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  1. Title: "The Story" Original Composer: Nobuo Nematsu Copyright: Squaresoft ReMixed By: Ryce Beet Not too shabby. I see no reason why this shouldn't be posted.
  2. Game: Xenogears Remixer: DJ Meiji Mix title: Koiji na Shi no Genchou I don't think there is too much going on with this remix. It does hold potential in quite a few areas, but unfortunately never quite comes together. Ending sounds cut off.
  3. Actually the limit is 6 MB I believe, and right now it sits at 6.7 megs. Perhaps encoding this at 160kbps instead of 192 would result in an appropriate size. I keeping the 192kbps version for myself, though!
  4. The opening is weird, but in a good sort of way. FFMusicDJ is usually of high quality, so a "yes" vote is a no-brainer here. Despite remixing primarily FF themes, FFMusicDJ is in the top 12 of my favorite remixers on the site. OK maybe top 10.
  5. I'm pretty sure this mix will get posted, but I said I'd put up the mixes that were submitted via e-mail on the FTP just in case they were to be judged. This song isn't my cup of tea, but it is high quality enough that some of the younger kids would like it for sure. Mazedude is usually pretty good. Here is mazedude's text: "Greetings! I have another creation for the amazing Overclocked site, aye, yes I do. Title: Barrels o' Fun By: Mazedude Original Author: Robert Prince Game: Doom 2 Level: Barrels o' Fun, level 23 I think Style: Synth metal, I suppose I was in the mood to write something heavy. So here ya go. And it's loaded with special effects. There is a... surprise... in here too, I'd appreciate ya not giving away entirely in your review if possible. All in all, I hope you enjoy it. By the way - the Donation addition to the site is a good one; I'll be making one soon. Keep up the great work! Thanks!"
  6. I say yes. It is full of energy and I like that. There are a couple of issues with the sound of a few notes here and there, but remember, all songs posted on OC don't have to be "perfect"! And this one should go up.
  7. I got this in the auto-forwarding submissions e-mail. I'm not sure if he is saying that this is a MIDI he found or his interpretation of it. I am betting on the latter. Overall not too shabby. My vote is for "Yes", but I cannot vote on my own polls. -Joe Game: Green Beret (C64) ReMixer: WhoAmI "I have made a remix of a song in the game "Green Beret". I've never actually played the game, but when I looked through som old cd-roms I found this midi-song. I liked it very much so I checked the info and it said : www.c64.com <http://www.c64.com> in one of the tracks so I figured it had to be a song from the old commodore 64. Anyway here is my remix. If you think it goes to fast or anything else PLEASE mail me and I can change it."
  8. Sounds a bit too empty to me. Could use more and better sounding instruments.
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