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  1. I've been subscribed to RexBanterProject on Youtube for a while now and I really dig his stuff. Unfortunately I don't believe he's contributed any remixes here yet. He just posted a basic how-to video. This is the first time he's done one of these types of videos so I'm sure he'll get better as he makes more, but this one is still pretty awesome. Note: You'll need to know your chords. This isn't for people who have never touched an electric guitar. But even if you haven't you might enjoy watching this. Check it out, give feedback, etc.
  2. The music from the Genesis version of Batman rarely gets any attention. Everyone always wants to talk about the NES music, but the Genesis stuff is really really good. As for this mix, well, it's alright. It's definitely very well made and stands out as an amazing original piece with maybe a little Genesis Batman sprinkled on. I think it might be a bit too arranged for my tastes because it doesn't remind me of the original music at all except for a little part after the two minute mark. The Genesis Batman music is something I've been listening to since well before it was released in the US (I bought the JP Mega Drive version of the game). And it should also be said that I'm not really big on most orchestral mixes, real or fake. So take my opinion with a grain of salt. (I don't like solo piano mixes, either).
  3. Ha ha I didn't buy them all at once! This kind of reminds me of a conversation I had with Dave (co-host of Game Sack) about how much money we had spent on videogames in our lifetime. I guessed he had spent more than $40,000 combined/total since the beginning of the NES days and he was in denial. Still is. It kind of would, but feel free to import them into Photoshop or Gimp (free) and desaturate the ones you like yourself.
  4. Actually no, that was a regular ol' shot. I snap the images in RAW format and the original light was set to a very daylight-ish color temperature. Upon import, Photoshop allows you to play around with exposure and white balance non-destructively, as if you are changing it in the camera itself rather than trying to recolor a pre-existing image. I set the color temperature to something more tungsten-like and got this weird black light effect. I loved it and went with it. Thanks for the comments, by the way!
  5. I took a picture of my consoles. Feel free to use them as wallpaper or in your projects whatever they may be. If you like a particular image, download it to get the big size. Here's the album: http://imgur.com/a/3AviF Enjoy. Just realized I left an "l" out of the word "wallpaper" in the title. Can't seem to edit the thread title, so here it is for now: l
  6. Great mix! I'm definitely down with you guys covering the entire soundtrack as you did an excellent job with this one. It's such an overlooked soundtrack. But it's fantastic, what else would you expect from the guy who created the music for Out Run, Space Harrier and After Burner?
  7. I liked it but I do feel it was perhaps a bit overpriced. The final stage was a touch boring but really, I'm grasping for straws with my complaints here. The game is fun to play through and I'll play through it again but I must leave it turned off for a week to get a trophy. I don't really understand the point of how it works online. I'd much rather play with my friends or alone than randomly have anonymous people show up. But the graphics are great and the music is indeed awesome. I still prefer Flower, but this is about a billion times better than Flow.
  8. This is definitely a good mix and the talent of Thunder Thouin is definitely evident. I recognized it because I always use when the strings start on that stage to gauge how well I am doing in the game. If I am not out of the little cave and back out into the trees by the time the strings start, I am going too slow. However with all of the videogames in this most recent generations that have been trying their hardest to sound as much like movies as possible, I have lost my taste for many symphonic works. Also, who is the female voice that pops up from time to time? Was that the remixer or was it stolen from something Lisa Gerrard did? Nobody else is credited on the remix and the remixer is referred to as a "he" so I have to assume the latter. I feel it would have been better without it because it seems to go past an homage into blatantly copying the style. Castlevania IV does have an amazing soundtrack, though. It and ActRaiser make some of the best use of that SNES fake-orchestra sound in any game on the system.
