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  1. Actually Zillion is an old anime from what I gather. I've never seen it so I can't say if this tune or any others from the game are in the cartoon.
  2. OK this is quickly becoming a mix that I cannot stop listening to. I wonder how many people will pass it up because it's from a game they don't know. Too bad, everyone needs to be addicted to this like I am. If I were to have a mix dedicated to me I couldn't ask for a better one!
  3. So many underappreciated games with fantastic music never get the attention they so truly deserve. Why not? Because they ain't made by Square and they ain't MegaMan! It's so nice to see mixes from other games than those mentioned... always. Zillion had great music, especially for a 1 megabit (128k) game. The jump and shoot buttons were ass-backwards and that PISSED ME OFF but the game was still playable. DJP compliments the music very well with his ReMix. It is highly enjoyable tune to listen to. Great sound quality and the cool "bumpy" (for lack of better word) bass is retained in all its SMS glory! Both Zillion tunes on the site should be considered must downloads. Now DJP, I DARE you to try Super Hang-On "Outride a Crisis"!
  4. Wizards & Warriors 'CheDDer' Pretty good stuff here, though not fantastic. I imagine if you enjoyed the game you will enjoy this tune more. I did not enjoy the game. Lots of NES sounds are used.
  5. Shinobi 'Phat Musashi' Starts out sounding a bit like an AM radio. It gets going but in my opinion never really grabs out at ya. It's not too "phiggidy phat" but you could do worse. This song is NOT in the Sega Master System version. Why? I dunno, I guess Sega got lazy when they made the SMS version (the only home version they ever programmed... the PC Engine version and other translations of the arcade game were programmed by non-Sega companies).
  6. Phantasy Star IV 'Millennial' Starts out nice and quiet, totally different from what the rest of the song is like. The rest of the song is a fast techno-ish type thang. It works pretty well, but the opening theme to PS4 was never really that great in my opinion. But djp gives it some lovin' and would be right at home on a Phantasy Star 4 arranged CD. It's good, yo, better than the original by far.
  7. ActRaiser 'Lord PROTEKTOR' A very odd and funky version of the quiet "town" music from AssRaider err I mean ActRaiser. Not as smooth as Yuzo's original, this has kind of a harsh sound to it. It's got a funky beat that serves it well. Better than you think if you listen to it a few times.
  8. Chrono Trigger 'The New Zeal' Sounds damn good for a tracker! Of course the music itself is good. Doesn't do anything revolutionary, but who says it has to? A good listen.
  9. Castlevania 'Grim Reaper' Definitely sounds like a tracker but that's OK. The guitar actually sounds pretty cool, though at times the bass does overpower it. The song includes some synth in the second half as well as percussion, and the synth gets a little funky and out of place, in my opinion. I'd say this mix is OK at best. The ending is "super-couldn't-be-more-abrupt-if-it-wanted-to", which is bad.
  10. Herzog Zwei 'Breach' This game is so awesome and very overlooked. People who enjoyed games back in the day will appreciate this mix from Herzog Zwei on the 16-bit Genesis. I first rented the Mega Drive version of this game from a local game shop and it played on my Genesis without modification or any adapters. I was stoked. I didn't know what I was doing but soon got into it. It's TechnoSoft so of course the music was great. This is my tribute to that fabulous action/strategy game. There are lots of great tunes to mix but I chose this one. I wanted to make it sound sort of nostalgic, which I think I accomplished during the intro and outro. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but this is better than TechnoSoft's own arrangement of music from the same game. In fact I'd say the original cartridge music is better than the TechnoSoft CD! Anyway if you enjoyed the game I think you'll like this mix. If you've never played the game, give it a try anyway. It's action music but it's not overwhelming, and it sounds smooth.
  11. Bubble Bobble 'This Is Not a True Ending' I never thought I would hear the happy Bubble Bobble theme sound so ominous! It's so cool! This would be great music to have in a game called Evil Bubble Bobble. Now THAT would be an interesting game. Children of the Monkey Machine (yes, the monkey machine CAN reproduce, and that's why it has kids) really impressed me with this one. Or maybe this was done by m68030. Oh no I'm having a schizo attack! Well I couldn't ask for better music to induce schizoid behavior! Definitely worth a listen.
  12. Skate or Die 'Subcrunch' If you don't download this, then you are not a true skater punk. If you wannabe a real sk8ter, you must have this remix! It's pretty good, mixing the theme quite well. Very electronic sounding, but that's OK... electronic iz good.
  13. Zelda II 'Thelonius Temple' Niiiiice! I really like the piano on this one and the overall jazz motif. Very well arranged. I can't think of anything bad to say, except that the remixer has never done anything else besides this! That in itself is a shame. OK and I guess it could be a bit longer.
