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  1. Hey did you guys notice Drill Dozer? She's an assist character that appears in the movie that takes place in the Fire Emblem stage if you pay real close attention. EDIT:
  2. Thats the point. Whats a bit spooky is I find it hard to believe whoever designed this toy was dense enough to not see what it looked like.
  3. Its sad to say but becoming a part of a larger corperation seems to be the only real way for the smaller studios to survive at this point. It seems like an inevitability, though I don't like the idea of it anymore than anyone else here.
  4. He has to have out of date N64 graphics.
  5. I am so glad to see that individual character intros are back for sure.
  6. I still hope when Captain Falcon is finally revealed that his Final Smash will look something like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFtw7qW7Vcw
  7. Well Cloud is more synonymous with Sony than any other FF lead I think, but then again years ago I would have said that Solid Snake is more synomyous with Sony than anything too and yet here we are with Snake breaking Mario necks. I mean yeah, there was the classic Metal Gear game but Snake's true origins were really the MSX. Then there's Twin Snakes as a technicality, but here we are with the Metal Gear references in SSBB already showing things like an MGS4 song, and Metal Gear Ray that directly point to games that only appear on a Sony console. So really at this point anything goes, its made it very exciting. Still though...at least Snake does have Twin Snakes and Metal Gear. Cloud would have the most techicality based appearance on a Nintendo console (Chain of Memories) that it'd almost seem a little cheap to me. I mean if it happened of course there'd be some insanity but it still seems like more of a stretch than anything else. The problem with FF is that there's no real eternal, overall "representing character" aside from commonly seen jobs, and even the Cids are all different. Maybe though...-if- we have to have an FF character in there, how about the Light Warriors as a character? Like...literally a transforming character where you can switch between 4-6 of the jobs, all with distinct strengths and weaknesses? Or maybe like how they're doing it in that FF fighting game, by making the Warrior of Light an algamation of everything in FF1? Do a switch move to change the moveset to Fighter Mode, Thief Mode, Black Mage Mode etc. Or maybe have the new Tactics Advance2 lead with a similar ability. I could certainly see that. I think no matter what including the series' trademark alternate jobs in some way would be essential, nothing would really represent the series better than that. Theoretically.
  8. Yeah thats what I can't make sense of, why disinclude a file type or give it the short end of the stick...just because? It makes no sense whatsoever even with the "Gif isn't widely supported" bullshit reason. They're programmers, they can't actually be that stupid so it does seem like bias or some sort of bizzare motive. Although I'm no stranger to the fact even the smartest people in the world can sometimes be the dumbest too. I dunno, maybe animated gifs raped their moms or something.
  9. I expected nothing, but I didn't put it past them either. Even Irfan still loads music files as well as pictures, I miss the old viewer's ultra simplicity but I'll get used to it. By the way on the subject of browsers, has there been any particular issues with using Firefox on Vista reported yet? I haven't put it in yet.
  10. The original Sonic the Hedgehog game used only one button. I think its simple yet exhilarating play was its virtue. And given that this game’s controls are also simple, I think it personifies his distinct characteristics. Thats awesome. I'm totally digging the mentality they have with him in this, keeping him simple. Although I fear his speed combined with his ease of play is gearing up to make him destined to just become a dominating force in this game.
  11. I can't believe the people who made Windows Photo Gallery Viewer didn't make it possible for it to view animated gifs, just because supposedly the gif format isn't "widespread in use". Last I checked a great deal of the internet still uses animated gifs and the gif format in general, how foolish. You can open them in Explorer, one at a time, but a picture viewer is supposed to be about ease of use and convenience when looking through images. I know its a little thing but its a bit aggrevating. Makes me want the old Picture and Fax Viewer back. Is there some sort of similar alternative picture viewer program I could get? Edit: Bleh nevermind, got Irfan. Still stupid of them though.
  12. No one's sure yet but I do hope its a port with extras. Super Star -is- Kirby. Everything else in that series before and after was just a sideorder. Really, the series has never been able to top SuperStar in my opinion.
  13. I know its improbable (I'll never say impossible with this game at this point though.) but another nostalgia bomb-shell along with those guys would be Ryu Hayabusa. He's synonymous with X-Box now but come on...who's memory of the 8 to 16 bit era doesn't have the old Ninja Gaiden games highly regarded? And Vic Viper as an assist trophy.
  14. I wouldn't worry. I find it hard to believe they'd put the Ice Climbers back in, and put Samurai Goroh in as an assist trophy, but not Captain Falcon.
  15. I just hope his stage has a cool rearrange of a classic Sonic stage song, like the good old Green Hill, something from Sonic CD, or a medley... ...and not the in this WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRLD stuff.
  16. Yes indeed. lol But hey better than nothing right?
  17. Even if you hate the Sonic character himself though its still a pretty nice treat because its a clash 18 years in the making almost. I think its a good thing. And hey..Sonic gets to be in a new game thats good.
  18. Dude...I saw this coming a mile away, but the shock is still there. We've already seen Sonic and Mario in one thing with that silly Olympics game but you know...this is just so different. Its like video games as a whole, for all we've known it for all these years just divided by zero a little.
  19. Its like, one of Moe's phrases but interestingly I think almost every character Azaria voices has done the Whaaaa at least once. I remember Comic Book Guy, Wiggum, and Apu all doing it at least once. Kind of amusing. Things that make me go whaaa....thats actually a tough question because there's so much to choose from I go blank. Since we're on the subject of Simpsons, one recent Whaaa is when some douchebag from Rockstar games made a formal complaint recently to EA over something having to do with the GTA spoof level in the new game, I'm not sure if its some detail or the entire level but something has to be removed from it because of that. Its whaaa...because its Rockstar. Doesn't it seem like pretty obviously bad face for them when a studio thats built itself a reputation for pushing sensitivities and being generally the center of controversies and stuff...threatens legal action on an incredibly harmless spoof in a Simpsons game of all things. It just makes no sense to me whatsoever. Whats to gain? The level in the Simpsons game isn't exactly going to destroy GTA's success, there's no real money to be made from it, there's no damages that have been done. Every fathomably professional reason I can think of for them to do that just goes back to...whaaa. All it does is make the studio look prickish, and I don't know if thats what they want but maybe I'm wrong. ...in fact a lot of my Whaa's are mind boggling legal action, like this crazy mother my best friend's family knows who's suing a skating rink because her daughter skinned her knee when falling. I'm not joking, bitch is crazy.
  20. I recently bought a very powerful new labtop, top of the line. It came with Vista, they all do pretty much now. Its my first time with it. Its a little intimidating I have to admit. Its like...the same but different. I'm still going to keep my only slightly older labtop (that I'm using now in fact) on XP. Its got 2046 MB of RAM so its more than capable of handling it, but I'm curious... ...you guys saying some things don't work with it or refuse to, is there anything prominent specifically? Would you mind maybe naming some things you've had difficulty integrating into it?
  21. I don't think so. Maybe you just like the idea of having tangible "cred" of some sort to take around the game center.
  22. Indeed. Sonic is really a lot more possible than many think now, he was certainly more possible than Solid Snake before this. Imagine if that bombshell hit after the game was released.
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