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  1. I'm not dead, I've just had some pneumonia and irl stuff to deal with lately. Anyways, I got my wav in before the final deadline. It's been fun working on this project, and I look forward to seeing it released.
  2. Lowpass filter and reverb with high percent wet, low percent dry. EDIT: Rozo beat me to the punch...Take this as confirmation that it is in fact the correct answer.
  3. Good luck on the show! I'll try to tune in if able.
  4. Note length? Wasn't sure the note length, and the riff you provided didn't loop well if I used the same length for all notes. Anyways, is this midi kinda what you had in mind? https://www.yousendit.com/download/VnBxQk13aFJqY3BFQlE9PQ
  5. I love batman. He's always been my favorite super hero character.
  6. I did receive your pm about these. It's just that these songs are so old that I don't seem to have the lyrics anywhere anymore. Anyways, I listened to the songs again, and this is the best I could come up with: TPC101d is random Bulgarian phrases and words that I chopped up. The came from the sample library, "Voices Of Passion". The finished song was meant to have lyrics (particularly over the piano sections) but the project was never finished. This version of the song was basically the halfway wip, meant just for myself and friends to figure out what lyrics to sing. It was never meant to go public. You can imagine my surprise when I found out it was in the game...I'm not even sure how Banov got the track...I must have sent it to him or uploaded it somewhere in a drunken stupor or something. I'm kinda surprised that no one seemed to notice the song was incomplete, despite being in mono, having no mixdown, lyrics, a proper name or even an ending. New Expresso is also an unfinished wip. The full filename is NewExpresso113. It has no lyrics, just various vowels that kinda resemble them. They are also from Voices Of Passion. When I started this song, I wanted to make a reasonably realistic celtic-like track. I found this to be very difficult without a live celtic singer, and thus, never completed it. I, Cavedweller: I remember recording and so I'm pretty sure I remember most/all of the lyrics as well: Verse: Alone I wait, The air is cold, Don't know my fate, Days unfold, I languish still, Hands are frozen, Can no longer feel, The life chosen. Here you'll find me, In this cave, Love will blind me, As well as save, Waiting for you, Never tiring, For it's you, I'm desiring. Chorus: I'd give up all I have, I'd give in all I have. This song was done in a few hours from start to finish. The vocals were largely improvised and done in one take. I remember the night vividly because shortly after finishing the song an arsonist burned our neighbor's house down. I remember rushing outside and seeing the flames and the people outside crying. It's impossible for me now to not associate this song with that image. Back To The Place I Once Knew was originally posted on VGMix as a remix of the Maridia theme. While it does contain a lot of original notation, it is still a remix. As you may have guessed, I never really finished this song either. I could never get the second half to sound right. I eventually just got sick of working on it and posted it. Male Vocals: Take me back to where I once knew, I'll be right there waiting for you, My heart is yours, Please hold it close, Brought back to the place I love most. Female Vocals: I'll be there for you. I can understand that. Curious, what Swedish words/phrases do they sound like?
  7. I don't play an instrument. Does that mean I have no personality? Darn.
  8. Sorry, guess I steered things a little off-topic. Anyways, It's 6am here and I just finished the final recordings on my last song. I'm gonna polish things up and hopefully I'll have a wav done by the end of this weekend.
  9. http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC145 I made the arrangement while deaf, and worked on the mix as I was beginning to get a little bit of hearing back. I botched certain parts of the mix because of my bad hearing (especially the vocals, they sound soooooo fake) but I think the arrangement portion came out fine. I suppose the way I write music is kind of unusual to begin with though. I don't play an instrument proficiently enough to compose, I don't hear music in my head, and I don't really know any music theory. Instead I "see" the notes in my head and I input them into the sequencer. Regardless, I'm sure a lot of people, once they are able to hear (or see) music in their head can compose completely deaf. If you'd like some originals that were written while deaf, I could upload some somewhere. There really isn't any difference between them and what I normally write though.
  10. I had to write several songs like this when I was deaf. I don't think this is all that unusual.
  11. Not sure I follow. Guess it wouldn't apply to me anyways because I've already got a wav turned in, thus, I am not without a wav.
  12. Well, some electronic music DOES take no skill to make. I'm not referring to any specific genre, I'm talking about specific songs. When a song is literally a common chord progression in a preset synth playing over drumloops for 7+ minutes, the "no skill" label is completely accurate. The real shame is that songs of that nature tend to color the entire spectrum of electronica in the minds of some, making it seem to them that all electronic music requires no skill.
  13. Honestly, I typically get the whole song as a complete idea. But, when I start with a fragment it's typically broken down like this: 60% of the time, the melody comes first. 30% of the time, the chord structure comes first. 10% of the time, the bassline comes first.
  14. Same! This is a pleasant surprise. Long story short, I put together a 10-hour video tutorial series on FL Studio only to find out they were redesigning the interface in version 10 - thus, rendering the tutorials obsolete. But now I get to finish them. =) Thanks for spreading the good news BGC.
  15. Bear in mind just how tricky Emunator can be - he's certainly capable of more than one trick per conversation, and I'll fall for all of them. Akuma, to my best knowledge, is doing just fine.
  16. I told you, he keeps tricking me. I think I need a chaperone or something to look over my shoulder when I'm talking to him.
