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    DJ Hero

    All I gotta say is DJ mutha****in Shadow.
  2. You could have caught it last year. I thought you liked it? Haha, someone is on Midol today.
  3. Definitely one of the best Moon theme remixes ever... if not the best.
  4. The song is pretty good, but the presentation was with the prom theme was awesome. Funny stuff. We need more remixers with a sense of humor.
  5. Though I may not have mixed this song down exactly the way he did, and it indeed could have been cut down just a tad, this one of the most original remixes on the site. The delayed piano is briliantly utiltized and it's quite amazing to see someone actually succeed in remixing this MM tune after so many have tried, with few succeeding. This is excellent work, and I hope he remixes more in the future.
  6. I don't know how people can say that it is the worst remix on Overclocked, that's a bit harsh. What about Vegita's Mega Man "remixes?" Overall, I liked it, although it is very repetitve.
  7. I like this remix, except by making the main riff so low and bassy (you can hardly hear it), you lose the natural progression of the tune, so it just sounds like the background beat and riff playing nonstop, which isn't very exciting. Why did you put the main riff so low end? It sounds awkward.
  8. Mybe I'm a little late with this review, but I think this remix really recreates that energy from the game intro. Granted, the intro has been done quite a bit, but the refrain from the start is more punchy and energized than any I've heard so far. Great job.
  9. AMAZINGLY DYNAMIC!! The hook at the beginning is insanely powerful, and the three X levels are superbly done! Fantastic job!
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