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  1. Good tune, nice reworking of Super Hang-On. I am one who believes that it is impossible to improve on the original except for better sounding instruments, but the composition of the original melody, etc is perfect as is. If someone disagrees, please prove me wrong and I guarantee I'll love your remix! Malcos gives us a different interpretation, however, and there's nothing wrong with that! Fadeout ending didn't bother me at all.
  2. I enjoy this ReMix very much. I wasn't too enthralled with the original cartridge music because since it sounded pretty thin from what I remember. But here it is with far better instrumentation and therefore much more enthralling. Repetitive, yes, but I do like it that way. In fact the parts that begin to stray (at 1:26 and 3:15) are definitely my least favorite parts since they break the cool mood. That doesn't make it "bad" but I'm just saying I really dig the mood the main part of the song creates. I am always one for good, moody music and this fits the bill!
  3. I've never played the actual game, but I have some of the arranged music imported from Japan. Good stuff. And this ReMix is very good. A very nice break from all the techno ReMixes (and we definitely do need MORE breaks from that). I don't think I can say anything that hasn't been mentioned, except I'd like to see more remixers try the non-techno thing. 6 out of 5 stars.
  4. I love it when McVaffe does ragtime. I remember back in his old AOL MIDI days he had quite a few original ragtime songs that were very enjoyable. Yoshi's Rag is a great piece of work, but not my favorite McV ragtime tune. That would go to the MIDI titled simply "MCVRAG2.MID" I got from AOL about 45 years ago (it seems). Keep up the rag!
  5. I was just gonna post this review, but Disco Dan beat me to it by one minute. Oh well. I like this. It does sound like Castlevania meets Lords of Thunder with a little bit of muffled Yngwie Malmsteen "Far Beyond the Sun" thrown in. I think it's done pretty well. The original tune lends itself to being redone in this style. If you like guitar, then you should have already downloaded this!
  6. I really like this. It is techno/trance done well, an you don't hear it done well too tremendously often. Good job! This would make excellent racing game music. In fact, after I am finished typing this missive, I am going to load the tune onto my Xbox's hard drive so I can listen to it while I play MotoGP. Even though it is Megaman 2, it fits perfectly with that game as well. Keep it up!
  7. I really like this one, too! Maybe it is just the MP3 player I am using, but it does sound a little distorted to me (electric piano sounds), so maybe I'll try a different player (in a different OS even). But regardless, it is enjoyable. I agree that the vocals near the end make the song! Edit: It WAS the MP3 player that was causing the distortion. iTunes in Mac OS X sucks! SoundApp works great, though.
  8. Excellent. Nice tunage and good sound. People who like a little-known thing called "melody", which is not very popular these days, should download this now. Melody takes serious skill in my opinion. I wouldn't consider this techno at all, but I do consider it great music. Anyone can crank out a repetitive techno theme, but try to make notes blend together, match, and flow. Much harder than copy-pasting a drum track and a few instruments over and over again. I can listen to this again and again and I never get tired of it. It just makes me want to listen again. Enjoyable!
  9. This is excellent. To be honest it is not exactly my cup of tea musically, but you simply have to admire the construction and execution of the piece. The sounds are also extremely good and well used. I can dig this, it just won't be something I listen to over and over everyday. But when I do listen, I will admire the professional sound and style of the song. When I fisrt heard the "wah" I was immediately reminded of DJP's older days. That's cool. DJP is very versatile, but he's not above using a style, sound or technique more than once.
  10. Excellent job. I really enjoy this ReMix, and hope Tamimi submits more in the future. I recently beat Silent Hill 2 on the Xbox and am now playing through Silent Hill 1 since I enjoyed the second game so much. I can see how this would fit into that series of games, though I am not that far in the first game yet. This does sound like tunage from part two as well. This mix is very emotional, and I think that it works better without drums. Like others my main gripe would be the cut-off ending which could easily be fixed with a simple fade-out, but that in no way diminihes my enjoyment of the rest of the song. Excellent!
