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  1. mailing list from bandcamp. I recommended my page to everyone and anyone who doesn't have facebook was invited to it I guess :P

  2. hey, you read my post correctly, btw. I ninja edited it right before you posted

    I did originally think I only had 45 minutes for some reason

  3. lol yellow yoshi is hiiiigh

  4. glad you enjoyed my RAGING PEDOBEAR remix ;D thanks!

  5. thanks for the vote :3

  6. What in the world is that horribly frightening dancing cat in your forum signature from?

  7. voted on your thing. they asked for my phone number to register :o

  8. thank you! that's my favorite track too :D

  9. whatever, halc's beating us by like a million

  10. bro I am stealing your signature and putting it on my facebook just fyi

  11. your subtle innuendo is pointless; especially considering you've shoved your penix down my throat on three separate occasions

  12. requisite "omg small world" remark. herp derp, etc

  13. ok, even though being friends with you goes against my personal mantra "proto must DIE"

  14. same shit, different toilet

    how you been

  15. whoah there buddy your band ROCKS


    that was in all caps to indicate that I hope they fucking ROCKED YOUR FUCKING FACE RIGHT THE FUCK OFF

  17. I vote YES OVERRIDE make more music

  18. devout hyrulian guttersnipe. is fantastic

    when I first listened, I was not aware of your nick change, but I immediately suspected that it was you

    let's just say I was ecstatic to have my suspicions confirmed :D

  19. as a resident of indianapolis, nice sig

  20. oh man

    on the internet

    nothing to say

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