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  1. The idea is very original, incredibly well performed, and recorded like a professional. It also has a lot more energy than many piano arrangements. Definitley worth a listen. -chth
  2. Matrix + Zelda = This I love how the drums are so painfully repetitive, but it's still awesome. It's like it needs to repeat that much. That's a good thing, if you were wondering. Excellent ReMix. -chth Edit: The reason some of you (including me) are getting the song to be 11 minutes long is that it's iencoded in VBR (Varying Bit Rate). That messes with some media players.
  3. Jesus tap-dancing Christ. It does the exact same thing for 4 and a half minutes... But in all seriousness, I don't care how interesting your drum loops are. If you don't change up the tune sometime, the piece dies. I felt like I was sitting in front of my NES again, driving myself insane trying to beat the final dungeon, and muting my television because the music was so fucking annoying. The blunt and fatal truth: Too repetitive. Waaay too repetitive. The non-specific but morale-boosting truth: It's a great idea, just execute it more creatively. -chth
  4. This Mix is a little too active for my liking. The 4 or 5 melodies from the game really shouldnt be overlayed like that. And as always, repetivity is a problem. However, I think that is hard to avoid, so kudos on making a mix of this game at all. I couldn't do it. -chth
  5. Although slightly repetitive, this ReMix is really cool. It made me get up and dance. Literally. Great bass, classic percussion, very nice.
  6. This is VERY repetitive. The arpeggiated/octave variations on the melody really don't sit well in my mind. The drums are kind of bizzare and I really dislike the offset (odd number/4) time signature. I wouldn't recommend this ReMix.
  7. This is pretty darn good. The drum beats are awesome. What else can I say? Great Mix.
  8. I don't normally like Hip-hop of any kind, especially the kind that you hear on the radio all the time. However, this mix is nothing to write off. The lead is AWESOME (although I don't know exactly why) and the samples really set the mood. Despite the slight repetitiveness of it, it's really a great track. Nice work, Ben.
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