  14. Super Mario Bros. 'Super Jungle Brothers' It's the main Super Mario Bros. theme with cool percussion and some nice electronic processing effects. It sounds nice and smooth. Nothing groundbreaking, but it is a good listen and it's always nice to hear the Mario theme. I like!
  15. Shinobi 'Shuriken Mix' I was very happy to see this tune make it to the site so long ago. It was of the arcade music which I greatly preferred. Rayza gives this tune a very trancey late 80's/early 90's feel. I like it. But then of course I like most of the stuff Rayza does. The very first time I heard it I don't think I was tremendously impressed, but I don't know why that would be, it's just how I remember it. But make no mistake, I love this tune!
  16. Frogger 'Funkiphibian Dub' Here's that "Dub" genre again that I know nothing about. When is someone gonna come out with a genre called "Erase"? Anyway this is a really cool mix. Sounds like the Chrono Trigger Revival Day mix as far as the sounds used are concerned, but that's OK. There's no law that says each song should have completely different sounds. djp got his money's worth with this set because I likes what I hears! A happy little tune with a funky beat. Hopefully this mix doesn't get OverLooked because it really does deserve a listen, dammit!
  17. Chrono Trigger 'Revival Day Impoetus' This track kicks ass. I demand that you love the hell out of it, no "if's" "and's" or "but's" about it!!! djp lays down a really cool percussion track that goes great with the funky bassline. This is a classic ReMix on the site and many people hold it in high regard... for good reason! Great ReMix!
  18. Mega Man 2 'Wind Shear' I really like this mix. It's not much more than the NES track (only really beefed up) but it sounds great. I don't really like the part between :50 and about 1:09. It doesn't blend in well. Otherwise this is a cool little track!
  19. Chrono Trigger 'Belthasar' The first Chrono Trigger mix on the site comes off pretty well I think. The beat is the star of the song. Piano comes in with a soft melody as the beat continues to play around. Some filters are used to warp the sound a bit in the second half. Not the end-all/be-all Chrono Trigger mix, but it's certainly not crap.
  20. Mega Man 3 'Blue Bomber Forever' This mix begins with a poor man's "Robovoice" giving you an e-mail address to write to if you have comments, etc. Kind of funny but I think I'd cut that part out when burning it to CD. Or maybe not, it is kind of novel. And of course who wants to edit someone else's edit? I guess I wouldn't tamper with it. Of course this e-mail address will now have to be maintained FOREVER!!!! The mix itself is well done. The themes blend well with each other. Lots of reverb is used, but never the point of too much... it's right on da line yo. Every once in awhile a voice sample pops up to help with the transition between tunes. All in all pretty cool, but I think Mustin has come a long way since this ReMix.
  21. Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII & I 'North Medley' Very nicely arranged. The triangle/bell/xylophone/whatever it is sound in the beginning lacks some luster... almost as if it stopped vibrating immediately after it was hit. But don't let that deter you from enjoying this great medley of Final Fantasy music. Considering this is all synth it sounds fantastic!
  22. Mega Man 2 'Flash Fire' AE always does great funky Mega Man remixes, so you know you probably want this. Very electronic sounding and indeed a nice take on the Flash Man theme. Seems a bit slower than the original, but what the hell do I know? Cool.
  23. King of Fighters '98 'Ghetto Recursive' For some odd reason there are individuals who think the sound of records scratching is cool. Whatever. The record scratches here are obviously synthetic and NOT real vinyl being scratched. The music underneath the scratches is pretty good, though far from brilliant. I think it does capture the attitude of KoF, though. I would probably like this mix a lot more if it didn't have the non-stop scratches. Note: When reading the next paragraph it is VITAL that you imagine me wearing a snow cap in the hot summer, baggy clothes, lots of chains hanging everywhere, a frown indicating that I am a bad boy and my arms out with both hands pointing at each other with two fingers and the thumb up in the shape of a gun. Got it? OK now read: yo yo if u b ghetto yo and b down wif da homiez den u need dis remix aight. dis mix ain't fo no proper english speakin foos yo. if u normally talk like dis den u pass da test. git da remix now yo. word.
  24. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'hyrule castle dark world' I'm not much into hip hop, but this is pretty good! I half expect someone or something to start rappin', but thankfully that doesn't happen! A mellow song that's cool to chill to.
  25. Tetris (NES) 'C Blachly' I love this! I love the beat and the sound to it all. It's fun to listen to, and I demand that you like it as well. It's short, very short, but that only means you'll have to listen to it twice in a row.
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