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  1. Oh man, Two Days Ago is a great one! Added to the list Yeah the mastering is iffy. I actually tried remastering it. Does this sound noticeably better? https://instaud.io/xPh
  2. The mastering was kind of rushed, but I'm still really proud of it! I don't see many remixes of K.K. Slider songs, so I'm working on an album of K.K. remixes. I submitted my first one to OC but never heard back, so this time I'm just gonna post it in the forums. Hope you enjoy! Any requests for other K.K. songs I should cover? It doesn't have to be exclusively metal, since I compose in different genres frequently.
  3. Very good job on guitar, but the whole composition is unbalanced. The percussion and rhythm guitar are really soft, and it takes away from the "extreme" that I was expecting from the title. Probably a solid 3.5/5. Great shredding, but issues with balance. Keep up the good work! Edit: Also, you should add reverb to all of the instruments. I noticed that the guitar had a lot of reverb, but the drums and bass are dry. Not sure if this was intended, or just something you missed.
  4. Spoilers I didn't get very far before I stopped playing. Not because it's a bad game (quite the contrary), but because people kept spoiling it. I had to restart the game because I had no idea you could save Toriel, and the flower dude called me out on it haha. Very good game, both funny and sad at times. The music is fantastic too. I haven't really listened to many remixes, because the ones I have listened to are just instrument swaps of the midi file with a lame drum line over it. I have listened to some covers though, like the one above. Those are pretty good. I'll have to take a shot at remixing one or two songs sometime.
  5. Hello everybody! My mom used to use this site a lot back around 2007-2008 (we're big fans of zircon's work), and today I decided to finally make an account in light of a new remix project I'm working on, where I'll be remixing a bunch of K.K. Slider songs. I just submitted the first remix to OCR, but it'll probably be a while before it shows up, so you can listen to it here: Let me know what you think! Also, I make music that isn't remixes here: http://larrynachos.newgrounds.com/ Hope I don't get banned for spamming on the first day See you guys around!
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