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  1. I'm not sure what I have to resolve with GLL. Although, he apparantly doesn't like my music, but it doesn't cause me any inner anguish, so I'm totally cool with it. Besides. I obviously sUx0rz at teh fr00ti l00pz I smell a passive aggressive collab. Seriously, when people doubt one anotehr's music making quality, they should do a collab. ... Just saying... ... ya know... Or take things more lightly... Actually, that's a pretty good idea. LOL. Up for it GLL/BGC?
  2. Congrats Jill and Bgc. Oh, and perhaps things with BGC and GLL could be resolved with a bit of friendly competition in FLMC4. Would you submit to something like that BGC/GLL?
  3. Indeed, this should make things much more interesting. I take it that the winner of this FLMC chooses / makes the next sample pack? Very good question. Realistically, I don't think anyone's gonna want to go back to the old way now that we're doing it with a twist. I think with each compo, the winner of the previous one will have to decide/create some sort of spice to add to the FLMC concoction. If it's another small sample pack, then so be it. Just so long as things remain interesting and fun. =)
  4. Yea, no simsynth or drumsynth. You should be able to create whatever you need in 3x osc or ts404, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.
  5. (winner on page six.........) FLMC4: "2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome" Ok, for those of you unfamiliar with the FruityLoops Music Contests, here's the basic lowdown: You arrange music in fruityloops using ONLY the stuff that comes with fruityloops, and you MUST provide an flp. No exceptions this time. This means no sytrus, no wasp, no soundfont player or anything else that must be purchased seperately. No extra plugins or samples. HOWEVER, in this installment of FLMC, there is a bit of a twist. I figured that using the same samples over and over might get a bit old, so I've made a little sample pack in order to spice things up a bit. The whole point of using only fruity default was to be creative using very minimal samples, and have everyone use the same samples. We'll still be doing that, but with a little bit extra. You will have between 20 midis to pick from for remixing. Naturally, they are all from the soundtrack "Mega Awesome Kitty cat Game Thing OMFGWTFBBQ RPG ROFLZ: 2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome", the sequel to the game used for FLMC2. Here's the link to download the stuff for FLMC4: www.prophetikmusic.com/FLMC/FLMC4Pack.zip Inside you will find the extra samples, including 5 very sliceable drumloops I made just for you guys. In addition there's a little bare minimum demo track flp in there too. (And don't worry it'll work on anyone's computer.) Lastly, but not least, you will find the 20 remixable midis there in a folder, ranging from all shapes and styles. Deadline is September 30th 11:59 pm pacific time. That gives you a little more than a month. As is the custom, I'll have the storyline for "2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome" here in a bit. I'll post the storyline for the original for those who missed it too. That'll be my project while you guys mix. Btw, I'll review any wip posted in this thread. Alright, now start remixing!
  6. it roxxorz ma boxxorz!!!11111 Seriously, that robot is SOOO catchy.
  7. Actually, most elevator music is some form of contemporary or classical song and has a well thought out and complex flowing arrangement. So, "shallow" as an adjective and "elevator music" as a noun are usually mutually exclusive.(Everything has its exceptions) If you're going to insult something, please try to make sense. Also, when using the normal connotative format for the loose genre concept "elevator music", it typically brings to mind something peaceful and unobtrusive, not low quality. Once again, think about what you say next time before you say it. Thanks in advance.
  8. I don't usually care for guitar type mixes. But hey, what can I say? I really like this one. It is one of my favorite tracks from KiC.
  9. This and the two Protricity mixes were my favorite on the album. My only qualm about this song is the relative lack of presence of the percussion. This really isn't a problem, as the song style doesn't demand it.
  10. I hate to say it but it sounded like one note being held for 5 minutes with some sfx thrown in. I've never heard the original but I must wonder what it must have sounded like.
