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  1. Legend of Zelda 'Jazzy' An excellent jazzy piece from AmIEviL. Very laid back, and that's definitely cool. You won't be breakdancin' or scratchin' records to this (if you're into that stuff) but instead you'll relax and want to socialize. If all lounge music was this good, perhaps it would be a bit more popular.
  2. Gradius 'X' A horribly short and horribly low encoded (112kbps) tribute to a cool Gradius tune. Nothing special, unless you love sitar more than anything. Sounds out of tune at times. Very abrupt ending.
  3. Gradius 'Perfect Selection' Gradius has almost always had awesome music. Every single track is not a winner, but usually the music kicks ass. This mix starts out sounding like it was straight from the game itself. Then it starts sounding a bit better, but still sounds like an 8 or 16-bit game machine. It goes through some various Gradius tunes. If you like Gradius music you'll like this. If you want to hear some good videogame music from the late 80's you'll also want to download this. Melody is king.
  4. Alex Kidd in Miracle World 'Sugar High' This was my first ReMix submitted to this fantastic site. I saw that DJP was a Sega fanboy (as am I) so I figured he'd take quick notice to this.... and he did! He quickly posted it and sent me a check for $1,000, which I feel that everyone should do. OK so he didn't do that. This is a decent mix, I think. It shouldn't blow you away and you shouldn't run away screaming, either. I added a string section towards the middle to change things up a bit, otherwise it it the main Alex Kidd melody with far superior instruments than those used in the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis versions of the game.
  5. Contra 'AMEN Reflux' This is an "old school" djp mix so of course it has the flanging/warping instruments and whatnot. Back in the day I could spot a djp mix a mile away as they all had this very distinctive sound to them. Since then djp has branched out and really improved. Still, this mix pretty good! Kind of has a "disco" flavor to it like his Space Harrier mix, which wouldn't be my ideal choice for a genre, but it still is a pretty good mix!
  6. Pac-Man 'Sinergia' A Pac-Man mix performed live! As if that's not good enough it has hilarious foreign lyrics! Because of the inability to understand the lyrics it tends to make me laugh. It's a hella lot better than that old "Pac-Man Fever" song by far. This is a great mix. Very fun. Recommended. Download it now! This remix is very OverLooked (ha I made a funny!) here on OC. I demand that you enjoy it!
  7. Legend of Zelda 'Hyrulian' Ahh, djp's take on the Zelda theme. Starts out nice and smooth, but then DJP decides to add some funk. Nothing overly great to praise and nothing horribly bad to bitch about, though I'd love to hear a version without those funky drums.
  8. Legend of Zelda 'Rabbit Joint Cover' Every couple of months without fail some new guy on the forum pops up claiming this is from a group called "System of a Down". I have never heard System of a Down and don't really have any desire to, so I can't comment on that too much. All I can say I am sick of hearing about it and that this is definitely The Rabbit Joint and they have nothing to do with that other band. Regardless this guy is definitely on acid or something. He is trippin' HARD. But that's what makes this tune so hilarious. The guy sounds like he is having a schizo attack and he's singing about Zelda. What more could you want? Definitely entertaining and stands up to repeated listenings, despite its craziness and lack of enunciation. Reminds me of that crazy guy in that old NES Zelda commercial with the freaked out look on his face screaming "Octarocks!!!" I guess Zelda and insanity go hand in hand.
  9. Pac-Man '64-bit' Well, what is a ReMix site without a Pac-Man tune? Wait.. don't answer that. Not too much going on here, but it is amazing how much the original tune was worked for this remix. Good job, considering.
  10. Super Mario Bros. 'Frivolous Funk' It's always cool to hear live versions of game music! This is pretty funky, except it lacks a good bass instrument. It's there but it really doesn't stand out much. Other than that it is a great listen! The Mario theme is probably more recognizable than our national anthem!
  11. Bubble Bobble 'Hillbilly Rodeo' Hell yeah! This is a MUST download! I didn't know djp could sound so convincingly "backwoods". It's really not that bad at all, and it is hilarious! It was when djp posted this to the site that I decided I could probably get away with my ROBOVoice shtick. Damn I can't help but laughing while listening to this. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW if you haven't heard this already. This should be required listening for everyone who visits OverClocked.
  12. Tetris 'Slavic Roots' djp's take on the Tetris music is quite interesting. When it first starts out you feel as if you are in Afghanistan or some other middle eastern country. Then the percussion starts and you feel like you are back in the good ol' USA where we have drums! Throughout all of this it still has a Russian flavor to it. The only thing I don't really like is how it ends... It sounds like djp is passing the melody out of his ass or something. Amusing!
  13. Phantasy Star 'Alis Overture' I really like this mix. I'm not entirely sure, but it might be a remix of the ending theme. Or maybe not. It's hard to say as I really don't hear a lot of Phantasy Star in this mix It's mostly original djp music it seems. Good thing he's a good musician! Regardless, it pays a phantastic tribute tribute to a phenomenal game for a very underlooked system. This game was better than any of the NES Final Fantasy's, IMO. This tune fits the mood of the game.
