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  1. Its been awhile since I last posted in these forums (for no particular reason really) but this definately is something that has come to my close attention to make an appearance. The remixer collab involved with so many tracks in this awesome soundtrack makes my mouth water. I look forward to the next 6 months for sure! Peace!
  2. Freemind said it best "revolutionary" Gray is really evolving right now as one of the elite mixers on this site and this mix is no exception! Wow its got everything it seems a real nice ethnic atmospheric feel and a very nice touch on the voice sampling you have going on in this. I think its great that the drums dont overpower it they are done really nicely I noticed that right off the bat. This I am sure is only the start of his creativity and I am so looking forward to all future mixes. Great job and very nice work Gray!
  3. Oh I love Collabs they are always great to listen to in my mind because they add the style of more than one artist. But anyways about the song which has always been one of my favorites. The ambient water sounds are a very nice touch reminds me of wingless's SOM Water Palace theme he did way back. I think Gray, DarkPrinceLuca, Israfel and freemind did a great job on this and definately would like to see them get together and produce another fine mix.
  4. I really dig this mix.....very calming, ambient and slow. I dont see why the judges were less positive about this, its a nice change of pace for music normally heard here. Definately recommended this mix for all those who want a great tune to just sit back and relax to.
  5. Excellent orchestral arrangement from the site newcomer Jeremy Robson but to me he isnt a newbie I have heard much of his work years ago it seemed. He has done many other excellent FF arrangements most notably FF6's locke's and sabin's themes in the exact same kind of epic style as this one and also a FF megamix of various themes which is on his mp3.com site that is sure to please all you orchestral lovers out there.
  6. This definately caught my attention not too repetative and a very nice choice of instruments used in this arrangement. Overall very nice work and definately worth a listen or two.
  7. Holy shit this is some pretty sweet tunage silent I didnt expect anyone to pull off something like this before!!. Awesome job on the vocals and guitar work definately one of the most unique remixes on this site by far! Hope to hear more from you in the future!
  8. Wow just got back from camping and I am thrilled to finally see your Shevat mix up. If I havent said it enough I will say it again definately one of your finest works Gray. Very smooth, great atomosphere and use of instruments what is there not to like in this? its all good in my mind.
  9. Great take on da famous Kefka theme definately one I shall remember for a long time. This one kinda brings an image of him actually running his own carnival with circus freaks (him included) and magic tricks. Crazy yet very creative job you've done here Noppz
  10. Yeah this is totally one of my favorite CT mixes all the way back when I first heard it on vgmix and definately deserves to be recognized here aswell. Beautifully done in very much the same style as AE, so more of a reason why I cant wait to hear more from j:/drive in the future!!!
  11. I thought this was a pretty cool take on the theme that actually hasnt been covered by anyone except virt in my mind. I thought waxingeloquent did a good job of not making it sound so repetative as when I remember him working on it earlier was. So great job man I hope to see the other 3 parts to complete this masterpiece up on OC in the future.
  12. I really enjoyed your guys take on this theme I first heard this way back on vgmix before it went down it sounds very epic much like something you would hear from the soundtrack of LOTR. I especially liked the unique vocals you guys added to this piece it makes it stand out very uniquely. As for the instruments "not" sounding totally real maybe for someone like Russell its a problem its just personal preference thats all but you know it doesnt take away anything from the works you have done MD I absolutely loved all the remixes you did and do look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
  13. Micheal you are da man! Seriously you know I have always loved your masterpeices back on vgmix and I always wondered when it would make its appearances here on OC because I knew without a doubt you would be put here with some of the best artists to date. I throughly enjoyed your takes on FF7 One Winged Angel, FF6 Veldt, LOZ3 Church just to name a few off the top of my head. I sure hope to hear those also on OC in the near future because they rock! Once again great job hope to hear more from you in the future
  14. Mustin is right dont give up on your music, I think your very talented and I very much enjoyed your take on the summer sky tune. So dont be discouraged by any means because none of us are perfect and I can see greatness in you so just keep it up and I shall very much look forward to your next mix.
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