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  1. I've started on the Staff Roll from SF1. (Kontakt can't pitch bend on its own....Nor change volume of the tracks unless it's assigned to a midi channel that previously did so-note that it can only pitch bend 1 semi pitch if sent to a midi track (at least in FL)) Not sure how I'm going to go with it, might combine SF2's title with it too..... Already talked about it on the Discord. But I can post what I wrote here, I guess.
  2. O-O EVERYBODY! I have an idea. We create a massive remix using SAC. How about it? EDIT: 22nd page, woohoo! Last week of school (forever, unless I go to college), so yay for more time to work on this!
  3. I got you. Will do so when I get home. Welcome to the album, Afilion!
  4. I have interest in taking up a track, if need be. I can probably do all the ones that need done, I guess. But if you want to just get this out the door, that's fine.
  5. Yes, get on the discord, people. Please. If you want, anyway. Also- voice work. We need to talk about that too.
  6. OMG hello inbox! Glad to see that everyone's still alive and stuff. Yeah, working on lots of stuff atm. Will have to redownload all my soundfonts again..yyaayyyy...... I might as well send my old hardrive off to try to get everything back. Lot easier than getting everything again and remaking everything from scratch.... Edit: Also I'm Ness now....Yay?
  7. Skyrim, Witcher 3, Okami, and Grim Dawn are my most played games Grim Dawn is 337 hours Skyrim is 122 hours, and that's without modding Witcher 3 is 54 hours Okami HD is 42 hours
  8. Helloooooooo???? Oh well. Nika - I remade Clipped Wings AGAIN. if you're ever on, here it is- it is far from being done, I got the introduction started, though
  9. ATTENTION: My hard drive died. All of my album work is gone (until I get the drive fixed). HOWEVER. I have at least one copy of the SCRAMBLE flp on my Drive. I have no idea what version the flp is, but if you want it, PM me. Until then, I shall make do with what I still have (everything from 4 years ago).
  10. OMG, Nika, you live. Yeah, got a web cam and a new mic so I am good to go on recording voice acting stuff. Still waiting for feedback for Hall of Fame.... Or at least having it be 100% done.
  11. Hey Jared! This is great, now that you're doing mashups, are you currently taking requests? EDIT: Those shoes on the 'space fox' look like Fox's feet from the first game's box art...hmm......
  12. Made this in like 5 minutes. Might compile all the 8 bit remasters into one post when I get enough of them done. Enjoy. Want requests, send them to me.
  13. Basically I used the GB samples from SAC. Enjoy. No pitch bends/fade ins like the original, though.
  14. Hi, is this still open...??? I'd like to take on the final Bowser fight theme if possible. Will add orchestral stuff in the background of the track behind the guitars and stuff. I use FL, will need musicians eventually.
  15. First voice over of Verse 1. Feel free to make your own versions, if you want. I tried to get the pacing right, think it came out pretty good. And I normally do not sing AT ALL. I tried to match the way Bon Jovi sings in "Dead or Alive", think I did pretty good.
  16. Hello all, TheChargingRhino, here. I am in need of several people to help me create my newest idea for my bonus track in the Star Fox album, Clipped Wings. Who I need: Guitar, bass, synths, drums, possibly a piano, singers. I shall come up with the lyrics and do a practice test, so those that are singing know what I want the overall lyrics to sound like. The song is now called "(We Got) Clipped Wings" and is going to a mostly first person account of the Battle of Corneria. Track source is Corneria from Star Fox. Verse # 1 (for those of you interested.) "We've been fighting a war, a war that has no end. We've tried every-thing, we might be on the mend. When the fighting stalls, I look over the land. See nothing but destruction, isn't war so grand? The General's called me in, said that there's one last thing, to call in the team, the five of us, to bring down the king. I looked at him, he looked at me, and here's what I said- 'Sir, with all due repsect, why us?' And he replied, 'Because you're the best pliots, my dear. Star Fox can't be beat, and I want you to fight Andross' forces.' So the old hound took me to the hangar bay, where the ships were in a line, and he said, "We've been working hard, Krystal - listen to them whine!" And as I watched the ships wheel out, one of them caught my eye - A sleek black fighter, that one was mine. Then the call was made, for us to take to the skies. As I left Pepper's side, I saw tears in his eyes. And as the Arwings went up blazing, I thought, 'Lets give em a hell-raising.'" I have plans for this to be a rock ballad before the actual rock portion starts. If you are interested, please PM me!!!
  17. I'm going to make Clipped Wings into a full out rock song. I need people to help me with this. I shall edit this post when I have made lryics. I shall also sing the lyrics so people can tell what I want them to sound like overall. Actual title will be "(We Got) Clipped Wings" Going to have a spoken monologue in the beginning. Again, pm me for more info/if you find willing musicians/singers. Thank you.
  18. Well, I got my mic to work. Recorded in mono, messed up a lot, but hey, those pedal are hard to maneuver with your feet. Feel free to request other songs/give your opinion on this one. I shall try to record myself playing piano on my huge 8 octave keyboard soon.
  19. Somebody did the Gamexplain theme. YES. Was not expecting that. Good job, everybody.
  20. If it would be even possible, I am requesting the Okami/Okamiden soundfront. I am currently trying to find a way to rip the sounds from my MM6....