  14. Paperboy 'Peaperboayh' Ah, Paperboy. I liked this game for about 20 minutes. This is a cool mix, but of course I don't recognize it from the game. Sounds kind of "house" at times, if that is a legitimate description. Not a whole lot of variety here, but worth a download if you like "Beastie Boys" style percussion.
  15. Golden Axe 'Death Adder Trance' djp treats Golden Axe's first stage with his trademark sound. Kind of sounds like those things where you pull the slider in and out and it changes pitch as the air volume increases/decreases. djp loves that kind of sound, and he applies it to most of the instruments in this mix. Not quite as energetic as I would have liked to have heard, but it gets the job done.
  16. Streets of Rage 'Wah-Wah' This is kind of weird. djp has added a fake guitar to the opening theme from Streets of Rage! Kind of hard to describe, you just have to hear it. I wouldn't classify this as one of djp's greatests, but there's not really too much I can bitch about. Except that I wish he'd do this tune again with his current sound setup, and make it techno... something requires to be turned up to 11.
  17. Space Harrier 'Disco' DJP is insane. This is the tune that got me interested in videogame music back in the day when I first got my Sega Master System. And now it's DISCO?????? Actually it's not that bad. If you are familiar with Space Harrier then this is probably an automatic download. Sounds like it is full of MP3 artifacts in the high frequencies, but I'm not sure if that's something DJP did when he made the song (high ends sounds wishy-washy and slurry). It varies up a bit in the middle, and that's pretty cool.
  18. Shinobi 'Shin Shuriken Jam' This has got to be my favorite of djp's early efforts. I like what he has done here. This is based off of the first stage music in the Sega Master System version of the game. Something to keep in mind is that EVERY SINGLE STAGE in the game had this exact same music, so djp could have easily called it "Shinobi - Last Stage" and it still would have worked (the arcade and PC Engine versions featured about 4 different themes, the arcade had completely different 1st stage music, which Rayza has arranged). This tune is featured in level 1-2 in the arcade... that's the stage with the pictures of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the brick wall. djp takes the theme and makes it jam. It doesn't follow the tune note for note, as he takes the time to make sure he adds just enough funk between the familiar notes. If you have played the game then you need to download this tune. And since you are reading this then you must have at least a moderate interest. Start downloading if you haven't already!
  19. Rolling Thunder 'El Salsa' I could never get into the music of Rolling Thunder. I tried, but it was never my groove. I heard the themes quite a bit, but they never stuck in my head. But djp has taken this and given it a Latin-esque sound, which comes off pretty well I think. Could use some reverb since it does sound kind of dry, but other than that it's not too shabby. Do keep in mind that this is an early djp effort, as a few instruments do sound a bit thin.
  20. Phantasy Star III 'Legacy' When there is an arrangement from Phantasy Star 3, this is the track that usually gets the attention. But that's because most people never get past the title screen, which this theme is based on. There is lots of other good music in PS3, don't get me wrong. Anyway djp has taken the title theme and made it sound like it would have if it ever came out for the Sega CD (re: nice and clean). Considering that this is one of djp's early efforts, it does impress. I'd love to see what he could do with this tune on his current hardware/software setup.
  21. OutRun 'Instant' For once the C64 music matches the other versions of the same game! Instant Remedy has taken the "Magical Sound Shower" music selection and upgraded to sound like the Miami Sound Machine or something similar. At points it does have a little bit of that NES style sound quality to it, but it's mixed in with the good stuff and works pretty well. If you like Out Run music, download this. If you don't like Out Run music, shoot yourself.
  22. Ghosts'n Goblins 'Trance Version' This is from the Commodore 64 version of Ghosts 'n Goblins, which had far superior music to the arcade, even if it wasn't the most appropriate for the game. This ReMix takes that music and basically makes it sound ten times better. Has bell sounds throughout to add a bit of a haunting feeling to it. I like that. Makes it seem to fit into the G&G world a little better. I like what Instant Remedy has done here.
  23. Ecco the Dolphin 'Dorsal Dub' This is a ReMix from the CARTRIDGE version of Ecco the Dolphin, which, in my opinion, did not have memorable music. It was very scratchy and almost irritating. The Sega CD version was fantastic, though. I am not too familiar with the "dub" genre (I think it means to copy something and lose quality in the process). djp captures the annoyance of the Genesis version's music here, only it doesn't sound scratchy. Not much of a melody, but if you listen close you CAN find one!
  24. Bonk's Adventure 'Prehistoric Xmas' This is the second piece of music I heard here at OC. This was created back in the old days of DJ Pretzel and Fresh Greens. Yes, djp used to be schizo and thought he was two different people, until he killed the Fresh Greens guy. Boy has djp come a long way since this. I don't quite get the "X-Mas" connection, but virtually every instrument warps and distorts as it plays. You can hear some potential here. I really like the second half of the song.
  25. Arkanoid '1999 (2000 Mix)' This is an arrangement from the Commodore 64 version of Arkanoid. Commodore 64 games often had original music that was nothing like their arcade counterparts. Encoded at 112 kbps, it does exhibit a few digital artifacts, but overall it is pleasant sounding and worth a listen. Techno-ish in nature, it holds your interest. Recommended, especially for C64 fans!
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