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  1. If you guys want, I can host you guys on the ThaSauce network. We're hosting the forum of the SD3 project right now. Someone IM me for details, if you're interested.
  2. avaris: Did you listen to my wip? Whaddya say?
  3. Ohok, I'll upload it and PM you a link.
  4. "Well know you know, and knowing is half the battle" -GI JOE Gotta Love GI Joe. Sweet welcome aboard Fishy. Another announcement too... Vampire Hunter Dan and his orchestral goodness is now onboard. He will be doin one massive opus containing at least 3 if not 4 of these source tunes: Stars of Tears, Emotions, Wings, and Ship of Regret and Sleep! Sorry ladies and gents those songs are now taken. ... Oh damn, that's not nice. I PM'ed rpggamer180 about Ship of Regret and Sleep over 3 hours ago. And I started a WIP and everything. Blargh.
  5. There's totally no space in my nick. Kthx. : )
  6. I'd have to clear it with Ramaniscence first, but I think we could host the new forum at ThaSauce. That reminds me, I totally need to work on my mix.
  7. Yeah, I think VGDJ was my first time too. It's very special to me as well. I WAS A COHOST IN EPISODE 3... err... I mean... <3 VGDJ.
  8. I was gonna say, at the part right before the Compo report, as well as and right after fat man meats magic turtle, Jill sounds....unusually squeeky. Strange business, that. I'll let you guys on in a little secret... when I was editing this one on my laptop, I think I must have accidentally moved the "pitch" knob next to one of pixie's recordings. Not by much, only a few %. But even when we were going over the show before releasing it, neither of us noticed. Whoops! Tsk Tsk, zircon. As a fellow audiophile I am ASHAMED of you.
  9. Now all you gotta do is go all the way back to episode 1. I don't know why I never did that, though. For some reason I started at 17 and went back to 14 and never listened to anything before 14. It's hard to catch up when they're releasing new ones. I subscribed around the same time, when the last one in the feed was #10. It took me until this year's 2-month hiatus to get caught up to the present. There's some decent stuff in the early ep.s, but I do think it's better now... Aurora answers the inevitable "pants" question in #2, the wingless made his Aurora Mix just after, DJP gets interviewed for #4 (definitely not as good as his appearence on the VGL episode, but still), the Canada meetup was for #10, and they talk about the Doom Remix project in #12. And you have to hear what Aurora & Rayza did "behind the scenes" I got on in eps 18. I think it was Pixie's second appearence on the show or something. By the way, when I said I took the last 8 eps, I mean I specifically did not listen to them. The croatians must've though I was crazy when I was laughing to myself during "Penis Reef". And welcome Teddman. Ah, sorry to misunderstand you. And it seems kinda strange that a lot of people seem to have started listening around the same time as me. Where's the Episode 3 love, people?!
  10. http://www.fusion2004p.com/Fusion2004_-_It's_VGDJ!.mp3 zomg!
  11. Well, here we are. Six months after I said I would start my remix. P.S. I STARTED MY REMIX. Also: USA GET ON IRC SO WE CAN TALK. kthxbai
  12. Whoa, Rayza went missing? When was this? And why wasn't I informed?
  13. Holy god. EDIT: As Larry just mumbled, "bla... wha... guh... DAMN."
  14. I totally agree with this guy. (P.S. OLD!)
  15. I do say, we need more Episode 3 love!
  16. Psshhh, almost forgot to post something for you to listen to. Heres a original I've been working on as of late: http://www.fusion2004p.com/Revolutionizing_the_Planet_WIP_2.mp3 (Again, if you do accept me, I would like to remix Mabe Village. It obviously won't be anywhere as synth heavy as the above original, and will feature guitar by GeoffreyTaucer.) kthx
  17. I would like to join the project, and if accepted, claim Mabe Village.
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