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  1. As already said, sparse in some areas. It's a good start but you need some more filler imo. I just listen though...don't have any suggestions on the method really.
  2. i think this kicks ass.....falsetto does not seem horrible to my ears. Very badass. I never really became bored at any part of the song. Thought it flowed quite well.
  3. I never did play power stone 2, but the first one seemed decent. As well as Slave zero....but maybe I was young and impressionable at the time.
  4. Agree with the vocals. I never feel that the song is boring really. Good work imo...little tweaking and it'll be better. As is I would still listen to it.
  5. i like it, especially when the piano comes in with the main piece of the melody. The other instruments sound a little distant, and might need some filler or maybe something remixed? I think it's good though.
  6. yea, sounds a bit emotionless. Sort of like Nanaki - Sim city edition. No offense though..just what I get from it.
  7. Lyrics are needed badly for this. Once that is done...this will be super awesome amazing.
  8. Indeed, by non-musical mook I did mean myself. As for the occasional post on the forum....I always follow the site and spread news about new projects and tell all my friends about this place. I have been an avid fan of all of the works of all of the artists on here. There is more to being a fan than a post count. But respect is something I am less worried about...it was simply being told off that bothered me. But all is forgiven and understood now, so no hard feelings. Thanks for posting that other mix of savior...it's pretty sweet. Now to find the vocalist to pull it off.
  9. Don't wanna start a giant flamewar here, but that was rude. I'm easily 5 years your senior when it comes to being around here, even if I am not a regular. Also I don't think there is a level of music knowledge required to participate in a wip thread. Anyway...I like your mix so far. Please finish it.
  10. very non-musical mook right here....but I gotta say... don't give up on this mix. This is needed. Maxim was the man..
  11. Whole thing is great. I just recently finished playing FFXII and this remix reminds me of a few of the tunes on there. Probably just due to the orchestration, but that is a compliment. Also agree on the batman ending, lol
  12. Rest in peace my friend. Your work has inspired many people, and you will not be forgotten.
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