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  1. (For those new to Tim's amazing music, check out the list of his Video game soundtracks on Wikipedia.) Tim Follin, one of my favorite video game composers EVER, is running a crowd-funding campaign for his HTML5 game called Contradiction. His game idea is interesting, he's doing the music himself, and he needs pledges to help make it happen! Seriously, look at some of the games he's composed music for over three decades: 1. Bubble Bobble 2. Bionic Commando 3. Ghouls 'n Ghosts 4. Silver Surfer 5. Indiana Jones 6. Gauntlet 7. Spider-Man 9. Batman & Robin 9. Bust-a-Move 10. Ecco the Dolphin He's especially known for doing and composing . If you want to hear even more about what Tim's long-spanning and impressive career, I also did a podcast interview with him.
  2. Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one.
  3. I wanna get Crypt Run all up in this! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/richtaur/crypt-run-death-is-just-the-beginning Music composed by OCR's own Joshua Morse!
  4. Wow us too! We just did a podcast where we talked about the OST -- here's the section where we talk about Sewers haha. So yeah I made the game. It's available for free on these platforms: iPad Android tablets Chrome Web Store OS X Or you can just play in your browser (if it's a good browser) If anyone has any questions or anything feel free to PM me.
  5. This album gets better with every listen. I especially love Elec Man and Spark Man. So good!
  6. This is a classic in my book. Crazy good work!
  7. Just wanted to say I really love this song. Reminds me of Genesis (the band, not the console). Really good stuff!
  8. Quick reviews, gonna try to not look at who made them or anything and just write my first honest thoughts while listening: The Path to Glory ~Theme of Bartz~ This is fun! Sounds like a terrific Dwelling of Duels entry. Excellent guitars and synths, impressive solos. High quality stuff, I dig it! Edge of Valor ~Theme of Knight~ Slow start; samples aren't bad. I hope this picks up. It's pretty quiet. Very abrupt transition. Ending is pretty cool but otherwise a bit dull for me personally. Gentle Fist ~Theme of Monk~ Really uninteresting, sorry. Very repetitive, poor quality samples, drowned in reverb, percussion is dull and arrangement is uninspired. A Healer's Touch ~Theme of White Mage~ Nice guitars. Love the FF piano theme in the background. Lost my interest about halfway through, though it's probably pretty cool if you dig folky/minimalist songs. In the Shadows ~Theme of Thief~ Cool synths. Ooh, when the percussion and bass come in this makes some pretty interesting sounds. Could have done more with the percussion. Overall some very interesting sounds here, pretty cool. Little Black Book ~Theme of Black Mage~ One minute in and it hasn't done anything yet. Ton of reverb in this too. That choir sample is persistent and isn't great. Piano arrangement is fun. Mix is very quiet and doesn't go anywhere. Lore of the Ancients ~Theme of Blue Mage~ Opening synth has some poppy noise going on, sounds unintentional. Reminds me of one of the FF4 remixes I liked a lot (same lead synth I think). But this is less playful. Some really cool sounds in here though, not bad! Vessel of the Void ~Theme of Exdeath~ Interesting opening. Loving the retro sounds. Whoa, this really picks up! Guitars don't quite have the impact they should is my only complaint. Overall very solid, probably my favorite track on the project. See You Next Time ~WIND~ That pan flute or whatever sounds very nice. Way too much reverb, had to turn down the volume. Main theme in the background is cool. Choir sample sounds familiar ... wow that was short. Anyway, there you are, quick 'n dirty. Thanks for putting the project together!
  9. Hi! I'm a professional programmer (but amateur game developer) looking to collaborate with passionate graphic artists on some game projects for fun and hopefully someday profit. I've worked with many designers before, and I'm primarily looking for pixel artists with excellent communication and availability. Getting close to shipping a web and mobile game, and have another sprite-based (medieval fantasy) game in the mix as well. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  10. I didn't think it was possible but this whole project made me love Josh even more. And this is probably my favorite track, next to Madd Forest of course.
  11. I doubt anybody remembers, but I made Jake and David hug at MAGFest 4!
  12. Larry, I question your yes's and I question your no's. Just sayin'! Concur'd'ed'd'ed'd!
  13. Tight arrangement, implemented with admirable skill. Love the variations throughout, keeps a nice pace without getting dull. Good stuff!
  14. Sorry, I thought it was bland and forgetful. Some of the samples are noticeably bad and the dynamics are a bit harsh. Uninspired, not for me.
  15. Wish I coulda made it. Have fun guys!
  16. Raptr tracks browser-based games, particularly really common games like flash games on Kongregate. If there's a game missing from the database it won't get tracked. You can add games yourself to the database or ping me and it'll get added
  17. Have you been running the client? It might seem redundant to have both open, but if you want your PC gameplay tracked on Raptr, you need to run the Raptr client. The trophies should work either way since we can get that anytime via the interwebz.
