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  1. A perfect take on a perfect track. Loved the little background FX samples too. Made the atmosphere all-encompassing. Great stuff.
  2. Absolutely loving the detuned lead synth on this mix. Simultaneously upbeat and gritty at the same time. What a fun interpretation!
  3. Vibrate in unity with the 528hz Solfeggio frequency of Love while listening to one hour of resonant clownhorns. Enlightenment awaits.
  4. This 528Hz impure tone mashup is my Magnum Opus. Only one hour of 528Hz pure tone clownhorns can top this masterpiece.
  5. The intro and subsequent sections have a vibe kinda like the factory theme song from Super Mario RPG: LotSS Loving it. Great stuff!
  6. Oh man, you gotta add Famisynth to the list! Not only is it 8-bit heaven, it's 100% free. http://mu-station.chillout.jp/plugins/FAMISYNTH-II/index.html
  7. “Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.” Frank Herbert, Dune 1965.
  8. (Full disclosure, I've been studying and playing music for nearly 30 years and producing for fun for half of that, and I've never even once used a loop or sample in my tracks, let alone AI generation) You're not wrong in that "if it's good, then good". That's how art is and I'm 100% in agreement that if the music sounds good, it's good. The problem I have (and others have) with AI is twofold: 1. With generative AI, it's just a matter of time before AI algorithms utilize AI generation to self-produce "music" without human prompting. This "music" will then flood the internet faster and farther than any human could possibly produce, even with an army of spambots at their disposal. Who is going to filter all of the crap from the good stuff if the crap is self-replicating? Even today, with more humans than ever before producing good music (and total garbage) with human hands, there is still an upper limit, a human limit, on the amount of material that is produced on a daily basis. When the streaming sites/algorithms start self-producing AI music, everything made by human hands, good and garbage alike, will be drowned out forever with AI-regurgitated tonal spam. And as a side note, it also completely undermines the concept of commissioning artwork. Why pay someone and wait when you can get something "good enough" with auto fill? A real bummer for those who rely on commissions to make ends meet. When people talk about "AI stealing their livelihoods", it's a legitimate concern. If the amount of material exceeds the amount of time that every human on earth can dedicate to listening, then of course people will never be exposed to "genuine" and "original" music. It's just a numbers game at that point and whichever AI can produce the biggest number of tracks and capture the largest audience will win, even if the AI generated "music" is just a non-original rehash of the material it was trained on. AI music is essentially a race to the bottom and do you really want to spend your limited time as a conscious being consuming the lowest quality non-original art? If you do, that's all fine and well, but it will also financially reward and therefore promote AI music above and beyond human artists because AI doesn't cost anything more than a little bit of electricity. With the profit incentive in place, human artists will be further disincentivized to pursue their craft and will inevitably be priced out of the game even if they can manage to catch a handful of fans. I'm fine with AI replacing monotonous labor in a factory. I'm NOT fine with AI replacing human artists. It's simply too 1984 for my tastes. 2. The current AI models like SunoAI are only able to generate convincing "music" because they were trained on material without the consent of the creating artists which is a violation of copyright law. I'm not a lawyer, but I guarantee you that SunoAI will get sued into oblivion in relatively short order, or at least ordered to retrain their model on material that has no copyright (classical music, free licensed music, etc). It's really a slap in the face of the artists and there will be some form of retaliation in response. In the meanwhile, I'm sure that there will be legions of "influencers" punching generate on whatever AI model is the flavor of the week and advertising themselves as "musicians" to their subscriber base even though they have zero talent or skill simply because the models produce music that is "good". Do you really want an entire generation of "artists" clicking ctrl+A -> Generative Fill? Is a future devoid of original thought and creativity in art really the future we deserve? That's not to say that AI doesn't have its place in music production! For example, I came across this Ocarina of Time in the NES soundfont and while it sounds "good" and it's cool and I like it and it's music and, and, and... There's nothing original in the notes playing or were there notable changes to the soundfonts used. It probably took some time to produce but it doesn't require musical skill, just monotonous button pushing until the desired result is compiled. AI could easily reduce the monotony of rehashing midi files (or generating them from a track wholesale) with new sounds and I don't see any issue with that because it's simply improving the productivity of a producer as long as credit is given to the original artists (and in this case it was). Anyway, just my 0.02. I'm not opposed to the tech, but I am opposed to people using the tech to steal from artists and fill the world with spam.
