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  1. Hmm... do you think I could toy with a WiP and see if I get something substantial for Dream Warrior? At any rate, I'm going to start on it, whether I get the slot or not. I'll get a WiP up and you can let me know if you want me to complete the track. -chth
  2. Aww, But I liked it when it was A... no seriously, I think "Rise of a Star" sounds much better, but if you don't plan on changing it for anything, whatever. I still feel good for at doing something for the project, considering the compatability issue regarding my track (I got a 3.88 this semester... go figure). Keep it up, everyone. I'm looking forward to this release. -chth
  3. Yes. Yes he is. I figured I'd be wrong. So 'Kirby's Dreamband' just refers to the wrong game, not the wrong setting. -chth
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Kirby even in dreamland in Kirby's Adventure? I'm probably wrong. But even so, Kirby's Dreamband eludes to the tracks being from Dreamland... which they are mostly not. -chth
  5. You could do something along the lines of Unlikely Hero or Rise of a Star... stuff like that. Or you could go with the ghey puns. -chth
  6. I beat you I said that one on page 12 or something. I still think it's a good one. Considering how significant the stars are in the Kirby games, "Celestial" seems to fit perfectly. It rolls off the tongue, too. No, really. Say it. So, there's my idea... again. -chth
  7. Play this along with 'Triforce Majeure'; they go together extremely well. Excellent genre (Matrix), excellent execution, just excellent. The best of both worlds. -chth
  8. Yeah, I'm getting squidfont now, and I have a bunch of woodwinds and stuff. We'll see. -chth
  9. Hmm... maybe I could do an orchestral-techno hybrid, similar to Dan's recent take on Hyrule Castle. That might get the epic feel you were talking about, and the tempo would also be faster. I think the main problem lies in the happy nature of the melody itself, and transforming it into what you are describing sounds like it will take a lot of work. Not to mention the fact that I may have to leave the project for six weeks because of my grades. You might want to have a backup mixer ready in case the grounding does happen, and if it does, I'm really sorry. Anyway, if anyone has some really good s
  10. Yup. Rellik convinced me to not make it a fast song, so this is the first minute. -chth
  11. Celestial Evolution Kirby's Adventure ReMix Project I couldn't think of "Celestial" before. It's a much better word. Anyway, off to mix. Maybe I'll have something like a WiP up here tonight. -chth
  12. Once this finishes downloading... will I be able to seed? I'm always connected on a cable modem, so I think it would work... I honestly have no idea what to do, but I'd like to help. Anyone want to share their illustrious knowledge of this "seeding"? -chth
  13. chthonic - 3 - Son of Wind Fixed that for ya No capital C, plus you spelled it 'cthonic' That's not the point of this post, however. I will be steadily feeding project name ideas into this thread... starting with this: Stellar Evolution: The Kirby's Adventure ReMix Project 'Stellar' refers to the stars that are a huge part of the game and story, and 'Evolution' could be either the progressing of your character through the ranks, or the reinterpretation of the music. You could even do "Stellar Revolution"... it rolls of the tongue almost exactly the same. Anyway, there's one
  14. So... this whole time, I was actually mixing track 3. Yes. I want to do track 3. The I-got-some-candy theme. I think 'Son of Wind' would be good. Kind of implies a new take on an old theme... the rest seem kind of weird when applied to my gay tech-style There's my pick. -chth
  15. So... no one else wants 2? *cocks gun* ...that's what I thought. -chth
  16. Yeah, I know... I was just making fun of myself. -chth
  17. Hah, you think I actually pay attention to those? -chth
  18. Hmm... another question: Is this going to be put on a CD, or will it just be like, a downloadable album kinda thing? That didn't make much sense. Let me try again. Basically, how is this going to be published and distributed? -chth
  19. I'd rather not flood the OC wip, but I suppose VGmix is alright. Alright, good... I need the hosting. XD -chth
  20. Early WiP: Right-click, save target as This is the half-time hip-hop kinda intro, it will become twice as fast (literally; like 146 bpm I think), and will be much more dancey. Oh yeah, are we allowed to release these WiP's on the respective forums/sections here and over at VgMix? -chth
  21. Sweet! I call Track 2 (I think) of the .nsf, the invincibility theme. I may have to encorporate another song, since it's literally four bars long. This'll be fun. -chth
  22. Uhh... does the audition have to be a WiP of a Kirby Mix for the project, or just any previous work? If it's the latter, I think this or this will do for an audition, but I have no idea what song I want to try, so bear with me if you 'approve' of my mixing... uhh... caliber. -chth
  23. Just because you know what a 909 hi-hat is doesn't make you an expert on electronica. Please don't judge anything so "harshly" until you get some musical sense. Anyway, this is some of the most developmental, dreamy, well-structured, trance-inducing stuff I've heard in a long while. The arrangement is excellent, and the production is nothing short of wonderful. My only real complaint would have to be the somewhat awkward flow of the song from the softer sections into the other stuff. Very, very nice. -chth
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