  18. This is an instant classic to me. As of this writing it's got 16 plays in iTunes, and that doesn't count the plays in my car and browser and bla bla. If I keep typing I'll just gush about it, babbling about how much I love it. Let's just say it's one of my favorite remixes out of the thousands I've heard and leave it at that AMAZING WORK!
  19. Seriously? Dude I would LOVE to know how much I used to play Bomberman, Phantasy Star, Zelda ... all those games from when I was a kid. And nowadays I'd never know I've played L4D for 100+ hours without Raptr telling me. So the whole point is that Raptr uses this data to recommend other games you would probably like but maybe hadn't heard about based on your data. And it tells you what your friends are playing (that's how I found about Plants VS Zombies).
  20. Well, I play L4D on 360, which is one of Raptr's benefits over Steam/Xfire: it's multi-platform. It automatically tracks gameplay across 360, PC and Mac. You can also track other consoles/platforms manually (not as convenient but the option is there). It is a lot like Xfire, yes, which isn't surprising because it was founded by the guy who founded Xfire (Dennis Fong/thresh). Raptr does multi-protocol IM, though, which is handy if you have multiple accounts you use.
  21. On TechCrunch this morning: Raptr’s New Chat Client Helps Friends Get Their Game On Whether you're interested in the multi-protocol IM client or not, you should still check out Raptr because of its game tracking capabilities (see my sig for an example). To me, it's very cool to know what games you've been playing and how long you've played them. Like, Oblivion tracks my time for me but I was quite surprised to see that I've put 100+ hours into Left 4 Dead. Anyway, sorry if this seems spammy, but I honestly wouldn't post this here if I didn't think the OCR gamers would be genuinely interested. Game on!
  22. The source material is very dear to my heart (I've played through every version of this game, some multiple times), and I'm already a grumpy old man, so forgive me if I'm overly brutal. Anyway, here are my (terse) reviews: Full of Courage Sample quality is pretty good. Nice and loud for an orchestral piece, that's usually a problem but not here. Transitions are pretty abrupt. Sounds almost like a "how many themes can you fit into 4:46?" contest entry. Just enough time to recognize the theme, then move on. The Might of Baron Out of guitars, orchestral and chiptune sounds, I usually only like 2/3 being used, not all 3 together. Sounds messy otherwise. That said, the guitars are really prominent and enjoyable. It's a busy song without sounded too cluttered. Starting around 3:00, the sample quality is pretty low, and the transitions into new themes is again very abrupt. Lead guitar gets buried under the rhythm in the later part of the song. Ending is really sloppy, feels rushed. Tellah's Prophecy They sound good separately, but not digging the string lead with the otherwise very cool synthy sounds. Given that it's a medley, it doesn't sound like it changes much except for throwing the various themes in. Pretty enjoyable though! Journey to Solace Again, not a fan of heavy synth with orchestral sounds. This is a really dull song, very unventful with uninteresting sound choices. 2:35 is an awkward transition, feels clumsy. And the second half is pretty verbatim. Not a fan of this one. Prologue Really enjoying the bright synth sounds. The first lead is a little cheesy. Gets really fun around 1:05. Haha Balloons wtf?? The other themes thrown in made me smile. Reminds of of a Sonic ending theme or something. Good times! Read the Sine Chris is obviously very talented but I've never cared for the squealy synth sounds he likes to use. This has some really interesting sounds though. The Skies Hold No Angels for Us Holy shit epic, you guys nailed this. Gets weird in the middle … Still good though. Golbez 'n Goblins As amazing as usual from bLiNd! Even love the title. This guy's good That's as far as I got. Hopefully more later! I left out some of the songs between because I had nothing positive to say about them. I feel that a lot of these should have been cut instead of dumping out 50+ songs, that's really excessive IMO. Again, sorry if I'm a bit harsh. Hope you guys don't mind some (sometimes) constructive critism
  23. I approve! I for one would even pay for it (but I seriously doubt they would charge). They opened up the developer tools so at least PC players can create their own levels. If they make this possible for 360 somehow too I would be extremely happy.
  24. I'm a HUGE fan of Left 4 Dead so I was absolutely thrilled when they announced it. A friend of mine got to play it at E3, I'm so fuggin' jealous I've already asked off for two days from work to play the fucking shitballs out of it for what'll be as close to 48 hours straight as humanly possible. Seriously tho you pussies that are all HURR BOYCOTT are more than welcome to not buy the game, but you should (1) stfu (2) realize that you're missing out on good zombie-killing times.
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