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  1. -really like the rhythm guitars, good classic tone and depth overall -the lead guitar / synth seem slightly off balance (panned left or right), doesn't sit right with my ears, could just be me though. i feel like the leads would benefit being as centered as possible if that's the case - drums (mainly the cymbals) could benefit from a bit more variation in the velocities. that could just be the samples your using too, so it might be worth it to try some extra limiting/compression on them -really like the bass tone overall, i think that's spot on -would definitely like to hear a mastered preview, i think some compression will definitely help pull the track together overall, especially the quieter background synths -fantastic arrangement in general man, keep it up! these are just a few first thoughts as i listen here at 1AM, hope any of it is helpful haha
  2. Thanks guys! I made some minor adjustments to the lead guitar / synths. I think synth reverb is sitting in a pretty good place, too much and I'll risk muddying the mid-range. The guitar dynamics are pretty good for my taste right now as well, I don't wanna over do it too much. I think this will be my final mastered version, I'll see what an evaluator says source:
  3. Made a slight update to the lead melody; the track is pretty much in it's final stage now. Still looking for some feedback, I'd appreciate it!
  4. Hey guys! Just looking for some general feedback on this remix. I'm at that point where I'm not too sure what else to be adjusting / paying attention to. I feel like the arrangement / mix are in pretty solid spots, but I usually end up forgetting about / missing something. Always good to have another pair of ears. Of the top of my head, I know I want to go back to a few of the synth parts and make 'em a bit more entertaining to listen to / more dynamic. (Also heads up, I think listening to the stream on box distorts the sound a bit) Thanks in advance for your time.