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  1. The original opera song has a section that sounds ALOT like Aerith's theme. So much so, i always wondered if Nobuo Uematsu didn't just lift and alter when he made it lol.
  2. Wow.... this seriously reminded me of some of Dream Theatres stuff when I first heard it... awesome work!
  3. Galuf and Aeris say Hi. Sure it ain't suicide... but it's death all the same. Hell I've even seen an argument that Aeris -did- commit suicide in a roundabout way... but thats another discussion. Besides...This is for a girl who cant even read yet. -any- final fantasy game is pretty much out of the question. I like the idea that this dad wants to give his daughter the idea that she can be a hero... but this seems like alot of work over nothing. In a couple of years, she'll be able to read, and there are plenty of competent and compelling female leads to choose from there.
  4. I've been a fan of Uematsu-san's music for as long as I can remember. His music moves and inspires like no other! Count Me in! Definitely!
  5. The Xenosaga games did this to quite an extent. I actually own a dvd of purely Xenosaga 1 cutscenes and the darn thing plays like a movie.
  6. Ok... whilst I sit here and try to figure out exactly -how- to respond to CHIPP's guitar axe to the face track... I'd just like to thanks to Nathan Rich for finally giving me a remix of my favorite Xenogears track. I always thought Grahf's theme deserved some love. And this one delivers... albeit in a way i didn't expect. And lastly... gotta comment on 'Welcome to the Human Race'. I was a big fan of '31 seconds.' And, honestly, I think this one deserves a spot up there right next to it. Awesome work all around guys.
  7. This song is amazing... it really captures the feel of the original and still makes it sound different. I loved the original source but damn if this aint nearly as good
  8. Im currently workin my way through my undergrad bachelors at Central Washington University. Majoring in Anthropology Will be doing my first field school dig this summer
  9. File Factory can be a lil bit picky with browsers too... I know from time to time it seems to hate Firefox...
  10. I've heard -alot- of attempted remixs of OWA... and frankly they all fell short. I've heard alot of ochestral versions of OWA and they all fell short. The only versions I've ever heard that I liked were the ones off the original OST and the Advent Children vers. So here I am downloading the album and at the end i see an OWA mix...and then the pessimism kicks in... I slap my forehead and go 'Oh man...' Then I start listening to it... the chiptune (which is now my ringtone w00t!) kinda threw me off... but it grew on me. When the mainstay of the song kicks in... i realized how wrong i was about this song... This is... hands down... the only remix of OWA that was not only decent... but absolutely rocked! Leave it to OCR to pull together to make the impossible possible by making a good OWA remix!
  11. I have to admit... I was a bit iffy going into this song...Jazz is one of those genre's that, while I don't exactly dislike it... there just hasn't been anything I've heard that I liked either. Not to mention that Tifa's theme is my favorite song off the original ost... sitting right beside OWA. So I went into this song pretty much expecting not to like it...But i was really surprised... not only did I like, but it didn't mess with that plesant feeling that the original music evoked... So heres props to DjP and Vigilante...you made someone with no interest in Jazz seriously enjoy a Jazz piece.
  12. I don't see how anyone can say they disliked this project.. i mean the sheer variety of music alone is incredible. Anyways, this happens to be my MOST favorite project yet, beating out Hedgehog Heaven handily. Now to place the blame ; I was reading up on the write-up for Jovette's Crossroads piece when DjP mentioned making an AMV outta it. I haven't made one in a while...So off I went ; Excuse the sorry excuse for self-advertisment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzeZQqltSZk HQ version: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=150725
  13. I love this song. It definitely ranks in my top five from the album. It has a jpop/jrock-ish feel to it but it also gives me a good Juno Reactor meets KMFDM vibe as well... I liked all of Jovette's mix's i've heard before but this one most definitely tops the bunch.... good job!
  14. 2 Parts electronica, 2 parts linkin park, 1 part Fresh Prince of Bellaire.... I love the synth work... and originally i was kinda iffy on the rap delivery, but it grew on me after a while. Awesome song.
  15. I always wanted to hear a choir/orchestral of Grahf's theme from Xenogears... and maybe work in his famous line he uses when he gives someone power...always sounded like an awesome idea in my head ;
  16. I went into this piece not sure what i was downloading... but well.. wow. I can definitly see how some people might be turned off by it, but MAN is this a creepy song. The kinda thing that puts you on the edge of paranoia... I like it! Most certainly one of the more unique songs ive heard come out of OCR in my long days of lurking here.
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