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  1. Darke's going to MOD-GOD your ass so he can have the 100th post. You've been warned. -chth
  2. I really would enjoy seeing the Dedede battle scene become a reality. I am nearly finished with my remix for the Sonic 3 and Knuckles project, which means that I can begin work on my Dedede mix very soon. I think that it's a good idea. -chth
  3. I'm pretty sure the bass just plays a different chord tone than the root on the 3rd and 4th notes, and the reason it sounds bad is because the sample is out of tune. But it was meant to sound right, and this track's still a classic in my book. -chth
  4. Hey, that guy who e-mailed me about the DeDeDe side project thing never got back to me. Just saying. -chth
  5. W00T! Funny thing about that track... I already did it once. That's why I was so psyched about Arek including it in the project; I've wanted to do a good version of that song for years now. It was easily the most meaningful song from my childhood... I used to spend hours listening to it on the Kirby's Dreamland sound test, big fat grey gameboy next to my ear. Good times. -chth
  6. I don't think that's possible, and if it is, it's far beyond something I can program. If I don't put the audio in the Flash file, I really have no idea how to make the songs run. I have a few FLAC files from the RotS project, I'll test how flash compresses those (as wavs) and get back to you. EDIT: I have it sorted out. It seems that the event sound type displays better quality than the stream sound type. Link There's now no quality loss at all. I'm certain because the mp3 filesize is almost the same as the swf file (it cuts of 5% of the mp3 or so). http://www.kwarp.com/storage/proof.html (I d
  7. If it's not a problem, can you take me off Grape Garden and put me on Mt. Dedede? I have a ton of cool ideas for this song, and I'm really familiar with the theme. Sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass. -chth
  8. Oh, that's not why everyone's in love with me. Wanna know why? Talk to me... after class. -chth
  9. I'd just like to point out the incredible amount of stylistic variety on this album. Guitar, synth, orchestra... it's pretty much all there. Kudos to everyone that was involved in making this a success, and although I am a bit dissapointed that sir nuts and beatdrop were unable to join the fun, Shariq pulled through and showed versatility when tracks needed to be done. Congrats on the release, everyone... and to the listeners: enjoy! -chth
  10. The mastering on the drums leave a lot to be desired... where's the snare? I need SNARE! Otherwise, this is extremely fun and the style is incredibly refreshing. -chth
  11. That has all the words of any other post but makes half as much sense. Seriously, what? -chth
  12. This works pretty damn well as a standalone piece, seeing as I am completely oblivious to Mega Man 6's OST. Ok, first off, This is really well produced. The EQ sounds completely full, and the resulting sound is very satisfying. In fact, I think I would have been turned off to this mix on the first listen if it weren't for the excellent sound achieved in the first few seconds. I don't like the solo violin that much (sounds really fake), and I like the solo sax a little more, but it's still a bit lame. I think it would have worked better in a higher octave, but I can't be sure without hearing it
  13. This is clearly an example of groove-bias and should have recieved the rejection form letter. It is not possible for something to continue for six minutes and twenty seconds and still be interesting the whole time. I am using bold to emphasize how serious I am about this issue. Wait. Yeah, this is awesome. I could have used a little more open high hat and a little less snare to give it more of a house feel, but that's nitpicking. Overall very groovy and enjoyable. -chth
  14. Hey! I'm not the only one? Glad to see my risky move struck the fancy of one dude. -chth
  15. Wow, this is coming together fast. That's a lot of mirror ops. I can't wait. -chth
  16. It's just the guiro. Anyway, glad to see that someone caught the big reference to Ballad of the Windfish... I personally thought it was really obvious, but I guess that everyone isn't as religiously familiar with the Link's Awakening soundtrack as I am. Thanks for listening! -chth
  17. The site looks amazing. We're almost there. -chth
  18. I have no idea. I think it has something to do with Def Jam. Or something. I don't really know. But the sample actually says "YEEEAHH BOOYEEE!" If that helps. Kinda. -chth
  19. I really like the separation that this mix has. Everything takes up its own space in the sonic field, and nothing interferes with anything else. It's really neat to isolate each of the individual parts throughout the whole piece, and hear what they're all doing. It's all very well thought-out and varied, and the way everything lines up and works together (think 0:54) is brilliant. Even with somewhat limited instrumentation, everything locks in and never gets boring. I'd like to say it's your best piece yet... but then again, you also did Pachebel's Ganon. -chth
  20. This is a wonderful piece, and the drums still catch me off guard every time I listen. Good job. -chth
  21. You can bet your ass we're used to it. At least it was quicker than Hedgehog Heaven. -chth
  22. Just out of curiosity, have you heard Reel Big Mario by JAXX and Kaijin, chth? I always felt that fell under the catagory of ska. So, months later, I'm going to reply to that with: Yes, but that song is much more swing than ska. Still pretty good (if it weren't for that damned brass sample), but it's not the kind of stuff I'm thinking of. Also, that song doesn't really sound much like Reel Big Fish to begin with. -chth
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