  11. I said this. I'm sorry SGX if there was a misunderstanding but If you look at what I said I requested that people state their opinions as opinions as opposed to trying to make a factual right or wrong assumption over something so stylistic. I have no problem with you agreeing with people just explain WHY you feel a particular way. If you look at the other posts above your they basically all say "Too much reverb!" and nothing else in specific. My question is: why? Why is there too much reverb? Does it deterimentally affect the song? Or is it because YOU would have used less in a simliar song or wouldn't have done a song like that all together? This is an opinion of course since technically facts don't even exist. If everyone just cut's and pastes whatever the first guy said........ well you know. Personally, SGX, I don't think you did it to follow anyone. It was your own right to have that opinion. But it seemed an aweful lot like another bandwagon sort of thing. You know what I mean? Sorry about the misunderstanding. Seriously re-read my post, particularly the closing statements. I'm sorry If I offended you. It just seemed like certain reviewers were trying to impose a fictional fact created by a nice little bandwagon where everyone seems to have an identical opinion. GLL, SGX, Let's not let this turn into conlict over opinions on one EFFECT for christ sakes.
  12. Too much reverb? How naive. First ask yourself what was GLL going for with this song? A logical assumption can be made that he wanted a certain emotional dreamy "feel" to it, then to lead into a light dance sequence followed by another more abstract sort "fx" transtion that lead into another dance sequence. What is reverb mostly used for? It can create subtlety where there was none which is what GLL did alot of in this piece. It can can substitute for a lengthened release. It makes things blend and muddy. In this case dreamy. It can make a normally useless synth into an indespensible effect. Reverb is one of the most used and most abused stylistic form of mixing. Decades ago it was created nonsynthetically by recording with huge bands in very small rooms at high volume. Now adays it's perhaps the most common effect used in practically any chandre. To say he used too much reverb is caused by a difference in style rather than fact. Maybe you don't like dreamy mixes, or mixes this dreamy? Instead say so as oppoesed to blming it on one effect. This song could have easliy been made into dance as well. I think that's where the conflict stems from. As a fellow remixer I would have used the exact same amount if I had decided to do the same thing with the song. | 10 | Concept: A perfect TEN! concept is the general feeling that an artist is trying to create when he/she makes a song. In this case GLL more than nailed it. The song had very strong feel to it. | 7 | Repetition/Timing: Not at all over repetive but I have some beef with the timing. Several items were out of place. For example the high pad effect that starts out in 2:52 would have better been used in a precussive transition after a major dropout as opposed to the already played sequence just brough back after no definable transition other than just "Switching over" The nice bass synth that came at the very end I think should have come much earlier in the song etc. | 7.5 | Synths/Samples: Beautiful. GLL sent me the flp for this song along time ago although I admit I never looked at it till now. He mixed everything with Simsynth and 3xocs. The choral effects were a not-so-great soundfont muchly improved by GLL. It would have sounded terrible without reverb. His precussion samples were lacking. He should have used some stronger (Not necessarily louder) smaples with some nice simple fx to make it sound a little less mechanical in the some of the dance areas. | 9 | Structure: I am deeply impressed. I've known GLL for quite some time and structure has always been his greatest weakness. He conquored that pesky little structure demon and triumphed with this song. This is the first song he's ever made where I LIKED his structure. The only drawback is length. Too long. I feel it should have been compressed. | 6 | Transitions: Very weak transitions rarely anything more than a simple dropout and many times it just jumped from one to another sequence line without any warning other than logical numerical assumption. Now let me get my calc out and figure out the overall. | 7.9 | Overall: Very high score coming from me. This is the second highest one yet, my third favorite song on OCR and my favorite song coming from GLL to date. Excellent work.
  13. I suggest rather than trying to create a semi realistic sound with a synth why not get a sample? Maybe even perhaps you have song or two with a pjone sample in it. If so you can beatslice it. I'm not the smartest mixer in the world when it comes to sf so I usualy stick to simple ones like wind noises. Whenever I need something a bit more complicated I just try to find a sample.
