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  1. Took me a while but here's another cover from me. As I had no intention to continue working on the Magus cover posted a few weeks ago, I moved on to other projects including this one. I think my mix has been cleaned up quite a bit, and progress is being made, but as always there is surely something to improve on. Let me know what you think!
  2. Doesn't appear that this is happening anymore, but I am semi-interested if I can find a good track that isn't taken already.
  3. Considering the Pokemon anime is actually based on the games (they came out first), does that count?
  4. Considering the date of the initial post of this topic, I completely understand haha. I will be keeping an eye out for the release of this!
  5. I'm sure this album will be amazing. I only wish I had seen this a couple months ago, there are some amazing track options still available. Good luck!
  6. Been a long time since I played this game, but I like this piece.
  7. 8 is musically one of my favorite Final Fantasies. I know there's a Materia Collective (Successor) for it which turned out amazing, but an OC Remix album would be cool.
  8. I did notice the bass too, good advice for the mix levels. Thank you for the feedback!
  9. Thanks, sorry I wasn't sure which tag was most proper in this situation. Ok I will give that a look. I have recently been playing around with reverb and delay and it does sound better overall in the mix I started yesterday, but in some other mixes that I also have in progress, it sounds either too dry or messy. I'm using BIAS FX for my guitar tracks.
  10. Hello everyone, New here! This is my first cover that I put on YouTube about a month ago. I want to clarify I do not plan on submitting this, I just wanted to get some feedback so I can improve my future remixes. I will welcome all the feedback I can get! I will say that I am not happy about how my leads sound in this, and that is an area I am struggling in for other projects as well. In particular, I feel they sound very thin. Does anyone have any tips? I have tried several things, more reverb, less delay, less reverb, EQing.. I am running out of ideas. Anyways like I said any feedback is appreciated, I'll take what I can get. I hope you all enjoy!
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