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  1. Hmmm....This looks interesting....I might be able to work something together....
  2. Everyone: I need the sample for the "WHHHHHHrrrrrr" sfx in the Fortuna track from 1. I assume it's mixed in with the drumline, but not sure.... I have a midi of the track, I just need the sfx. If all goes well, I shall be attempting to make a bonus version. EDIT: Why has no one covered the boss theme from Titania yet? (GUITAR LINES...If I can record properly, I can do rhythm, if anyone's interested...) Also Venom above ground from 2?
  3. ....I'm waiting on reviews.... Other than that, I'm working on this (Yes, I use the same username EVERYWHERE.)
  4. I DID IT! All the notes are correct, tried to make it close to the original as possible. Enjoy! EDIT: No "twinkly arp thing"- don't know the notes. - I combined several versions- opening from original, variation from 80's version, some parts from 2005 on
  5. Is it even possible to import Ableton instruments into FLS? (I need the guitars...) I know that you can somehow import FLS into Ableton.. (?)
  6. Aren't Kew and Sargasso from the comics? I know Papetoon is, first thing you see in the NP comics. Also, here's the correct link (forgot to add sharing...Yes all of you can start screaming at me now...) BUT EVERYONE WHO OPENS THIS CAN EDIT. So, PLEASE do NOT open the document if you are NOT PART OF THE ALBUM. Thanks.
  7. So I have decided to make a map (Google Doc) of the whole journey. Make the artist can make it an actual drawing? Link: All of you can edit if need be.
  8. I guess I'm in charge of the script-work if the narratives pass, then? I also got Fallout: New Vegas and the Witcher 3 from the Steam Sale... You probably won't be hearing from me much.
  9. No one wants to tackle the track that has "When the Saints Go Marching In" in it? Out of This Dimension (Or it might be the boss track not sure) Rave that one. DOO IIITTTTT..... EDIT: Whatdoya know, Yoshi acutally joined! Welcome!!!
  10. Oh, that's cool! Thanks. I might contact her but I might need to ask my parents first if I can get a shirt...Maybe for Christmas....
  11. I have no idea where this thread goes, so... Clarify where this should go, if this isn't in the right place (have a feeling it isn't...) My question about shirts: Is it possible to put my RemIxing name on the back? (Of course it'd cost extra...)
  12. So far I've waved - (before Winamp died on me-used the Decoder) DKC 1-3 Yoshi's Island (Afterwards- last night and this morning...-now using Single File) Star Fox Star Fox 2 Earthbound Chrono Trigger Part of Majora's Mask I'd wave the GB/NES files that I downloaded but the single file doesn't like them so... EDIT: I made another topic in "Off Topic" about the single file problem. And missing chiptunes.
  13. #1 The Chiptune database has Oracle of Seasons/Ages but not Awakening. I'm wondering why. #2 How do you get the individual tracks for GB/GBC/NES chiptunes? (For the single file thing)
  14. I discovered this awesome little thing called "write to disk" in Winamp. Therefore- I PRESENT MY REMADE VERSION OF ELADARD, COMPLETE WITH THE ORIGINAL!!! (sorry for caps) You guys want me to do more, just ask!
  15. NEVER MIND I FIXED IT!!! Simply go to output, select Disk Writer Select single file select one track press play (I think you have to do this for every single track)...
  16. It's still messed up?!!!!!! Are there any other programs that can unpack chiptunes (RSN, nsf, zip)
  17. Do Pro accounts still work or no? Cause you can't use the converter without one.
  18. What? What are those? Some kind of program that helps run Winamp?
  19. Star Fox 2 Title Remade (Not exactly but whatever) Clipped Wings With Drums (rave party) I believe the drums shall stay but I need to somehow equalize everything. Oh, and I discovered this wonderful thing called the Mixer. Also discovered Synthmaker!
  20. And here come the scalpers.... I would gladly pay the 80 bucks but 500? Nope.
  21. Eladard REMADE (Remake) (NES version-made with actual soundfont!)
  22. Could it be possible to release our remix (Hall of Fame) a bit early to celebrate???? Also "remade" Eldard Over Land (All the synths!) to celebrate. Will post link sometime tonight.