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  1. I have no idea what time signature it's in. I believe that it's in 1/4, but I could be wrong I made three versions No 1. is in the key of D and it's in "8-bit" Format No. 2 is made with the "Soundfont" in the original key of C (Yes. The drums are the Roland sf2 power drum set) No. 3 is an "African" style with marimbas and bells and what not; also in the key of C These were all made using Fruity Loops; with Morphine and the LttP soundfont. ENJOY! Reviews are welcome.
  2. I have never watched Anime before, but this might be an exception... Except you have to pay to watch it.... Or "Bloody Tears"
  3. Here you go. Enjoy WARNING: Volume is VERY VERY loud near the end. Please lower volume unless you want to be ear blasted by awesomeness. Thank you.
  4. Nika.... I'm sorry. I am ONCE AGAIN remaking Clipped Wings I have this awesome thing down for a techno remix... Once I get the actual thing going (with bass and drumline), I'll post it. Hey, I have a year or more to make it, right?
  5. I meant to say the guy that does "A Fox in Space" But I think that he'd be too busy.... We can ask him, though.
  6. LE GASP YOU KNOW WHO WE SHOULD HIRE FOR VA?! Phonx. Yeah. That one guy. Should we contact him or no?
  7. I just do remakes. No actual remixes yet. Haven't posted in a long time, though...
  8. RIGHT HERE. Though I just remake VG music... Anyway (You can't change the actual name, just your username...)
  9. We COULD have "remakes" or "entry" tracks playing under the monologues..... If you guys need script ideas, YOU KNOW WHO TO PM! Have no idea if anyone saw this but here's an example. Feel free to listen to my lovely voice.
  10. Why do OoA and OoS have chiptunes, but yet LA doesn't? Also why are the tracks messed up in Winamp? (Like it's just one track and you can't skip to certain songs; plus each one is like...30 minutes long?) Is it the file type?
  11. 2 New Scramble Intros THIS TIME in Soundfont editions! DKC2 soundfont edition The one and only Star Fox soundfont
  12. I had an idea for "Attack Carrier/Boss A". It's up above on this page, I think.
  14. Idea for "Attack Carrier" Yes, I used the soundfont for the beginning. Includes the intro only for now, someone can combine Boss A with this. Up for the taking. Meaning anyone can take this up, I just came up with an introduction. Was going to include the "Boss A" intro/some dialogue, but we'll see...
  15. THANK YOU! Now I can make GB remakes!!!!! Without using soundfonts! I might even manage to get some up tonight....Who knows... Oh wait, it needs the full version.... Noooooooooooo
  16. 360 headset. But it works. That's why I said it only records in mono.
  17. So....Ready to do voice work? I'm up for Katt or Krystal or whoever you guys want me to do. I can also record my guitar now. Though I don't know how to get it out of mono... Yet... I'm using a 360 headset yet it works...
  18. I NOW HAVE A MIC. Here you go. It's in mono, messed up a bit, but here you go anyway....
  19. I have tried a few out. DSK. Saurus Demo Nucleus Demp Kontakt Reactor Lord of the Springs and a few others that I forgot the names to.