  14. Here's another evil song. The lead is 3xosc and one or two of the other synths are as well. The pads and the bells are good old ts404. http://www.sectionz.com/SZ50_Music/music2/mp3/prophecy_track_6018595.MP3 saving target as is alot of fun btw. If for some reason you don't have SZ you might need it to listen to this.
  15. I definitely listened to at least half of this song. I definitely tried to rate as I listened. I positively developed my own personal opinion. However I have decided to not to share it as I don't think I can express it in socially acceptable terms. My advice to everyone is just listen to it for yourself and develop your own opinion.
  16. I HATE IT!!! Ha ha Just kidding. It's actually quite the opposite. Although I've only heard probably less than 20 songs on this site this is my favorite one thus far. I've always been a big fan of the sort of jazzy bluesy laidback genres that are just so smooth that you can just relax and soak it all in forget about the day and enjoy the moment. I must Say I am impressed which is very difficult to do. | 10 | Concept. A perfect ten. The artist "Jaroban" established flawlessly a very smoothly executed emotion and flow in this particular song. I felt as though I had just come down with some form of amnesia that seemed to only target the stress areas of the brain. I'm sure it may have something to do with the fact I haven't heard this type of music since my trip to Montana 10 months ago though. That may have made it seemingly more impactful. | 9.5 | Repetition/Timing: HMM. What to put here? Oh yes, nothing. Everything seemed to check up just flawlessly with the very small exception of the very bizarre out of nowhere sax riff. | 8 | Synths/Samples: Well let's see. Very realistic. The saxophone sounded a bit fake to me and too loud. I had to turn things up to hear the background in some areas which btw was very nicely done. I have a friend that plays the sax professionally so as far as quality is concerned you can consider me extra critical on this one. | 6 | Structure: A decent flow. I feel personally that some things, and I say this generally speaking, seemed out of order. The reason I'm hesitant to say which particular areas is simply because a simple change in another area would completely re-balance the entire song. So it's difficult to point out specific areas. Besides these sort of things are more of an artistic thing rather than right or wrong. I just felt that certain things came into play at the wrong times in the song, particularly that sax. | 7 | Transitions: Muy muy bueno. Trabajado mucho excellente. Most of the changes and recomboing in the song were smooth, fluid and consistent. I just didn't like the numbers and a couple of the transitions. Let me explain on the numbers. It started off with some larger numbers like fours and eights then changed to an almost swing type orchestral with 2 and ones. It was a very interesting style but I preferred the bigger numbers better. It almost seemed to digress into something different. The transition into this different form of style seemed random and a bit out of place. | 8.1 | Overall: Wow that's the highest score thus far. Keep up the good work, measure your current success and expand upon it. I will be listening next time you decide to create a new 2 month masterpiece and undoubtably enjoying whatever I hear.
  17. I am glad to see things have been resolved. It looks then as though ppl can continue to actually review this song without unnecessay interference. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  18. Amen! Finally someone agrees with me. Oh and BTW 40 minutes is alot longer than you think. I rarely spend more than 30 minutes on a song. As long as you have a precise idea what you are doing it should never take very long. This is true with virtually every remix.
  19. How my god look at that horrible attack on Marcstar! Prophecy How could you!? If anyone actually believe the romeo guy then plz click this link. I do requests for ppl on my thread and I have a few songs posted. http://remix.overclocked.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=12649&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Oh and ps Mr romeo. Plz let's try to keep this to reviewing MarcStar's song instead of let's all attack Prophecy's work claiming that I attacked Marcstar's work you Hypocrit. Cause now I've been forced onto the defensive and I don't really like posting my own songs on other ppl's reviews. I just hope MarcStar can forgive me for defending myself. Heck he might even like these songs.
