to get involved. I am having hard time deciphering the information... Let me know if I am wrong, the brackets have already started and it is to late to enter the competition. Voting on the Soma beings February 3?
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