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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. College life hit pretty hard. Thank you all for your feedback! I will continue to work on this remix!
  2. Thanks so much! Maybe I could try doing more with the phasing of the melody. I'll do some experimentation with that.
  3. Originally when I uploaded this, I put a lot of Neku in the track. I removed all of the Neku-ception just for this. Any type of feedback would be nice. Original:
  4. Update: I'm working on a Mario Kart Medley for my achievement of 7k plays on Soundcloud. It's gonna include 4 of my favorite Rainbow Road tracks (DS, GC, 3DS, 64). This is the DS version. Some feedback would be nice in terms of what I could do better, what could change, etc. Source:
  5. I'll happily do it for you. TWEWY is one of my favorite games of all time. Just PM me what you need me to record and I'll record it.
  6. I like it. A lot better than the original imo, and I don't say this about a lot of remixes, including my own.
  7. I've often thought about what Sky Sanctuary would sound like if it were made for a fighting game. So I went ahead and made a remix of it. Feedback is always welcome. Original + Generations:
  8. I had a lot of fun making this. I love this theme to death. Feedback is always welcome. Original:
  9. I exclusively uploaded this remix to YouTube. A lot of my friends really like it, so I figured why not share it here? Feedback is always welcome. Original (because I forgot to include it):
  10. Under Dreamstruction (Under Construction Remix) I've taken the Happy Mood theme for Under Construction from the game NiGHTS into Dreams, and remixed it in my own way. Any feedback is appreciated as always. Original:
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