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  1. nice...cool remix of the theme. guitar hits a little strong and the beats sound a little poppy, but its still good. wow, that 2:10 is what i like, i was going to say it was missing something but damn, just what the doctor ordered. you know this probably could sound something off of trigun with the right instruments....i guess because i just got done watching the show....but really cool. nice work!
  2. excellent, its about time this got posted on ocr. I remember downloading this a long ass time ago along with ark's killer instinct mix. i suggested to my brother to use the killer instinct next time he goes to a swim meet cause his team is the wolves....anyway back to the mix. i gues its the same version that i downloaded and i still have the problem with the lyrics 'can't beat the beat' where it sounds like there is a really really high pitched noise. but other than that this is an excellent mix and should have been posted a long time ago.
  3. wow! this is good, auron's theme and the sending theme. nice, this was definetly a sad part of the game the first time i played. but i won't say because of the spoiler. this is beautiful man.
  4. wow, sounds like someone playing hunter's theme on a piano with a lot of umph. sounds like someone is almost banging the thing and the theme is somehow coincidence. but damn that's pretty good playing.
  5. i thought this one was already on OCR...i downloaded the WIP a long time ago and have been enjoying this very much. better grab the official OCR version cause it could be different (wouldn't know why the song was totally badass when it was still a work in progress). I think the vocals really make the song sound great, even though they are the original they don't sound like they are. they add the OWA part to it because if they weren't there it just wouldn't be right
  6. what theme is this one? is it seto's theme? it really sounds nice the only thing i got against it is the long silence at the beginning. this part in the game was really sad when i played through it the second time because i understood what was going on and what they were talking about. defenetly a cool little piece.
  7. ditto, this has been a lot to follow, i notice a lot of differences from the original and this is just pure gold not to be on OCR. i had a hard time figuring out the newer versions and the changes made but this piece is really bad ass. when i get the speakers from my basement into my dorm i'll blast this one real loud along with a couple of other FF mixes until the cops come and yell at me...but congrats anyway
  8. why is it i think of mozart or bethoven or some 1700s party. this is really cool sounding, a classical hit from zelda. nice!
  9. scuzzy? this is soo "Those Chosen by the Planet" and it totally kicks ass! after listening to it a bunch of times it really gets better and better. When i first listened to it i got the ff7 right off (of course its the underlying theme throughout the whole song) i figured the second had to be ff8 but i didn't know what it was til i read the post, i'm a huge fan of the kuja theme and you used it well, nice, dark, and very scary, and finally i love terra's theme from ff6, i didn't even know what the theme was, i've been trying to play ff6 for the first time (don't shoot don't shoot) and i've grown to love this theme and you really did a good job with it. nice mix althogether, maybe your next one should focus on the Terra part and work with that into a longer even greater mix cause its got potential
  10. I only had the gameboy MM3, which had dustman in it. That was the hardest gameboy level for the longest time, it took forever to get far, then the crushing ceilings weren't fun at all, needless to say i still enjoyed the level cause the music was great, but this is something really great. If only the old old gameboy could have packed this much into it i'd just sit in the first area listening to this
  11. I like this one, its good except the distorted piano solo in the beginning was a little off...the distorted in the beginning was bad, although throughout the song when it was accompanied with the other music it sounded alright. the distorted piano reminded me of my old old gameboy when i got gunk in its little speaker and the sound came out distorted like that. but i enjoyed the mix and i listened to your other one too and it was really good, but i don't know what the original sounded like so i can't tell how much better it was.
  12. I like this alot now i just got to check out the chozo site and figure out how to download this collection i saw
  13. This is so going into my Morrowind directory to play while i'm playing the game, any other remixes you want to add? that would be great to substitute into the game? great mix thanks
  14. oh i like this, this is a great mix, it definetly sounds like trigun music at the beginning, you sure you didn't steal their OST? cool mix definetly one for my collection
  15. this is great, although the high's around 2:25 are really hard on the ears, but maybe i've been working to hard today, i loved this theme from the game, i used to go to the one area where the it could be heard right before you went to the swamp grotto just to hear the theme, great mix
  16. beautiful man, what are you going to do with part II to sound this good? I love it, keep it up
  17. well other than having to turn it way up to hear, it was pretty good, almost sounds like you recorded this and left pink floyd on in the background around the beginning of the mix. i liked it but its real hard to pick the melody out right away. but i gotta say the guitar sounded cool, great job
  18. this is great, light and flakey, that it is, really sounds cool good mix altogether, i like how it changes around the 3 min mark, oh that sounds great, hell i'm listening to it now as i write this, excellent
  19. damn that rocks, I like it, mellow and cool. really good A++
  20. wow, i tried to hear it in newspaper class but the room was too noisy, then i got home and downloaded it but forgot about it and finally got to listen to it today. i notmally don't listen to much CT remix because almost all of them are Schala's theme and that got old real quick. i can invision a lot of different story ending battles to this, although like the board said, the ending needs a little more. but i like it none-the-less, excellent remix
  21. nice nice, a 7 out of 10 (no pun intended). it took me a little time to figure out what it was, the first time i thought the long beat at the beginning was a part of sephiroths madness, but then it got to melody and it really lost me, then i saw it was a remix of "it's difficult to stand on both feet, isn't it?" i had to dig through my archive of FFVII midis to find it and pick out where the melody is. i like the melody section but the beginning was a little blah...drum line is good but got a little boring, i still like it though, keep up the good work beatdrop
  22. definetly an outthere kinda remix but i like it. really gives you a space feeling. great mix, i've just gotten a chance to comment about it since i left, this makes three that i know for city of ancients and it is number 2 on my list, thanks and have a nice day
  23. This is a great remix, i love the open with the teleport sound remixed, that was awesome, then it goes everywhere throughout the whole thing, only one or two themes i've heard done before in other remixes but sounds much cooler in this version, then it goes into some classic metroid at the end. killer, i'll be listening to this one for a while, it'll be on the next CD of remixes i do. I have one question though, my real one says it is a 12 min track but it only plays about 7 mins. how do i change that or where can i get a version that doesn't do that (without downloading a 74mb file that won't fit on my machine anyway)? great remix, keep up the good work
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