  9. Thanks for the clarification, I should read the announcements sometime, hah. I don't think there is any form of reverse search for AI generated audio yet. I played with with the Red Brinstar theme some more and fed a few results from one model into a different model and used a mic with some filters to record back into another model to give a new result and... yeah there's some steps involved but none of it requires any form of musical skill or theory. I was just clicking buttons on a browser and waiting for it to compile, and after about an hour of playing around I got the source material notation to play in a specific "genre" and it sounded "good". It's pretty scary, all things considered. If you take a few extra steps to obfuscate the AI generation, at what point is it "authentic" music (or impossible to tell otherwise), at what point is it just "sampling", at what point is it...?
  10. Howdy OCR. If you haven't played with SunoAI or at least heard of it, it's a gamechanger! However, please don't assume that when I say it's a "gamechanger" that it's changing the game for the better. A quick example: I generated these four "Super Metroid Remixes" in less than 5 minutes with just a couple of genre tags and the "problem" is that they're actually "good" for the most part. The first two even auto-generated a fitting title without any input using only the prompt "supermetroid redbrinstar remix". Shadows of Zebes - Iteration 1 Shadows of Zebes - Iteration 2 Sample Ambient Track - Iteration 1 Sample Ambient Track - Iteration 2 *links removed to follow forum policy, play with the AI yourself* Of course, the bitrate is low, and the tracks abruptly cut off, and there's occasionally some unwarranted dissonance and, and, and... all of that will get refined within a few short months to the point where AI generated music is indistinguishable from human created music. I personally think that this is largely due to SunoAI unlawfully using the music of countless artists to train their model and I can only assume that they will get sued eventually, but the genie is out of the bottle regardless. What does OCR think of AI generated music and what mechanisms (if any) does it intend to put into place to ensure that submitted tracks are written/built/performed by human hands? I guarantee you that with a couple of beers and a lazy afternoon that I could generate a track that meets all the submission standards and is comparable in quality to the "genuine" music produced and posted here which scares the shit out of me, if I can be frank about it. Any thoughts?
  11. Oshit it's dj carbunk1e! I had your tales of phantasia thor remix on repeat on my summer workout playlist some 20 years ago, haha. Good stuff! The idea of this track is that someone wakes up to their alarm clock on turbo mode and they have a total mental breakdown from having to wake up to the same obnoxious sound every day of their wretched life so they can waste their existence grinding away at a soul sucking job. So today, they make a very rational decision to pull out a gun to shoot their clock but miss every shot and have to deal with the ear-splitting repercussions of their insomanical actions as the alarm clock continues to taunt them while they're half-deaf until they finally kill it with the final bullet (Inspired by the first release of the Turok comic but with a gun instead of an ax, lol). The main "synth" in my track is the 808 cowbell sample. I was really minimalist on this track and besides a sax synth most everything is just FL drumkit samples. Not sure how much more range I can get out of a cowbell but you were right in the comparison that it's lacking midrange umph. Maybe some more EQ with reverb could pull it off? Also, I doubt I tuned any of the drums. That's something I totally neglected. Thanks for the reminder. The extreme rapid panning on some of the samples is deliberate and I made automation pulse waves that more or less matched the waveforms of the samples that were panning to make the listener feel somewhat disoriented while the main track continued unchanged (gotta take any excuse I can get to deliberately screw with people cause that was the whole point of the original LISA game, lol). I don't think the main drums and percussion moves much in the stereo field though, I'll have to doublecheck. The idea for a rumble in the beginning is fire, I'll have to take your advice on that. Thanks for the inspiration! I've been living under a rock for the last decade and a half, so I don't have a discord let alone even know what it is but maybe I'll get with the times and check into it. Thanks again for the input!
  12. Thank you! It's an obscure game with an even more obscure soundtrack but you can find the full OST here: p.s. if you happen to find the original vinyl release of the soundtrack, be sure to buy it. It's worth it's weight in gold (no joke).
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