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  1. This....is unique. Heh. Good job. Cheers. Olé! Er, hold on, got a call coming in.
  2. From beginning. The waterdrop and wind tunnel effects are very nice. Sounds sorta Celtic to me.....I think I hear Bagpipes in the background, very faintly. From there out, a very soothing mix of new age. Break out the crystals and incense. Heh. Very nicely done.
  3. 'Tis an alright mix. nice and timid. On the game... I didn't like it, that much...It had some good parts...but not that great a game.
  4. Funny. Cheers to Dale, and Cheers to Mustin. And cheers to Gato, who made it all possible. It's not about the points. It's about the lesson of love and eternal prosperity that the giant hunk of belly boxin' metal is trying to teach us..........er.....it's there somewhere......Yeah.....Hell, we all killed him too quick to learn it. Recruit Gato? ô.õ
  5. Very nice work by Dale. Lufia 2 was one of my favorite games, so uber-cheers!
  6. Rugal IS a bitch. You're just thinking only Rugal. In Capcom VS SNK 2, he absorbs Akuma's powers if you get a high enough Groove Point average, I'm guessin'. My best attack did about a fifth of his bar. One of his normal attacks did that much. Ult. Rugal took me 27 tries on normal. I'm dying to see how hard the s.o.b. is on the higest difficulty. And the Evermore boss wasn't that hard for me. Bazooka does wonders. And so does one certain spell, energize I think it's called. Keeps your attack at full. Useful for your pooch who can blast his metal can for some pretty big damage.
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