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  1. No complaints here. I was slow to submit anyways. I was just really surprised how fast those tracks went up. Props to you guys on speediness.
  2. Wow, that was fast! I just submitted mine and Akuma's. Wasn't expecting to see any of these remixes on the front page so quickly. =)
  3. For some reason the title made me think you were posting from a bar, looking for financial aid in your quest against the scourge of sobriety.
  4. YAYYYYYYYY Glad people are liking our collab. Clearly this means MOAR COLLAB. Thanks. Yea, I'd have to include Flexstyle's and Sir Nuts' tracks as being favorites as well.
  5. That could be. Darke's got things to do and this project is moving lightning fast compared to normal ones.
  6. I turned it in earlier. Was just bumping the thread/rekindling conversation about this awesome project.
  7. You've got to send me that track. You'll have to share me with some previews of what you've been up to as well. I'd love to see what you've been doing all this time. I don't exactly have a big megaphone, but I'll do what I can to help you promote it.
  8. Thanks. You bet I remember! Do you remember that one remix you did of one of my midis? The original was sort of orchestral, but you made it into a sort of light rock + strings sort of piece. I always loved that remix and wondered what happened to you.
  9. I can relate. I had originally wanted 8 tracks, but had to cut 3 because I just don't have the samples for them at the moment. Indeed, I don't have quite the library of sounds I used to. For this suite, I used EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold (the old version), Stormdrum, a bit of Voices of Passion, Emotional Piano, some free soundfonts like squidfont, and some synths when I didn't even have a recording of the sample I needed. For example, the flute in track 1 is a synth. Having good sounds to start with is important, but how you use them is even more so. For example, while EWQLSO Gold has a lot of quality sounds, I wouldn't recommend using them just as. Case in point, the brass in Courage of the Meek had 5 different layers - each for different notes - plus additional volume envelopes on top of that to get the level of expression I wanted. You wouldn't get the same sound from a single instance with no added dynamics. Don't be afraid to resample sounds if they aren't cut well or you simply want to layer sounds to create new ones. All of the choirs in the suite are done this way. Sometimes it's very hard to get away with faking it - like the piano solo parts in Dark Brew of the Wolf. A free soundfont piano almost certainly wouldn't have cut it there. As a general rule, use your most realistic samples for times when the focus is on that instrument, and keep your least realistic ones in the background, or in parts where the sound is dense enough that it won't matter. If you have any questions about any specific parts, feel free to ask. Thanks.
  10. Thanks! Glad you listened. Yeah, no kidding. Really good to know you're still around though. Still making teh boomtiss?
  11. I like your voice and think you are good enough for the top 20. Submit an entry and I will vote for you. And yea, what Gario said. The more OCReMixers in the top 20, the better.
  12. Jill's still moving up but seems to have lost a little steam. This means it's time to tell your friends, family, neighbors, parole officer, whatever. Just keep bringing in those votes!
  13. Thanks. I really appreciate that. I know I kinda disappeared from the community for reasons that are entirely my fault so it's good to know a few people still remember me. I've made 3 new remixes for projects, and am working on two more. I really love this community and want to get back into the swing of things. Thanks. I feel bad I haven't finished listening to your recent debut yet and you're already being gracious enough to check out mine. BGC418 is the highlight for me thus far though.
  14. I, Prophecy, have been fulfilled. I've been waiting 8 years to use that joke, so you know this is important. 8 Years! The first announcement I have to make is that of a name change. From now on, I will be using the name Jason Covenant when releasing new music. I'm not requesting any tags on old tracks be changed or that my forum screen name be changed. It's just for new music. Second, I've recently made my debut release, Conscience of a Dreamer suite that you can find at bandcamp: http://jasoncovenant.bandcamp.com/album/conscience-of-a-dreamer-suite It's only 5 tracks and about 15 minutes long, as I focused more on quality than quantity. That, and I didn't want to attempt something so ambitious I couldn't finish. It's 100% sequenced and in the style of film/new classical. It's actually my first attempt at the genre. A quick explanation of each track: 1. Conscience of a Dreamer (Overture) This originally started as a joke tune for an OHC (One Hour Compo) but it came out a bit better than expected. In fact, I ended up with a lot more notation and ideas than I could even use, including vocals. I'll probably make an electronic version of this track complete with vocals and other notation in the future. As for the orchestral version, I thought it would make a good overture. For those that actually remember that OHC, you'll notice that pretty much all I did was take off the crappy intro and polish the rest up a little. 2. Evelyn Marianne Clypse II This track is named after the protagonist in a book I'm writing. She's a very deep, mysterious character and this song is meant to be a reflection of her personality. 3. Dark Brew of the Wolf My most serious effort on the suite. Sequencing a realistic sounding piano proved to be challenging, but I think I got it eventually. I studied a lot of videos on youtube to see how piano players perform and create emotion in pieces. 4. Quiet Soul A little doodle I made. Incidentally, also part of a failed OHC attempt. I might make a dnb or otherwise electronic remix of it in the future. You're welcome to beat me to it. 5. Courage of the Meek This track is dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Daugherty. She was a mentally handicapped person who was murdered in a senseless and brutal way. I've worked with the mentally handicapped and this is an issue dear to my heart. Third, I am scoring a game I think many of you would like called Phantasmaburbia. A few songs from the suite will be in it. You can see the most recent trailer here: Fourth, I've recently discovered how the internet works. Social media links: http://twitter.com/JasonCovenant http://www.youtube.com/user/JasonCovenantDOTcom http://www.facebook.com/jasoncovenant Oh, and a half-finished website: http://jasoncovenant.com/ I've been a part of this community for years and as far as I'm concerned you're all my friends, so don't be shy! Fifth, sorta, here's some random free music: http://jasoncovenant.com/meine-magische-bier http://jasoncovenant.com/fun-with-choirs-organ-and-timpani-hard-dance-mix I have a lot more releases planned, including new remixes and an electronica EP (hopefully I still remember how to make that stuff) in the works. Thanks for reading. (Special thanks to Emunator for website artwork.)
  15. Or Allison for that matter. Regardless who said what, this is a most unfortunate turn of events. Public IP disputes such as these almost never turn out well for any party involved. I should point out: The Escapist has no valid legal claim over any money donated to members of the EC team by third parties for the purpose of Allison's surgery or any other purpose. We're lacking a lot of details that could help explain these events. I'm curious though, who assigns a business development manager to make a legal claim on IP...especially when a lawyer is available? That's just bizarre. And who offers to transfer IP rights for in exchange for dictating the use of money donated for a charitable cause by third parties? Again, that is absolutely bizarre. A lot of Alexander's letter seemed incoherent or implausible. I hope things improve for you guys.
  16. Um yeah...that's it. Despite what you may have heard, the surprise is NOT a music video featuring a blinged-out Emunator performing a beatbox medley. Those stills being passed around are photoshopped. Who knows what the real surprise is?
  17. Wow, did you guys actually do what I think you did? When you told me you knew a Hollywood film crew........
  18. Thanks. There just aren't enough songs with singing monkeys in the world.
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