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  1. SNES CLASSIC IS A GO!!!!^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  2. Wait-you have the beta version? Sure, I'll take it. I don't think Pro accounts work anymore though...
  3. And it still does not work. Yayyyy..... Does anyone know of any other applications that can unpack RSN files? At least until Winamp comes back?
  4. So my copy of Winamp stopped working a while back, and I just went to the website to try and reinstall it. No updates in...3 years now? I understand that some stuff happened. But is the program REALLY dead?
  5. All these tracks and no Andross track yet.....Wow.... I can try to remix the SNES portions (Can I skip one and go to 2?) But....I have three tracks already (Clipped Wings-solo) Scramble-Collab) Cornerian Hall of Fame (Collab- What's left to do for this one?)
  6. Hey! GUESS WHAT? I got a mic stand!!!! Here's two examples. Enjoy (recorded on my dad's mom's organ-at my house) Star Fox Zelda But that's not all. I shall be recording some other stuff on my Yamaha Portable Grand MX 7-10 (...That's a mouthful) Anyway, hope all of you enjoy. I AM LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER FOR CLIPPED WINGS.
  7. So the back's going to be another art piece/tracks/artists? Is it even possible to do a physical release? I want to physically own the thing that i helped create and hold it in my very hands....
  8. So there's apparently street pianos that you can play Downtown... Might go down there and play tonight.... One's somewhere on Main Street The other is in the Library (HUGE REVERB IN THERE!) Might be more locations but I can't find anything online so.... Going to have a Zeldathon possibly All will be recorded for your listening pleasure.
  9. Which one is it though, the one with the drums or the one that I attempted to master/level I mean, you can post both of them if you want.... Anyway, why is DS losing his DAW? EDIT: And once the script post is up, you shall be getting my voice work ASAP... Except you might hear background noises....such as my computer running... Bu we can incorporate it into the background noise for the tracks, right?
  10. In case you were wondering what the font for A Fox in Space is, I found it.


  11. I have no idea what time signature it's in. I believe that it's in 1/4, but I could be wrong I made three versions No 1. is in the key of D and it's in "8-bit" Format No. 2 is made with the "Soundfont" in the original key of C (Yes. The drums are the Roland sf2 power drum set) No. 3 is an "African" style with marimbas and bells and what not; also in the key of C These were all made using Fruity Loops; with Morphine and the LttP soundfont. ENJOY! Reviews are welcome.
  12. I have never watched Anime before, but this might be an exception... Except you have to pay to watch it.... Or "Bloody Tears"
  13. Here you go. Enjoy WARNING: Volume is VERY VERY loud near the end. Please lower volume unless you want to be ear blasted by awesomeness. Thank you.
  14. Nika.... I'm sorry. I am ONCE AGAIN remaking Clipped Wings I have this awesome thing down for a techno remix... Once I get the actual thing going (with bass and drumline), I'll post it. Hey, I have a year or more to make it, right?
  15. I meant to say the guy that does "A Fox in Space" But I think that he'd be too busy.... We can ask him, though.
  16. LE GASP YOU KNOW WHO WE SHOULD HIRE FOR VA?! Phonx. Yeah. That one guy. Should we contact him or no?
  17. I just do remakes. No actual remixes yet. Haven't posted in a long time, though...
  18. RIGHT HERE. Though I just remake VG music... Anyway (You can't change the actual name, just your username...)
  19. We COULD have "remakes" or "entry" tracks playing under the monologues..... If you guys need script ideas, YOU KNOW WHO TO PM! Have no idea if anyone saw this but here's an example. Feel free to listen to my lovely voice.
  20. Why do OoA and OoS have chiptunes, but yet LA doesn't? Also why are the tracks messed up in Winamp? (Like it's just one track and you can't skip to certain songs; plus each one is like...30 minutes long?) Is it the file type?