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  1. I felt that the jazz style improvisational sax was completely out of place among the contemporary orchestral backing track, and the backing track itself was pretty weak as far as samples and even arrangement go. The raptor communication at the beginning was extremely creative, however, and I will never hesitate to congratulate someone for making it onto the site. Good work, sir. Hope to see more mixes from you, because you sure know how to play sax.
  2. There should be more reviews of this song. Simply put, it's catchy, miminal, and funky as hell. Love it love it love it.
  3. question what guitar The w/e that plays the main tune/melody...w/e you want to call it. Oh well, I still love this mix. yeah that's just a synth this one, to be exact
  4. pubefro also, I get a call-in next week you can't say I didn't ask
  5. posting in a HUEG thread I'd have to say those twin mantises from jet force gemini
  6. What an enjoyable trip! I'm not familiar with the source, but AB keeps on giving me what I want to hear.
  7. The harmony is right. The chords are right. The style is catchy. The lyrics are hilarious. The recording quality is terrible. In other words, I still love it.
  8. Very good minimalistic groove. The best part is when the bass finally decides to come in.
  9. This really isn't very similar to RBF at all. Still good, but it's barely ska.
  10. Well, sweet. That's awfully cool of you. As a guitarist myself, I can appreciate this. Out of curiousity, is it easier than you thought it would be, or harder? -chth
  11. I just finished tabbing out the guitar parts, so here it is: Guitar Tab (.png image) Version of the ReMix with no guitar leads (so you can play along!) You'll have to set the paper to landscape if you want to print the TAB. Enjoy! -chth
  12. Ok, all finished. Thanks for the hosting, Dhsu. Anthem of a Miguided Youth Guitar Tab (PNG) Version of the ReMix with no guitar leads (so you can play along!) -chth
  13. You think too small. Dshu for djp! Anyway, this is a great idea. I just started on guitar TABS for Anthem of a Misguided Youth, including the solo section. I'll be done in about an hour or so. -chth
  14. He means that he can replace your bass synth with a real distorted guitar. GOOD IDEA IN MY BOOK. -chth
  15. Hey, I like the chorus you applied to the drum beat in the later version, but you should fade it in and out like every four bars. As in, have the beat start straight and clean and then morph into the fuller chorused beat and back again over a span of eight bars. If you're using FL, automating the chorus effect's volume from 0-100% would do the trick quite nicely. You could also add some light distortion to the beat, make the bass less stereo and more centered, make the harp part louder so it's more of a focus, and add some countermelodies on a synth or something similar. You could even add lik
  16. Reminds me of The Flecktones. A lot -chth
  17. Whoah whoah whoah whoah WHOAH. Stop the press; hold the phone. You're telling me that you did this remix because of-- and I am certainly going out on a limb here-- a personal connection to the game? Yeah, okay. Sure you did. Whatever you say. (It's about time you did something my way ) Funny thing is, I haven't even listened to it yet. -chth
  18. It's ridiculous how picky you are all being. Seriously, bash the vocals if you want, but I don't hear what you're bashing. This is a videogame arrangement site. This more than exceeds my expectations, and the spot-on guitar work just tops it off for me. I also loved the intro. Very old-school punk vibe you've got there. Great work. -chth
  19. I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION YOU DASTARDLY LITTLE PERSON Also, I'm going to work on my track some more tonight. Don't know if I'll have a substantial update or not, though. -chth
  20. It's a good thing my head decided not to explode while reading that, or else I wouldn't have noticed that it was a compliment. -chth
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