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    I'm a full-time teacher as well as a part-time bladesmith. I've been welding since 2008 and forging since 2010. Currently, I'm focused on blades and other edged tools but I've recently started forging some ornamental ironwork as well. In particular, I'm branching off into functional video-game replicas and the like and fulfilling my childhood dreams of smashing shit with big fucking swords.
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  1. I have the first generation M-audio BX-8 monitors and they were very nice when I used them in the past. Currently I do all of my music work at night and I can't be pumping them then, hah.
  2. Fun and quirky, takes my back to the days when gameboy was the hottest shit in town. The first three tracks seem a bit scattered, don't seem to have a solid theme behind them to hold attention. The last track is nice though!
  3. Wow, these are great! Love the atmosphere and the feel of these tracks.
  4. Right now I'm rocking a super budget pair of Samson SR850s, although lots of people swear that they are the best bang for the buck for mixing on a budget. I have a great set of M-audio studio monitors but I can't use them currently... Oh well. Anyway, here's a playlist of all of the tracks I've finished up for the game - they don't have to be great, they just have to be good enough to get the point across... At least that's what I keep telling myself
  5. I'm still rocking FLstudio10 so it looks like I'll have to make do with 7 band EQ tools for the time being.
  6. Is this where you end up with muddy sounding mixes? I've been running into the problem a lot and have relied on EQ to alleviate it as best as I can although I can still sense it in my work.
  7. Holy shit. This is still going. I don't believe it. My God... Where have the years gone?
  8. So for RECCORDION I just got an accordion from a coworker, spent a few hours figuring out how to make it work, and then made that recording in one take. I used three effects on the master after splitting the mics into left and right channels with a little cross-panning. The three effects I used were Parametric EQ, Soundgoodizer (which is a type of compressor), and Reverb. I found that without using the compression on that track the accordion didn't sound even and there were a number of "hiccups" due to my inexperience in smoothly pumping the bellows. Compression seemed to fix those discrepancies and make the track sound much more "grand" overall but I also hit my limiter a lot. My recording levels and mixer gain were a little low as well so as to reduce the sound of the mechanics of the accordion operating so compression helped to bring those levels up but then again... I keep hitting the limiter. I went ahead and removed compression from the track and remixed it to see how it sounded and personally I felt it sounded more amateurish although the sounds were clearer in parts (which is true as I am a total amateur with the accordion, lol). The Naussicaa track was based on the theme from the movie, there is a track with children singing that it was based on although I just played it by ear as best as I could. I'm really happy with how the tracks sound now though, removing compression and remixing was definitely the ticket - thank you for your help!! EDIT: Here is the uncompressed version of RECCORDION:
  9. Thank you for your helpful input and advice. If you don't mind me asking, what are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of using compression in tracks? I've found that without using compression I can't identify all of the sounds of my arrangement but with using it I do feel a fatigue when listening for long periods of time. EDIT: I remixed all of the tracks I'm working on to eliminate the use of compression. I see what you mean now, it's a big difference and a GOOD difference. If you get a chance:
  10. Thanks for the response. I ended up muting all of my channels and just bringing them up little by little until it was fairly close to what I was hoping for. If you get a chance, what do you think in comparison?
  11. In the fourth beat of the main drum measure in this sample, there is a distortion effect from grossbeat that engages a set of claps to create a pow effect. I can't seem to raise the volume for that particular beat while retaining normal levels afterward. Have I run out of headroom in my workspace or is something else going on? Any thoughts? EDIT: See track in post below
  12. With mixing and mastering this will really boom. There's a lot of distortion in general you might want to tone down or utilize panning/reverb effects along with stereo separation to really give it atmosphere. As for the theme though, I think you've more or less nailed it! If you get a chance, let me know your thoughts on my crap. My ears are toast and I've been listening to the same loops over and over for the past week
  13. A couple dozen tracks for a platformer puzzle game I'm working on. I made extensive use of Famisynth for the main leads and occasional support in most tracks for a variety of reasons. Any honest critique is good! Thank you!!
  14. After requesting a name change, it seems as though I lost the bulk of my post count. Not sure if that's just a side effect of having my name changed and I don't really mind either way (original username = SILVERWOLF) Additionally, I can't seem to access my user control panel. Gives the error: Error code: 2S100/6
  15. Thanks for the reply! I used to know a lot about the latest tech, but that was 6 years ago Any thoughts on a good CPU/MB combo that gives me what I need? I was originally planning to go with AMD, but I'm leaning more towards Intel now that I read what they've been doing lately. I also was thinking of going with a SSD to install my OS and FL Studio on, and then using a standard HD for all the files and crap we need to store. I've never worked with SSD's before, so any thoughts there? As for RAM, I'm hoping to get 16gb in this build. Is that overkill??