  9. I submitted my well-crafted missive through Nintendo's website so therefore I don't have a copy of it and I don't seem to have the exact text as a reply in my mail inbox for whatever reason. But the response was exactly the same response that everyone gets when they write NIntendo about SOPA which is: My original message to them talked about what they already mentioned in their response, like how do you trust Congress to find a balance in ANYTHING and that SOPA could be drastically misused, that comparing it to stolen goods is not a good example and that Congress cannot be trusted. They sent me this same reply anyway. It is a form-letter response, they do not respond individually.
  10. Nintendo does indeed support SOPA. This abridged list is the one everyone keeps posting and I'm not sure why. I wrote Nintendo about it and I was sent a form letter back and they clearly do support it. Here is the more comprehensive, full list. Should we apologize to you since obviously you had nothing to do with it? What do you mean, "you people"?
  11. A boycott led by Reddit made GoDaddy pull their support of SOPA, at least publicly. Linky
  12. Yup! And the RIAA's honest-to-god/science excuse was "Someone else was pirating through our IP". They expect us to accept that and be OK with it. But when the RIAA comes down on you and you tell them "Someone else was pirating through my IP" they will laugh at you, throw you in prison, have you shot in the face and they will take a DNA sample of you so that they can clone you and repeatedly kill you again and again.
  13. What I find kind of funny about the whole left/right things is that the right wants smaller government but at the same time they REALLY want to control people's lives (abortion, gay marriage, etc). Lefties want total freedom but at the same time want government to take care of us all. Granted, those are the extremes, but that's usually what I see when I look at politics. I also sometimes find it backwards how some preach we must cherish all life (re: abortion) but it's OK to execute prisoners. Personally, I'm pro-death in all circumstances.
  14. Coop, we need an animated GIF banner of Barney's Hide and Seek Adventure, pronto. /offtopic
  15. Sometimes I wonder if they want a revolt to happen. A very large portion of the government are being extreme tampons lately when it comes to issues of liberty and freedom. Do they want us to be like China?
  16. Meteo Xavier, that's fine. I respect your opinion of the game. I am not trying to argue that it isn't exceptional as a point of fact. It works for you, that's great! Nobody can tell you what not to like. I love Shenmue and people hate on that thing all the time. Whatever, I still enjoy the game every time I play it. But some people refuse to even acknowledge it as a legitimate "game". While I certainly disagree with their reasons, nothing I can say will make them like the game more. In fact, causing friction about why they should like it would probably make them hate it even more. BTW I did come to the conclusion first before I dissected it down to "why". I think a lot of people here think I am hating on the game (and for some reason, Galaxy 2).
  17. Honestly you should have justified your comment with this stuff in your previous post. Going around saying something like "Maybe you have bad opinions" and then just splitting does not make me think you are a member filled to the brim with intelligence. If you had explained your statement as you did here, I would have not responded the way I did. Instead I would have responded like this: -My main opinion of Super Mario 3D Land is that is an average 3D Mario game. Nothing special as far as Mario goes. This does not mean it is a bad game, but it's not exceptional. -I never said anything about Mario 3D Land's soundtrack being rehashed from Galaxy. I just said I got bored with Galaxy 2 as a game. I never even said anything bad about Galaxy 2 or attempted to justify my opinion of being bored with it mainly because I haven't played through much of it, I just found other things to do. I never, not once, compared Galaxy to 3D Land in any way other than Galaxy had new music that really stood out and sounded great. Not once. Please don't think that I am responsible for what someone else may have said and please do not put words in my mouth. -Most of the music I remember from Galaxy was new music. Yes, there were some reused/rearranged music here and there, you bet. But Galaxy being the older game, I am more willing to forgive it for doing anything like that (and actually enjoy said music's inclusion). Mario 3D Land is the newer game and it is still rehashing a large percentage of its music. It felt like very little effort was involved in making the game stand out among other Mario games. The original music that is in there doesn't even stand out. The original stuff in Galaxy sure did.
  18. I have to assume that's a joke as nobody with an ounce of intelligence would say something like that and expect to be taken seriously. Bad opinion to you, maybe, but opinions are just, like, opinions, man.
