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  1. I transferred EVERYTHING from the old site, everyone's files, rama's HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PICTURES AND SCREENSHOTS, all 6.4gb of crap that no one wants to dig through and decide what's important. Like I said up there on the topic post, just go ahead and PM, IM, or email me with like what you want your new account name and password to be.
  2. As many of you may or may not know, for the past week ThaSauce has had some considerable downtime. The reason being the MASSIVE influx of people downloading Voices of the Lifestream from our site upon its release. Once we realized that we were going to slam into our bandwidth limit at warp speeds on Sunday, 2 days after release, we attempted to setup a redirect to another mirror but it was already too late. Sunday evening we went WAY over our bandwidth limit and our host locked our account. We scrambled to find someway and somehow to get at least a partial site up and running, and some of you may have seen ThaSauce: Poverty Edition which replaced the thasauce.net homepage for over 24 hours. Eventually our staff (meaning Rama, Xerol, Suzu and myself) decided to take advantage of an offer of hosting put to us by herograw. Over the past couple days I've been downloading, uploading, transferring, mirroring, copying, moving, editing, fixing, and generally preparing everything on the new server. To make it short: http://thasauce.net/ - It's back. For those of you who had private ftp accounts for your stuff whether on hosting.thasauce.net or not, contact me so I can recreate your account. (fusion2004@NOgmailSPAM.com, or Fusion2004p on AIM)
  3. So yeah, it looks like Rama isn't going to be able to come, not sure yet, but THE FUSION NEEDS A ROOM. kthxbai
  4. MEGA HELLA AWESOME BUMP!!! So the film just finally came out on DVD, and you can order it right here: http://www.filmbaby.com/films/1961 There are a few places on the net that seem to have it a bit cheaper, but mdotstrange gets the most monies from filmbaby, so please order it from thar. kthxbai
  5. I'm gonna be there; flying up on the 2nd and back on the 6th.
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking the fact that this is blank is probably due to the upgrade.
  7. At my house, we pay around $46 USD a month for 6mbps from AT&T. It is yumz.
  8. As with everyone else, just got back from the theater. It receives a Fusion rating of MEGA HELLA AWESOME.
  9. WUT. I've got six CRT monitors (not all visible in my pics), plus the MacBook. He's got 4 (I believe they're all LCD) monitors and the laptop. I do believe I win, sir.
  10. So yeah, I got Halo 2 for Vista the other day. It is yum. I'd like to play someone on Hamachi if anyone else has it.
  11. So say we all. (Yes, I have been watching too much Battlestar Galactica lately.)
  12. Okay, here we go. Here we gots mah Yamaha PS-2 keyboard (doesn't even have a midi-out), some 1/8th to RCA adapter cables, Sprint bills, briefcase, MicroSD card, and StarCraft. Dual-monitors, Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers, RCA HP440 headphones, Eurorack UB802 mixer, and APC Back-UPS XS1200. Then we got a $3000 MacBook Pro, billions of cds and dvds, Logitech Racing Wheel, a machine that runs win2k that I got for free from someone who was gonna throw it out, and a network hub. (not a switch, a hub ). What I didn't take a picture of (cause I didn't feel like digging it all out) are my two mic stands and my MXL 990 and 991 condenser mics.
  13. I've never seen anyone else wearing any OCR apparel in Miami, although I have met one person who knew about it and commented on my shirt. Of all people, my American History teacher. He used to work at Alienware, and apparently some guys there are OCR-goers.
  14. WHOA WHAT SOMETHING COOL IS HAPPENING IN MIAMI?! (More meaningful post to come after more research.)
  15. So yeah, this is an original I had started a short while back that I've found some direction, intention, and inspiration for recently. I'm trying to make the song portray both a whimsical and serious side to zircon, while at the same time kind of spoofing his sound and musical flow. http://hosting.thasauce.net/fusion2004/zircon%20fell%20in%20a%20hole%20in%20teh%20universe%20wip2.mp3 Please insert commentary into the comment box as shown in the diagram below.
  16. Yeah, forget you guys. Us South Floridians need some meetups/concerts to enjoy too.
  17. O_O Ho-ly crap. I cannot wait for this to be released.
  18. Be there, this panel will be teh h0tness.
  19. Other than helping my father buy my brother some games for Christmas by using my employee discount at CompUSA, I gave hugs for Christmas. Bah humbug!
  20. That space is still open for you guys to use to host the eventual website, and if you want you can export the data from the old forums and use it to write over the new forums.
  21. ... Oh like, Prophet already told me to do it and I already set everything up and PM'ed him the info earlier today. O_o
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