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  1. I think this thread is the all time hardest boss. Coop just won't let it die.
  2. I didn't much care for it. I didn't like the pacing or much of the acting. Nothing really surpised me. And there weren't near enough freaky creatures for my tastes. I went with 3 other friends, none who had played the games. One didn't like it because he didn't really know what was going on. One thought it was fucked up and didn't really know what to think because he didn't quite know what was going on either. The other really enjoyed it. So there's some outsider views. Finally, I was SOOO happy they used "You're Not Here" for the ending music. I think it is perfect movie credits music and was really pulling for it to be played. I sat there singing while we watched the CG montage.
  3. I've been browsing all of my OCRemix folder lately and came across this. Everything said above is true: pretty and way too short. But I wanted to add something else about it that I think will get it pulled during the next purge: it doesn't actually remix. It's a cover. There are no changes, additions, or elaborations. I'm pretty sure that's a basic tenant of an OCRemix. I know stuff like this has been pulled before. And don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm campaigning to have remixes pulled, I just feel like if there is going to be this air of guidelines and quality to the site, that old remixes should stand up to new rules, and not simply be grandfathered in.
  4. I'm just glad we will finally (hopefully) get to hear remixes of songs like "Chasing the Black Caped Man", "Don of the Slums", "Reunion", "A Secret, Sleeping in the Deep", and "Farm Boy". Thank you all for this, I know it will be absolutely fantastic.
  5. Definitely go to the official site and head over to the media section. Besides the tons of VERY revealing pictures, something... interesting happens while you're looking. http://www.welcometosilenthill.com
  6. Personally, I'm extremely impressed by this trailer. Come on guys, after all the abstracts of things we love that have been thrown up on screen, think about how close this is to the game. I mean, compare this shit to Street Fighter or Resident Evil or Doom. And then think about how much of actual straight up Silent Hill is going to be on film. It's going to be amazing, even when it's flawed.
  7. Are they never going to post a link so we can look at all the posters? Are people just supposed to get theirs voted on by showing other people their links? What a shitty system. Oh snap, somebody made a site that browses the posters so you can vote appropriately and posted it to that silenthillforum site: http://dekonstruktiv.org/temp/shposter/
  8. Well, I hope everything comes through with your personal dealings. Still supporting and looking forward to this.
  9. I still need to get around to reading this thing. I've only played through the game once, but I thought I remembered Robo being vital to their quest... Oh, and this is getting WAY ahead of ourselves, but I wonder if eventually you could put a sound play to it? Get together some reasonable voice actors (could be anybody, I don't mean professional ones) and act out the whole movie using the music in the background and everything. Even find some good special effects sounds for when needed. Damn, that would be fucking awesome. I would just sit back and listen to it and imagine the movie going on in my head.
  10. I guess you could say I don't know any better. I've heard some amazing orchestral stuff come from remixers, so I assumed you guys could do just about whatever you needed to. Of course, the work I most think of as relating to this kind of project is Jeremy Robson's Final Fantasy VII Philharmonic Suite. Perhaps I'm thinking a little to boldly. And no, I didn't quite expect John Williams quality work (no offense) to come out of this, but I was using him as the quintessential example of orchestral movie scoring. By the way, I know you guy's are on top of things, but did you think about maybe doing a couple collaboration pieces with klutz? He's so good with the piano, I thought it might work really well with someone else's symphonic back-up.
  11. Well, I want to say I think you should leave the modern style drumsets out. Once again, this is sideline talk since I won't be remixing, but I really think it would take a lot away from the John Williams style symphonic soundtrack. I think sephfire is right, good fast paced battle music can be done without drumsets. Just think of all the battles from John Williams scored movies! Star Wars alone would be great reference.
  12. http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/dragoon.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/dream.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/moonlight.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/fallingstar.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/seven.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/sunmoon.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/revamped_soundtrack/shariq_ansari_-_childhood.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/revamped_soundtrack/shariq_ansari_-_child_of%20_the_wolf_clan_-_sion's_theme.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/revamped_soundtrack/shariq_ansari_-_cold_stone_walls.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/years.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/distance.mp3 http://www.darkesword.com/listen/original/mp3/fight.mp3 http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR01079 http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR01095 ???? Man, don't waste your good time trying to show up that punk. He spent all of a minute doing the pointless troll thing and you went and found all those links and posted them. You don't need to prove anything to him, he's just doing the usual asshole thing. Anyway, sorry to be one of the "this sounds awesome and I am totally supportive but I can't remix for shit so I'll just be watching" guys but, this sounds awesome and I am totally supportive but I can't remix for shit so I'll just be watching. Claado, thank you for coming up with a remix project with an actual DIRECTION.
