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    I'm a full-time teacher as well as a part-time bladesmith. I've been welding since 2008 and forging since 2010. Currently, I'm focused on blades and other edged tools but I've recently started forging some ornamental ironwork as well. In particular, I'm branching off into functional video-game replicas and the like and fulfilling my childhood dreams of smashing shit with big fucking swords.
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  1. After requesting a name change, it seems as though I lost the bulk of my post count. Not sure if that's just a side effect of having my name changed and I don't really mind either way (original username = SILVERWOLF) Additionally, I can't seem to access my user control panel. Gives the error: Error code: 2S100/6
  2. Thanks for the reply! I used to know a lot about the latest tech, but that was 6 years ago Any thoughts on a good CPU/MB combo that gives me what I need? I was originally planning to go with AMD, but I'm leaning more towards Intel now that I read what they've been doing lately. I also was thinking of going with a SSD to install my OS and FL Studio on, and then using a standard HD for all the files and crap we need to store. I've never worked with SSD's before, so any thoughts there? As for RAM, I'm hoping to get 16gb in this build. Is that overkill??
  3. Hey All, I'm doing a music production directed study with two of my students and we've been working on building a decent studio. So far we have everything we need for audio production (mixer, monitors, microphones, keyboards, drumpads, etc) but the computer we have been using is pretty much worthless for audio production at this point since it's over 7 years old and struggles greatly with FL Studio. I can get funding for $500, maybe $600, of new computer hardware and I don't need a soundcard since we already have an M-Audio Delta AP 192. We've got an awesome dual-monitor setup too and all the normal peripherals are taken care of. Any recommendations on a decently priced and no-nonsense build that is strictly for audio production? Any CPU/MB combos that work particularly well? Am I overlooking anything important?
  4. One of the things we'd like to do is use both a laptop and a desktop for our production, and the advantage of going external for our soundcard/whatever is that added level of versatility. Any recommendations for mixing gear that would work for that purpose in the $300 range? The old m-audio card doesn't have new drivers or support unfortunately.
  5. Hey All, I'm looking to help one of my students rebuild their music-production rig and one component that is sorely lacking is a dedicated soundcard. We're using a mixer that has 1/4" outputs so ideally we would have a soundcard that could accept a jack of that size. I have an old m-audio Audiophile 192 in my ancient desktop, and it always worked well for me ( ) Is this card still considered to be decent? I've never had an issue with it when I was using it and it's definitely affordable. We're using FL version 11 on our current rig. Thanks!! EDIT: Would it be possible to bypass the soundcard issue entirely and just use a nice USB-compatible mixer like this one instead?
  6. Holy smokes. I didn't think this thread would still be alive after all this time. Well, as always, feel free to join and save the world one work unit at a time!
  7. I'm interested in doing a ragtime-styled solo piano remix for the mini-game theme, if no one else is interested. I don't have any WIP to submit at the moment, but considering I just got out for summer (being a teacher is an order of magnitude more difficult than being a student, btw) I should be able to throw something together in the next month. First WIP will be some shitty midi sample, but the final product will be mic'd and recorded live on my piano. Looking forward to contributing to my first OCR project (assuming of course that my WIP gets the green light)
  8. Yes. Once you complete your first work unit, you'll be added to the team automagically.
  9. Bumping this from beyond the grave. I'll update the roster eventually.
  10. Hmm, been awhile since I've posted on OCR.. Anyways, lookin for an old copy of Link's Awakening. I managed to extricate my old gameboy pocket from a massive pile of junk in my closet and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic as of late. Anyone have a spare copy they would be willing to part with? I sold mine years ago to a buddy cause I could never get through turtle rock, lulz.
  11. Hmm, makes me wish I could spend a day downloading FAH onto each and every university computer. We upgraded to Core Duo comps last year which is pretty nice to say the least.
  12. happy 21st now go get drank

  13. My topscore is like 11983 or something like that. Game is way too addictive