  17. You shouldn't underestimate Emu simply because he's so nice he makes Mister Rogers look like Joseph Stalin. You may not have thought much of his earlier approaches involving unending complimentary requests for mixes, but now his back is to the wall and we're starting to see what he's really capable of. Just last week.... And the next day: And then, just yesterday... I called the Guinness Factory and everything was fine there. Not sure why I keep falling for his tricks. Maybe I'm just super gullible or maybe I'll believe anything Emunator says because he's so nice. Perhaps a bit of both.
  18. That's because there's stormdrum for intakt which is loops and stormdrum for kompakt which is the actual samples. Install the one for kompakt if you have it.
  19. Sorry for the spelling error. I've never played the game and the article I used to research the plot used the wrong spelling. When writing a post for a forum on the internet, I typically don't pay excruciatingly close attention to spelling/grammatical errors. Looking forward to hearing his final wav. The WIP I heard was pretty cool.
  20. Went through the drive-thru for lunch and realized I had a half hour to kill. Figured I'd let people know a little bit about our mix. I think I described the essence of the remix pretty accurately. Yes please.
  21. I'm glad that debacle was just a small understanding. However, I'm afraid we have a another traitor to the project and he's already making money off project music. I was just minding my own business, working on my remix for Cranky's Showdown and drinking some Guinness Extra Stout. Suddenly, the door burst open and AkumajoBelmont walked in wielding a gun. Two shadowy accomplices followed. I thought they looked familiar.... "Where's the remix!?" demanded Akuma in his silky smooth voice. It was almost lyrical, as its chocolate buttery goodness teased my ears. It was hard not to want to do anything that man-siren asked. However, I resisted. "What remix? I have no idea what you're talking about," I said, playing dumb. "Playing dumb huh? Bet you've had a lifetime of practice. We know you have the remix here and we'll torture you until we get it." He scowled with his lush golden pipes. "I'll never tell!" I replied defiantly. "Have you met my friend Kiddie here? He can break anything in half with his bare.....Wait, what do gorillas have? Is it paws or hands? Phalanges?" Kiddie?! Now I recognized them. His accomplices were Kiddie and Dixie, the famed Jungle Genocide duo. They wiped out thousands of innocent animals, sometimes whole species, just to get their grubby primate paws.....hands?....the things they grab stuff with.......on some bananas. After perpetrating the famed massacre of '96, they framed the incident on an innocent crocodile. "Do your worst. I will never help evil scum such as you," I said, as part of my strategy of boring them to death with cliched responses that are in every movie ever. "Dixie, do your thing!" Akuma commanded. Dixie put down the bag of puppies she was snacking on, picked up one of my bottles of Guinness Extra Stout and smashed it against the floor. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Ok, I'll tell. Just please, don't hurt my beer!" As you can see, I had no choice but to give in to their demands. Dixie proceeded to destroy another bottle of beer, the water of life. "What did you do that for?! I said I'd tell! I had to drive all the way across town for that stuff! Please don't hurt my babies!" I begged some more for good measure. I gave them the mix and proceeded to ball my eyes out right after they left. I'm sorry guys, but I just wasn't strong enough to stop them. As the weeks went by, I began to slip into depression. I even temporarily gave up drinking - easily the most difficult 2 and a half hours of my life. I went to a friend's house to try and distract myself from my ever growing failures. As usual, my friend was on the couch probably glued to the television, watching the news as I walked in..... "....and what really baffles scientists is the phenomenom know as a "heterogasm," the involuntary orgasm some heterosexual males also experience when listening to his voice. For months women have been experiencing spontaneous pregnancies and orgasms at his concerts, while both men and women have seen cancer recede and hernias completely clear up after listening to him perform live. But scientists have never seen anything quite like this. With us in the studio today is Dr. Wozzlebang who will be telling us more about the amazing properties of AkumajoBelmont's voice." "Wait. AkumajoBelmont? What's going on?" I wondered aloud. My friend didn't answer. At this time, it occurred to me that he was asleep and also a cat. Specically, the cat that belonged to my friend. "Well Katrina, it's quite simple. AkumajoBelmont's voice is simply so good that it is capable of defying many of the laws of physics. This has many implications for the scientific community. There are even some suggesting it could be harnassed as a new energy...." I'd heard enough. After discovering this website called google, I did some research. Turns out, Akuma and his two evil accomplices had been touring all around the world using MY remix which they were calling, "Banana Revolution." Whatever. I was gonna finish the project even if it killed me! Well, maybe not if it killed me, or even if it harmed my beer, but still. Turns out, they were having a live performance in Vegas (where I live) that night. At least, that's what a poster I found online told me. Was very strange seeing Kiddie and Dixie's faces in the poster, after seeing their scowling mugs on Jungle's Most Wanted so many times. I snuck into the concert, err, Kongcert, by hiding in a barrel. Not really sure why that worked, but it did. I then proceeded to discreetly set up my recording equipment. The song began to start, and the woman next to me wouldn't stop screaming or put her clothes back on. Was rather distracting. Akuma's voice filled the air and I suddenly knew the meaning of the word Utopia. Caught in a trance by his angelic timbres, I stood frozen, unable to do anything but obey his every command. Suddenly, the air filled with the smell of over 10,000 people having an involuntary (and in some cases, completely voluntary) orgasm. You can't possibly imagine what that smells like....unless you've been to the Fisherman's Warf in Seattle on International Fish Gutting Day. The stench helped me snap out of my daze, and I was able to stay focused long enough to finish the recording. I rendered it and sent it to Emunator. One less remix to worry about. As for Akuma, Kiddie and Dixie. If they're playing in your area any time soon, you should go see it. It's an experience you'll never forget.
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