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  1. Assuming this is all live guitar, I'd say it's good. But the ending IS abrupt, and the sound quality isn't really all that great. Those things aside, this is a good, solid remix.
  2. Obviously. How else could you judge any work of art? You didn't say "in my opinion", however. This remix is a good song, but I believe if you asked a random sampling of one hundred musicians, you would find that a very small percentage (or a zero percentage) would say this it is the best song ever.
  3. Whoa. It's a bit much to say it's better than any other music. Maybe in your opinion, perhaps.
  4. Yes, this is DEFINITLY breakbeat. I have some breakbeat drumsets, and the samples sound exactly the same. The song overall is on the minimal side, but the crisp quality of the sound and the high quality arrangement really keep the listener's attention. Just when you might start getting bored with it, a drum solo comes in; the one at 2:30 is purely awesome.
  5. Hey, great stuff! I like the change in rhythym on the melody, the drums are cool, as are the accompaniment. The Veldt theme rocks also. If I could change one thing about this remix, however, I would have to say that the last repeat of the melody is not necessary. We've heard it several times already, why play it again? I thought the artist was going to do something cool with it, like incorporate the Veldt theme or instruments into Kefka's theme, but it just didn't happen.
  6. For techno or trance, this is exceptional. I actually liked the intro and ending very much, despite how minimal they were. I only have two real problems with it, and they're not very big. The first is that the lead instrument doesn't stand out much, and the first time I listened to it with headphones, I could barely hear it at all. The second is that there's a bit of the melody missing. The melody thing is more of a personal preference; I like to hear the whole original in a remix, but the lead volume issue is easily fixed. Out of ten, I would give this an 8.5.
  7. This is definitly a very good remix, but I agree with some of the others here that it is a bit overrated. The intro is not very good, nor are the trumpets. It's predictable, except for the solo, which is slightly irritating. When you have this much talent and potential, do something with it! You know, change tempos, change the drumline, spice up the background, anything. Besides the intro, everything /sounds/ fine, but considering the length, it doesn't hold my attention. Again, I'm not saying the melody was anything less than excellent, I'm saying that more could have been done.
  8. I don't like the drums either. The piece is so close to being perfect, it's a shame he didn't use less piercing drums and instead went with trance or techno style drums, like Gadien said. However, it doesn't detract much from the overall arrangement and instrumentation, which appears to be flawless.
  9. To me, this sounds like more of an update of the original theme rather than a remix of it. And I mean that in a good way. It's well arranged, lively, and high quality; I would have liked this on the FF Anthologies soundtrack. Variations don't always have to be ground breaking to sound nice, either. Mozart's "12 Variations", 12 variations on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" include bars that sound similar to the piano variations in this remix.
  10. Two thumbs way up. Every time I finish listening to it, it leaves me wanting more. My only complaint is the screaming is a little loud, I wouldn't mind if it was toned down a bit. But then again, it DOES add to the insanity
  11. I agree with orkybash here that the actual melody is a bit drab, and the voice sample is redundant. While all the rest of the piece is good, the theme could have been at least completed rather than just looped at a slow pace (which is very annoying). I would say, 5/10, 8/10 if you like trance.
  12. I don't think this is McVaffe's best work. The original is used too much, with not enough improvisation. It really shines at the part where the in game sounds are used as percussion, and the piano section is nice as well. Other than that though, it sounds like it was slapped together fairly quickly.
  13. Great overall, the blaring problem I see is the volume level. Way too loud..
  14. I really don't like this one. The original theme isn't all that great, but the remix doesn't do anything to it. It literally sounds like a midi with the instruments changed.
  15. Although I remember most of MQ's music vividly, I couldn't recall this track. The sample quality is very good, and the entire piece is well-arranged. While I don't find it interesting enough to listen to by itself, it works very well for background music, or music while my attention is partially diverted. For some reason, that makes it more enjoyable for me.