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  1. Sorry it took so long to fix the link. Busy week.
  2. Hahaha, sorry gents. I shall update with a fixed link later tonight.
  3. Fixed link Trying to think what other parts of the source I could use...
  4. Hey all you guys out there in remixing land. This is DjOrange under a retarded pseudonym pretending he's still part of the scene . I've been pretty much idle for the past two years, but I got bored over the Christmas break, and what better way to spend Christmas break than remixing video game music that hasn't been relevant in 13 years? The source for this arrangement is the proggy tune from the "Clockwork Mansion" stage of Castlevania 4. http://www.snapdrive.net/files/310148/ClockworkOrangeJuice.mp3 I'm not submitting this one. It was pretty much just for pratice. I might take another s
  5. Hi. I'm using Fruity Loops 6 and one thing I'm having problems with is getting the volume of my mix up to what could be considered "normal" levels without clipping. What I mean is, relative to other music files on my computer, the music files I export from Fruity Loops are very quiet. But if I increase master volume in Fruity Loops, the sound clips. Any suggestions? Is there a way to increase the volume of an mp3 file without causing it to clip?
  6. I'm really loving the soloing here. Unfortunately, I unconsciously associate all fusion pieces with weather forecasts and TV listings; Most of the time the genre just leaves me numb. Yet when squiggly electronic keys are thrown in the mix, I get all warm and tingly inside! Nice and short. Easy to find room for in my music folder.
  7. This is definitely one of Schnabubula's more "difficult" pieces, not the least because of the saxophone soundfont lead. You could substitute almost any instrument patch for the sax and this mix would sound the same or better. This piece's complex arrangment is what carries it from start to finish. Schna's stuff is extremely encouraging for mixers who still rely on public domain samples. Great stereo effects, stylish, musically captivating: just plain awesome.
  8. I have to admit I have no innate keen-ness for tempirical piano menstruation, but I intuitively sense that this is a good piano arrangement. There are lots of well articulated spaces between the notes that justify the transitions in mood moreso than in other arrangements of this piece. I will come back to it more for the inspired dynamics than anything else. It's very accessible, and at the same time will appeal to all the pretentious bastards who need to jack off to quiet hermiones and shit. Good work!
  9. Yes, this one goes in "The Folder". Clavinet is such an awesome instrument, so often forgotten in the collective shadow of the harpsichord and Hammond organ. It is used by DJP, hurray! As his particular brand of electro-funk grows ever-stronger!
  10. I like Joshua Morse. His groove, it is so smooth. Some of the samples in this mix really gel, some of them don't. The koto doesn't really do it's hot stylistic thing until two minutes in. The drums are solid, but I can hear potential for more layers of percussion. The wah guitar is a welcome rarity. I'm charmed! Nyeh, the dryness is chique.
  11. No surprises from Darkesword with this mix. He adds another wet, majestic, sound-font based remix to his portfolio. I liked his last two mixes better (Torvus Clockwork and Megaman Zero 2 thing); this one's consistent with his older material. I hear a bit of a clipping effect on the bass drum, but it's only noticeable with headphones. It's true that this is a solid remix, but perhaps DS should consider sacrificing some of his consistency for the sake of experimentation?
  12. Yes! This gets my worthless seal of approval! What the hell is it? I don't know. I'm not in the mental state to submit a meaningful review. But it's nice to see imperfect, unique remixes on the OCR front page. Good job, excessive forum poster!
  13. My opinion of this mix is that it is awesome in terms of production quality and arrangement ideas. Prog-metal is not something OCR usually gets a taste of; savour it! But unlike djp, I get the impression of medley-itis; it sounds like I'm listening to multiple covers strung together. Each of those covers is superb though! The comparison to Dream Theatre is definitely warranted.
  14. Does anyone know who to get the FL5 piano roll to snap notes to the grid like it did in FL4?
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