  19. I know what a bad game is. But just because this game isn't bad doesn't mean it deserves loads of praise. What would it get praise for? That's right, simply being yet another Mario game. For a Mario game, it is average. Nothing new or exciting. Galaxy was at least somewhat refreshing. I also know what a good game is. I also know that not everybody agrees on what makes a game good. Somehow, life magically goes on. This might end up being one o' them polarizing games like Sunshine.
  20. I believe my comments were pretty clear, but it's just that nothing new or exciting has been done with the music, at all. There's nothing special about it, they put no effort into this game's soundtrack. Just copy/paste, it seems. If you like rehashed music, some of which has already been rehashed countless times, this game's for you. Time to come up with NEW memorable tunes, Nintendo! Galaxy 1 sounded awesome! Mario Galaxy 1 was great, but I was bored with it when Mario Galaxy 2 came out and never bothered to finish that one. I agree with RDX that the Mario formula has grown a bit stale. Apparently I am one of the few who will dare say something like that. I wish they'd introduce a new IP that is pick-up-and-play. Mario is kind of a crappy character (especially when he opens his mouth, take a clue from Link, asshole). Time for something new. And no, Pikmin is not pick-up-and-play. Hell, they can't even be bothered to make new Zelda or Starfox games for the 3DS.
  21. This game is just your average Mario game. I didn't like holding down a "run" button, it's just odd for a 3D-type Mario game. Usually you just push the analog stick further to run in a 3D Mario game, but there is no analog here. The thumb-thing is either on or off in whatever direction you push, it seems. Also, the music is the same old crap we've been listening to since Super Mario 64, much of it even older. There's really no redeeming quality in the soundtrack. They didn't even try with this game. Still, at least it's not another N64 remake, it's got that going for it.
  22. Here's the latest episode: One of the games featured is Road Avenger for the Sega CD. We attempt to decipher the lyrics during that segment. We think we've figured them out!
  23. That is just too awesome. I really should get a Wondermega just for recording games for Game Sack. I have tried everything to make Genesis games look good when recording them for the show. Straight composite looks horrible. Add a 32X and the composite looks much better, but it still is pretty muddy. I tried a SCART RGB-to-HDMI convertor but it had weird interlacing artifacts that I couldn't eliminate (used this for 32X Backthorne in the video). I have an XMD-3 but the output was pretty noisy and very moire-y. Getting some components on that replaced so hopefully soon that will work better. I also had one of my pre-TMSS Genesis model 1's modified for s-video but there is still some noise and just as much moire as in composite, though it is still clearer than composite. Recording the Genesis has been the biggest headache making this show.
  24. Thanks all, for the comments. Evilhead, you are a lucky bastard to have a Wondermega! I bet that s-video looks awesome. Modding a Genesis for s-video gives mixed results and it never looks as nice as say, s-video from the SNES (meaning that there is moire, noise, etc). I haven't seen the Wondermega's s-video but I imagine they got it right. Too bad they removed that from the X-Eye. As for TVs in the US, I've found that CRTs made by Toshiba that are 30 inches and under which feature component video inputs have very good tubes. I tested a lot of different ones before I bought mine, taking my Genesis, RGB SCART cable and component converter to stores with me. Samsungs were really bad. Sony's OK but kind of flat in the reds. The Toshiba has really strong colors (all of them) and the best clarity. Not sure if you want to go the component route. We don't like having nice things here in the US. No s-video Wondermegas, not RGB TVs, what the hell? I need to "occupy" something over this outrage. Do studio monitors have RGB SCART inputs (Euro SCART, not JP SCART)?
  25. CRT's aren't for everyone and you don't need one to truly enjoy games, but I have seen a lot of questions around the internet wondering why the older games look so different on their shiny, new HDTV set. At the end of the episode, Dave did end up buying the HD TV he was pawning over. Your criteria for an HD set are good ones even for current games. And it is I who runs the channel and edits each episode.
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