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  1. You send me a track, I mix it with other into one non-stop album, like Tomoya Ohtani's "Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style ”Party”". You onlly must send me ... - Number of your ReMix in catalog (like "OCR00134") OR Number of Album in catalog and number of track in album - Name of your ReMix - Link to your ReMix (or Album) - BPM of ReMix But your track must be posted on OCReMix or in Album! If your track isn't, you must post it! Tracklist DISC1 - Frozen - All chill, mellow and ambient tracks are here. DISC 2 - Fired - All energetic, pumping music like DnB
  2. https://vk.com/wave12sound?z=photo613347947_457239028%2Falbum613347947_00%2Frev Concept-art of "OCREMIX PLAY" app. Well, it's only concept. (p.s. Sorry for necropost)
  3. That's my first ReMix. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19sXKn5D45eJtQriFXC2rlY-muYS6nSp6/view?usp=sharing It's medley of various tracks from Sonic Drift 2, like "Title", races, jingles and "Credits".
  4. I wanna make series of Sonic-franchise ReMix Albums. First album will be a tribute to Master System & Game Gear. All welcome to jump in! Here is tracklist: (RUS) Я хочу сделать серию альбомов ремиксов из сониковской франшизы. Первый будет посвящён играм из Master System и Game Gear. Все могут принять участие! Вот треклист: Black - No Artists BLACK BOLD - CLAIMED TRACK Red - WIP Violet - Final Arrangement VIOLET BOLD - FINISHED TRACK DISK I Sonic the Hedgehog 8-bit 01. Act Start, Bridge Zone @w12 02. Jungle Zone
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