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  1. Final Fantasy VII 'Final Ecstasy' I'll say that this is, most certainly, a must download. The beginning is the best, with softly plucked electric guitar. Then some distorted guitar comes in for the main melody. Did I say the beginning was the best? Nah. The entire song is equally good amongst itself. That is to say that the thing is fantastic and shows some nice skill from Ailsean. However whoever is on the drums is the BEST part of this tune, as they just kick everything all to hell. Just kidding, you'll barely notice the drums, but they serve their purpose.
  2. Mega Man 2 'The Doctor Named Wily' This sounds kinda weird but not in a bad way. The bass is extreme right and the percussion is extreme left, which is bothersome if you ever plan on listening to it with headphones, but on a regular stereo system it's alright. This song ends pretty much right when it should. Not bad but not great. Cool ending!
  3. F-Zero 'Mute Radiology' To say the intro is long is an understatement. I'm not a big fan of intros that are longer than they should be. But fear not for it eventually does start to get going! The sound of some of the instruments in this is a bit agitating. The percussion is good and the bass is nice, but to be honest I can't really find anything else I like about this ReMix. Oh well.
  4. Dune 'Arrakis (Wormsign Mix)' This mix starts out nice and smooth. Pleasant sounding electric strings lead way into some funky tribal percussion. After a bit the percussion starts to jam. But the funky tribal percussion stays with the song until nearly the end. Good mix from Bart!
  5. Super Star Soldier 'Hardcore Densehead' Kick ass! I loved the old days back when there were more good games than bad. You can't say that nowadays! Anyway djp's Super Star Soldier mix is jammin'. I imagine that if this was ever released for the CD-ROM attachment (it may have been, I dunno) that the music would be similar to this. Hell this is probably better because a lot of the PC Engine CD music had a knack for being too thin or "lite". The weird solo in the last third of the song is, well, weird! All in all I like it!
  6. Well yeah! This is a "duh" mix. That means you don't have to have any brain power to vote yes on this one!
  7. This does have some good quality to it. Here are my beefs: -Too damn loud! -Piano echos/delays are weird. Delay time should be reduced. Other than that I really like it! So I vote "yes"
  8. I cannot download this, even when copying and pasting the entire URL to the browser.
  9. Needs a bit of reverb or something. Sounds like MIDI. I really think that it would benefit from additional instruments. That's why I say "no".
  10. This is pretty messed up. But I think it has it's place, though not in my playlist. I think this should come with a warning about being bizzarre! It gets a "yes" from me, not because I like it, but because I think that someone might dig it.
  11. I don't recall Tempest having any music at all so this must be an original tune. But then again this could be from Tempest 2000 which did have some music that I've never heard (from the Jaguar version anyway). If this is supposed to be from Tempest the arcade then I vote "NO" since it clearly violates the submission guidelines by remixing music that doesn't exist in a game. If it is from Tempest 2000 then I vote "Yes" as it is pretty good. I will not vote until I find out what game this is from.
  12. Ummmmmmm.... All I get are porno pop ups ad nauseum. Is there a link to the actual mix?
  13. Not too bad, but I don't like the sound of the "bass". It sounds like crap. It's a yes, but barely.
  14. Banana 'Slumber Party' I have no idea what this game is about or why it's called "Banana" but I really dig this remix of it! It's extremely fun to listen to. I like music that is good (I know... I'm a dying breed) so I really like the melody here and also the energy that kicks in. My only complaint would be that it is too short. But it does hold up well to repeated listenings. Sounds cool and I heartily recommend everyone give it a try... it's small so you might as well.
  15. Super Mario Bros. 'Jazz Plumber Trio' Jazz, when done right, is awesome. This is pretty darn close especially when you consider all of the instruments are fake. They sound great! This song jams. Lots of cool piano on top of the loose snare drums. Lots of great jazz elements help ensure this to be a must download. djp definitely likes jazz and it shows. Nuttin' wrong wit dat I tell ya!
  16. Metroid 'efsisos featuring Samus Aran' Nice and spooky. Starts out without percussion and it gives you a smooth and well laid out melody. The percussion comes in at just the right time and really adds to the mix. I can only imagine a GameCube version of Metroid with this theme in there. We'll see how the GC version sounds but if it is as good as this then it will be a hit. Highly recommended!
