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  1. .....please do not argue. A VST is an Virtual Synthetic Tool that you can use in various programs to upgrade your sound selections. All I was asking for was VSTs that are good (free) that work in FL. Not an argument thread. Thank you and have a nice day.
  2. Yes. What is also very cool is that SAC works with Kontakt, which, in turn, can also with in FL. Other VSTs that I have found (that work perfectly) are DSK Saurus Nucleus Reactor (part of Kontakt, right?) Ableton Lives shows up but can not work with FL. Which sucks, but whatever. Any others?
  3. Kontakt works great with FL. I'm wondering if others work as well. Like Kontakt acts like a VST. Which means... I can use SAC in FL. When I get it, that is. Anyway, what other music programs work in FL?
  4. Wanting to sell working PS1. Using cords for PS2. Comes with Spryo 3 (just game, no case or manual) Game and console work. If possible to gift, I want Super Audio Cart. Have lots of DS games as well. Really I just need to clear my shelves of stuff so I have room for my books....
  5. Hello! I also use FL, so if you need anything, go ahead and PM me. I also do Zelda and Star Fox stuff. Currently remaking tracks using soundfonts.
  6. Sure, I might not be able to make the game in full, but I can at least make the soundtrack and script for it... SCRIPT (WIP)
  7. So. All of you have heard about the NES BotW Prototype right? Well, more can/could be done with ALttP. Meaning, I (and others, if you wish to join) am wanting to remake "part" of BotW if possible using the Link to the Past engine. Meaning, remade cut-scenes, music, rebuilt inventory, some changed sprites, and lots more. I can do the soundtrack, does anyone else want to join? List of people will come later when people decide to join. This shall be a community wide effort if this gets started.
  8. I am once again back with another remake. This time, it's Stickerbush Symphony from DKC2. Not exactly like the orignal, but the drum line is EXACT. What's even more cool is that I haven't heard the song in...6 months? Let alone actually played it... Instruments aren't exact either, changed the bass line a bit. Enjoy!
  9. In by "truly awakening" does this mean that Fi comes back? That you can perform the Skyward Strike? Also LOVE IT that they brought back the BEAM OF DEATH from the 2D games....
  10. Fourth day I DID A LOT. I freed Ruta. (Did mostly entire Zora quest in ONE DAY) Met Mipha (She is awesome) got a lot of shrines. Tried to get the Woodland tower... Tried to get the Faron tower (Why is Faron a JUNGLE?) Survived being blasted by lightning (awesome) Upgraded my stamina by 1/4 Now have 5 hearts. I AM NOW NOT BROKE! (Over 1, 000 Rupees) Beat the Trial of Power shrine.
  11. ....So...third day:Met Simon and that one chick at the lab.Ran out of weapons! And had to leave Zora's Domain and go get some (they respawn each time you quit the game, quite happy about that)Got Labranya (close enough?) TowerTried to get the Central Tower- Did not work out.... (Like 5 guardians= lots and lots of death)I met Sipon- HE IS AWESOMEAlso, did they remake a bit of the Spirit Track overworld for his theme? Seems like it.Found the Bridge of Hylia(Man is it in bad shape) Got ran over by a Boar (That was fun)Got my first memory. (Where Zelda and Link are walking along the lake, Zelda talking about the Divine Beasts and that "they were made by people.")Then got the Champion's TunicAlso- the "two knockouts per game"Yeah.Does that happen in this one?
  12. You know what? I'll do a mix of the four themes. Cause why not? Thinking of techno...I guess?
  13. It's 64, not the first game. But I can do a mix if you want...Wonder if I can figure out SF2's map theme... Then again I can just have Cobalt make me a midi of it...
  14. Hey, DS, I'm still waiting for that midi...? I don't know how long it's been since I
  15. A collection of different takes on many Zelda themes. Far from complete. Track list as of now: "My take/version" of the theme from Breath of the Wild/ a bit of "Legendary Hero" from Wind Waker and nearly the entire title theme from Twilight Princess Intro to "Ballad of the Goddess" from Skyward Sword "Midna's Desperate Hour" (With custom chords!) from Twilight Princess "Dawn" and "Great Sea" from Wind Waker (Possibly the most "out there" version. Reviews are welcome. I dare say that this is my best work yet. Timing is off to make it more alive.
  16. Castlevania- Something for Nothing by THE FOO FIGHTERS For Zelda... Atlas, Rise! (Instrumental) from Metallica
  17. Here you go. VERY, VERY rough WIP, not even a minute long, but it's something...?
  18. I lived through my first BLOOD MOON OF DEEEEAAAAATTTTHHHH!!! That cutscene, though. I was in an open field, surrounded by cliffs, so I lived. Got shot at by Bokoloblins on horses, shot the Bokkoloblins off of the horses Discovered Dueling Peaks Stables, so I can get horses now.
  19. So...I somehow managed to get my hands on a copy of BotW... So...Good bye life for a few days, I guess. (Wii U version, LAST COPY of both the game AND guide. Am I lucky? Possibly.) Problem is that I still have school to get through...then I can play all summer long... I will still work on my tracks, though.
  20. First day:Died I think 5 times(Curse you Guardians/blue Bokomoblins!)Got to Kakarikospent I think 5 HOURS trying to kill a boar to get the Warm Doublet THE LIP SYNCING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I don't know why people say the voices are bad; Impa is cool. Also I can't wrap my head around HOW HUGE THE MAP IS! I mean, The Great Plateau is HUGE, but THE ENTIRE MAP?! I really loved that version of the overworld theme in the Divine Beasts cutscene in which Impa tells you everything. Also the snippet of Ganon's theme...
  21. ...Guess what? I GOT A COPY! ONLY ONE THEY HAD! For Wii U, of course Game + Game guide was over 90 bucks BUT WHO CARES! Problem is, I want to finish Okami before playing BotW...