  20. I can't win can I. Well let's see it's interesting you think that all my songs are gloomy. You must have only listened to one heh. The first one. Listen to dreamz of paradise then come back and tell me my work is all gloomy. Gee I bet you hate COTMM too. Oh and no one's perfect those songs are were put up there by me for requests made by ppl on this site. And you have very distorted understanding of music. Music has only one rule and that's that a song accomplishes a particular aspect or expresses an emotion. Things such as transitions and dropouts etc are only there to make this ezier. They are completely necessary if you are perfect. No one is of courseso basically everyone has to use them. OH and PS don't try to belittle me as being someone that doesn't know shit OMFG. Just cause I'm new to this site doesn't mean I'm new to music Second of all you've made me look like an ass. I never attacked Marcstar for christs sake! Has anyone ever heard of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism for the love of god. Geez he knows it everyone else knows it. For the overal I liked his song omg. Gee high recognition and respect my ass. OMFG. So what If I don't have 4000 posts? WTF. Just cause someone may be new to one website doesn't make them new to music. Stop sucking up and grow up. I was not attacking marcstar. I Try to review all new songs on this site this same way. At least I didn't just good or nice work. Then there's no lesson to learn. I wouldn't know anything about mixing if I didn't have friends to tear it up for me all the time.
  21. Uh no thanks. I've been mixing for ten years I know the ropes. I think more now as opposed to learning how it's more developing style. I have 226 originals, 14 remixes and 6 megamixes that I have done.(I just counted them all yesterday). I still think a shaku would sounded nice. I have a nice preset I made that sounds surprisingly realistic that I can resample and send to you if you wish. If you would like to hear some of my music go to www.sectionz.com and search under artist prophecy. My suggestions for songs to listen to would be death, Ode to dolphins, and err Arrakis even though that particular piece needs to be remastered. I would link them here but I think that would kind of rude being that this is a review thread. Goodluck on later songs. Hope you can spend more than 40 minutes so that I can hear your best work.
  22. Well let's see. Sorry but like all the other songs I have reviewed for this site I will have to put it to the flame. | 7 | Concept: Well the concept was there defintely. Not at all difficult to recognize. Some sort of dreamy guitar driven piece. No problem with that. Could have been alot stronger. The supporting instruments just weren't there. I could hear background only by turning up the volume significantly and straining my ears. | 6.5 | Repetition/Timing: Kept it nice and short. You didn't really seem to do much with the piece so I just call it a piece as opposed to a song. Nothing wrong with that. It was awefully shortlived and when it began to loop on my Windows media player I mistook the intro for a midsong transition heh. | 6.5 | Synths/Samples: Well nothing terribly wrong with the sounds chosen. Looks like you have tremendous clicking ability when thumbing throught that soundbank. It was pretty ez to tell you didn't mix anything yourself. Sometimes when you can't find the exact sound you want you have to make it yourself. That flute for an example. Nothing wrong with an ocarina it just didn't work. I think a nice shaku sort of flute sound would have been awesome. Oh and btw. The sounds seemed very muffled almost muddy. You could have put some more focus in quality with exception to that guitar. That guitar was amazing. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you told me it was a real guitar. If that was a sample I want one. | 4 | Structure: Unbelievably plain. There is a difference between brutally, catchy simplicity and unimaginitivity. No real great effort was made here to create something elaborate or brilliantly simplistic. There were a few things out of place as well not to mention. | 4 | Transitions: Very simple nothing all that special to set you apart in style. Everything just jumped from one thing to another. However the intro was nicely done. I just wish you could have done more with that ending as opposed to just letting it fade out. | 5.6 | Overall: Average. Plain nothing spectacular. The idea was nice just not sufficiently built upon. It seemed "Incomplete" if you will. I apologize for putting you through the fire marcstar but hey that's the only way to get better. I have a friend that has been reviewing my songs for years and his rating sytem is as follows: Highest ....\/.... Hammer to face Car to face. Ripped off of N'Sync and contra Sounds best when off Direct cause for apocolypse ..../\.... Lowest Last week I showed him a song that I was very proud of and he began to cry. I had expected his hammer to face rating but instead he said he loved it and was thouroghly amazed. He even listened to the whole thing. Heh. So you see it's the only way to get better. Too bad it's an original or I would submit it to OCR. Not bad for a first time submission.
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