  11. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Pachelbel's Ganon' I love it. It sounds very similar to djp's Sonic ReMix entitled "Love Hurts". But that's a good thing. This mix has a goodness all of its own, though. It warrants downloading and repeated listening. Excellent arrangement. I do enjoy the second half a bit better for some odd reason (probably due to the addition of the very realistic sounding acoustic guitar---complete with fret noise in the proper locations), but that's not to say that the first half isn't excellent. Lots of subtleties that the MP3 format can't do justice to. It's a djp mix, so it is required downloading!
  12. Don't make fun of Service Merchandise or I will slap you. You know I will! Service Merchandise sells the best Casio keyboards at the best prices! Anyone who thinks Service Merchandise Casio keyboards aren't good enough probably has too much talent.
  13. I heard the clipping very clearly at the end, didn't hear too much if any earlier. This remix is well done. Everyone has forgotten how versatile Yuzo used to be back in the 16-bit days. I am used to listening to ActRaiser Symphonic Suite arranged by Yuzo himself using a real orchestra, so this can sound a bit thin to me and it takes some unexpected turns, but it is by no means bad! Recommended!
  14. I really enjoyed this remix. Very well done! I am amazed at the lack of attention it is getting. Are people finally coming to the site and thinking "Oh it's just another Final Fantasy mix.... why bother?" In a way I kind of hope so, as that will force other games to get deserving attention. Though this mix does rank pretty high up there in overall quality and enjoyability. Final Fantasy or not, I certainly recommend it!
  15. I wasn't impressed by the music, but I do think it is awesome that the composer submitted this. If you like 7th Guest then I think you'll like this mix, but I have never been a fan of the more "subdued" nature of the computer game music of yore. Even though I have never heard of "Fat Man" I still think it is awesome that he deems OCR worthy of his tunage.
  16. Sakuraba's work on Shining the Holy Ark (especially the kick ass arranged version) was pretty complex. Good mix, BTW.
  17. As I read DJP's write-up of this tune, I kept thinking to myself "DJP may love it, but there's no way I'm gonna think as highly of it." But I download every remix so I preceeded. I absolutely agree with DJP on everything he said here. Wonderful mix, and I am highly impressed. Everyone should download this, fan of RCR or not. Mazedude kicks my ass again!
  18. What is a "vocoder"? I don't know what that is, so I didn't use it to create the mix. Yeah original made up lyrics aren't as good as lyrics that have already been made up for ya (which is what it sounds like you are saying in your post). People are weird. To hell with originality!
  19. I enjoyed this mix, especially all of the pianos! It's like one big piano solo! Just kidding, but I did enjoy the mix. I agree that it was a bit odd when the volume suddenly changed for a bit, but it is not jarring enough to badmouth the song. It's just a bit of dynamic range. Regardless, I enjoyed the song and it's always great to hear Phantasy Star music. I hope the original Phantasy Star is the next game to get Konega's/Quinn's treatment. I'm sure you've had more than one/two listeners. But only one review before mine? Yeah, Phantasy Star gets waaay overlooked. I mostly ReMix older Sega brand games myself and rarely do I see feedback. I listen to every ReMix posted regardless of if I've heard of the game or not. You never know what you could be missing!
  20. I like it when DJP branches out. The results are always interesting and in this case I'd say near perfect. The tune has been arranged very well and the emotion has been enhanced greatly with the new instrumentation. I want to see more like this from DJP. Whether you have played the game or not, I feel that this ReMix is worth a download and can be appreciated by all who like good music and don't limit themselves to lisrening to just a few different genres of music. Just 'cause it's "slow" doesn't mean it's bad.
  21. Mr. 44 surely you knew I was joking with that comment. Can you imagine Gilligan samples in a Rez remix? Just the thought is insane!
  22. I don't know why this mix has "Dune" samples when it could just as easily have "Gilligan's Island" samples instead.
  23. It is a pretty damn good mix, but I don't really get the title "Love Hurts". Is DJP in love? Did he get dumped? It's so out of the blue. But at least the music is pretty good. Sounds like disco (DJP LOOOOOOVES disco) but he doesn't overdo it. A good listen of the stage 2 theme, one that hasn't been mixed until now (that I can recall, anyway).
  24. Hey that was a pretty cool site! I liked seeing and hearing the intro to the anime. I wonder if an official soundtrack is available? Did you notice that JJ's gun looks EXACTLY like the Sega Light Phaser, even down to the wire itself coming out of the gun?
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