  13. This is a fantastic remix. I love the real (or at least entirely realistic sounding) instruments and it is a wonderful, soothing play with what I think most can agree is the best song from the original soundtrack. But I just wanted to say I don't like the other tunes in there. I know Vig has posted to say that he didn't mean it (though honestly, how can you not notice?), but to me, that is all the more reason to perhaps remove it/change it. I mean, hey, far be it for me to be so audacious to say he should change his own genius creation, but he didn't so much mean for it in the first place. And I have to say, for me, it does takes me out. I was chillin', groovin' to it when I distinctly hear some Frog's theme and BAM I'm sucked out of it, thinking about Chrono Trigger. And I'm the type of person who will only think about that everytime I get to the end now. So all in all, I think this absolutely brilliant mix could be made all the better by changing these small things, if it was not too hard. And of course, I would still love it even if it stays the same.
  14. The word 'funky' isn't funky enough to describe this song. Maybe if we George Clintoned it. 'Funkadillyatic'. There we go. I like it. A lot. A lot better than the other two DJP Revenge mixes. It's very catchy and flows so well. And DJP has always used the highest quality sounds. Nothing sounds fake, it all sounds so professional. Anyway, I'm not good at expounding on my like of songs so I'll just end with: Hey DJP! "You. Could. Make. Me. Dance."
  15. Well, I think the song is great and I personally feel like people calling the singing girlish or otherwise bad have some issues with singing in songs at ALL, outside of some choirs in their favorite orchestral arrangments. That or they only like guttural growls and screams. And while their opinion is just as valid as mine, I find it to be bullshit. I don't recall ever hearing singing in a song that in itself annoyed me, unless it was a goofy voice MEANT to annoy me. It's like calling an instrument irritating. "Boy I really like the song, but why'd they have to use that sitar? Blugh, it sounds gay." *rubs temples*
  16. Well, I couldn't be bothered to read all the other reviews, but I wanted to add fuel to what I expect is the critical acclaim fire. I love this song. LOVE IT. I'd never heard the original or played W&W, but I went on a downloading spree of remixes I otherwise had no interest in and this was one of them. It is now probably one of my top 10 favorite OC remixes. It's that good. What can I say that hasn't been said? I love the vocoder so much (stole that term from earlier reviewers, what do I know about musical technology?!) I so wish more vocal (vocalesque?) aspects were added to remixes. Two of my other favorite remixes are ROBOVoice and The Incredible Singing Robot. Guess what?! Both have vocals. Guess it's just my forte (not bass). Anyway, hope to hear more from this remixer very soon.
  17. Well, what can I say? It's hard to review a mix that's already had all the good stuff said. Mostly I'm just adding a post and giving props where props are squarely due. It's sad that fantastic mixes like this don't get the many page threads that certain RPG remixes do *cough* Chrono Trigger *cough*. But that's neither here nor there. I always love your choice of instruments and synths, Gecko. The kind of muffled, distorted piano sounds great. I love the original and you do it great justice, while adding much wonderful arrangement of your own. Being that I don't know remixing terms for shit, I'll stop here with "Keep it up up UP!"
  18. Yeah, this is one of those mixes I've fallen in love with and then only now remembered to come back and say how much I like it. Of course, I like the original, but that does not a good mix make. No sir, I've heard many a mix on here of compositions I like that turned out bad, in my opinion. But not this one. The smooth groove gets me everytime. Then it works off into a lovely beat with that squeaky synth (forgive my lack of remixing term knowledge). With great piano tunage thrown in. This is one of a few remixes I've put on a mixed tape for my car and that's saying a LOT. Keep up the great Sonic CD work and I hope to hear more from you for it!
  19. I only recently got to play Chrono Trigger and since there are too many songs on the site to download for a 56ker like myself, I don't usually listen to songs from games I haven't played. But of course, once I play them and find out the music is freaking AWESOME (as per CT), I go to download and man, what a task I have. I'm only just now getting around to listening to this one and it's one of those things where I say to myself "If only I knew earlier." I love this mix. Love it love it love it. I loved the song and this is an updated version, with some nice original arrangement thrown in. Just what makes a remix great, to me. I don't go in for the overaverage techno stuff too much so I was pleased to hear what I would imagine the song to sound like had the original composer had more power with the SNES soundbank. I love the choir, personally. Sounds fantastic, I can't pinpoint why it sounds different from most choirs. Reminds me of an 80's movie that I can't put my finger on... *stares into space* Anyway, I also like the sitar, though I'm reminded of the song "Every Time You Go Away". But enough gushing. Great mix, should have more posts, don't know why it doesn't, and a worthy addition next to my other favorite Mazedude remix, Cyborg Blobby.
  20. I couldn't believe the limited responses and limited happiness over this track. I guess the game was too obscure. Well, I loved the game and I love this remix. Jazzflight deserves much respect for it. It's my favorite remix from this site so far. The composer takes 20 seconds of music and just builds on it tremendously. While half the stuff I find on here seems to be copies of the original music just technoed (no offense to anyone), Jazzflight actually creates original tune for this to add on and make great. I love the robotic voice at the beginning. It makes me think of a beginning adventure and gets me excited to hear the song all over again each time.
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