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  1. Ah I see, well that's cool to hear. Link it up here when you're done.
  2. That's pretty cool about the composition studying. Shame about the lack of recording but I guess that's not the focus with your degree. I did a bachelor's degree in Creative Music Technology so of course the we had good equipment but most composition and arrangement was left mainly to us with little schooling. Different focus.
  3. We're all here for the love of VGM but curious to see what what other non VGM musical projects there are out there. Any bands? Singer songwriter projects? Studio experiments? Linking my current metal band and an older acoustic project I had. Walking Corpse self titled EP The Death Letter - Let The Innocent Find Shelter In Our Grief
  4. Now it works! Sounds like you're well on your way already, as you said it's just finding the right sounds and working the arrangement so it's not too repetativep. A couple of tips regarding the arrangement. Instrument breaks A great way to break the monotony is having something like a drum break which gives the ears a short break and then you can go back in to the main melodies and it sounds exciting again. It's like a chorus in a song, everyone wants to sing along to it but if it was only a chorus it would suck. The piano break at 2:10 in the original is a good example of this, it breaks the monotony but you know a thumping beat is just round the corner. Arrangement. A lot of VGM loop go in a very liner fashion very much an ABCD progression. Doing something like an ABCADC progression puts the A section in different context each time and gives it a lot life. Hope this helps.
  5. Surfer swing would be an interesting take on this one. I definitely went for a more live feel hence the sequels on the guitar ect. There asrn't actually any rhythm and leads playing at the same time anywhere on the track, it got real messy when I tried that. The bass distortion is real fat though so you're probably thinking of that.
  6. I don't seem to be able embed from Soundcloud so any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi all! I completely new to to this site but though the idea of doing some remixes was a great way to stretch my musical wings a bit. Thought I'd introduce myself with my first remix attempt. Soundcloud link
  8. This is pretty cool. Really got the rhythm guitars down right.
  9. Great channel. Really love his pieces on Koji Kondo his music is deceptively simple but he shows how intricate the music is.
  10. Sup! Long time metal musician (and a few other genres) and VGM fan. I recently started stumbled across OC ReMix and thought it a good way to have some fun in my spare time and develop my creation skills a bit. Also always looking for new music and exchanging ideas.
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