  17. Mega Man 'Elec Man YPOI' Hey this is pretty cool! Lots of fun electronic sounds and good instruments are used. Then suddenly it stops and makes you say "WTF??" But it starts up again. Everything will be OK! I like the use of the electronic sounds in this mix.
  18. Space Harrier II 'GET READY' This is kind of old school djp meets new school djp. Old school because of the warping, flanging and bending filters that he loves to use. New school because it just sounds better. I really like what he has done with the basic beat here. I don't care much for the melody on top of that because of the warping, flanging and bending filters (they sound bad to me) nor the voice samples from the game. But for me the underlying beat makes it quite listenable. Maybe I am spoiled by Sega's own arrangement of this tune. Interesting ending, though!
  19. Mega Man 2 'ROBOVoice' This was my first ROBOVoice submission. The "vocals" are a bit distorted, but of course I blame the evil DJP for that. When I originally submitted this he e-mailed back saying he could barely hear the vocals at all, and could I please increase the volume on them. So I did. The culprit turned out to be that djp accidentally had his center channel turned off, and the vocals are localized in center channel. He was hearing no sound where there should have been sound. It was an honest boo boo. Anyway the louder, slightly more distorted version got posted. Don't worry, djp wrote me a check for $10,000 like he does for each of my ReMixes so I didn't complain In all honesty it's not THAT bad. Anyway, this is a short tune based on the "Flash Man" stage of Mega Man 2. Yes, I did say short. Not as good or as funny as my Final Fantasy 5 ROBOVoice (be sure to check that out as well) but it's still pretty good, as Mega Man needed to be made fun of. It begins to fade out while the computer is still singing and that may bother some. Be sure to click on the "lyrics" on the download page otherwise you may be lost. This was done completely with VocalWriter on the Mac. It can do better than this, I promise!!!
  20. Spy vs. Spy 'Ambient Antiques' I like this one. Never heard the original. Doesn't remind me of Mad Magazine in any way, shape or form. Just cool music that has some NES type sounds as one of the main instruments. Although it is under 4 minutes it still seems a teeny tiny bit too long for me. Not quite enough variety but still decent.
  21. Secret of Monkey Island 'AmIEviL' As always, AmIEviL does a great job. I've never played the original, so I can't contrast and compare this mix, but it is good music. It has a slow rhythm and some funky piano towards the end. Seems to fade out a bit soon.
  22. Ultima IV 'Trollbash' I really like the opening. After that it goes nuts, but still remains pretty good. It goes hardcore. Hardcore what? Well not techno, not rock, just hardcore! In order to find out you'll have to listen!
  23. OutRun 'Passing Breeze ('97 BIT Offcut Mix)' Passing Breeze has probably always been my favorite Out Run music selection. It's also the favorite of Hiro, who composed the music for Out Run. Chris Abbott has taken that theme and made all the instruments sound really nice and smooth. Not a short song by any stretch, but that's a good thing since it is a good mix of a good song. It seems a bit more calm than the original version due to a slightly slower tempo, but not too much slower to be significant. Chris hasn't changed anything at all melody-wise, save for the cool ending, so if you've played Out Run before then you pretty much know you're getting a nicer sounding version of that.
  24. Gradius 'Horizontal Armada' This sounds pretty cool, fake orchestra with drums and other electronic sounds! Not the best Gradius tune in the world, but this one was a good one to remix and give it that djp touch (it sounds a wee bit similar to his Star Fox mix). The french horn sounds pretty good, though I am used to a bit more texture from french horn sounds. A good listen.
  25. Star Fox 'Clan McCloud' I think right before he made this tune djp must have went to the music store and purchased some new instruments and/or software because the sound quality of his mixes started making leaps and bounds forward with this cool tune. The percussion is particularly good, I think. So are the strings which sound very smooth and clean. In the second half the song quiets down to make room for some cool piano, then gets going again. I thought that was a brilliant touch. Nothing at all bad to say about this ReMix. Well I could probably find something bad if I really wanted to, but I don't want to.
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