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  1. Oh god. This sucks--he was one of my absolute favorite ReMixers, and his "Legend of the Snake" was the song that got me into this site. Gaia be with him and his family...
  2. I will say that this is a very good ReMix. It sounds extraordinary, the samples, everything...but I will say that I don't think this is the greatest ReMix on this site. Simply because...while it was a very good piece, for me, it held no emotion, none of that quality that sucks you into the music. Technically, it's superb, as well it should be. But it isn't the best this place has ever heard.
  3. This is the most awesome ReMix I have ever heard. Really. I'm not musically adept enough to be able to praise the actuall musical pieceparts...but as a longtime music listener, I CAN praise the emotional and 'creative' content. Frankly...this is a master work. Using no more than, maybe...ten musical elements, SuperGreen and MC created an awesome, transporting piece. I especially admire how the volume of the bass and drum tracks, plus the overlaying melodies, are manipulated to create different feels, and different perceptions of tempo. My two cents.
  4. WEll...as a Morrowind addict, I'd have to say that not only does this remix do justice to the original, it surpasses it. It captures the 'feel' of the game so much better than does the original one. Very beautiful, very haunting, almost Four :Ps out of five!
  5. *laughs* Every single time I hear the 'Bombing Run' theme....makes me want to reinstall FFVII for PC and play it!
  6. Is it just me, or do the first few notes of the opening theme sound like they were ripped from the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme?
  7. Wow. I like this. The 'chugging' guitar beat really, really works, and the way the chorus, guitar, and orchestral bits weave together is well done. There's a section, around 3:00, that kinda loses the 'feel' of the piece...'cause the guitar is dropped. Other than that, very nice. The weakest parts are the choral bits...you can tell they've been altered.
  8. Hm. I just realized what the horns in the background of the beginning few seconds are. It's supposed to be imitating the city noises, such as car horns, that are in the background for part of the opening theme.
  9. A nice mix. The best part about it is how you can tell what part of the soundtrack it's from, but the remixer didn't TIE himself to that song. Instead he went and did a very, very nice Mako Reactor-sounding song that I like a lot.
  10. I really, really liked this one. The intro was especially great. It really feels like you're in an Arwing, getting ready to scramble out into a battle. Great job with the feel there. The first half is also nice, brings me back to the first time I played Starfox 64...the first game I played on the N64 actually. The main melody is good. and the bells/pings/whatever you call them going on top of that is great. The fade out does kill the feel some...there could have been a better way to make that transition, but it still works. The second half is nice, though I like the more up-tempo first half. Overall...a very, very nice remix.
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