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  1. So after pretty much dropping out of the community half-a-year ago after starting college and not doing anything musically since then, either, I've decided to work on an album that I'll release for free when it's done. (And preferably this one will be a lot better than my first, Project Kaisen from Auld Lang Sine III.) This is the first WIP release of one of the tracks on the album, and I'd like to just get some thoughts and comments from you guys on it. http://www.fusion2004.com/audio/dropit/Fusion2004_-_Cascading_System_Failure_WIP1.mp3
  2. Yeah, we had a display for it at CompUSA for a while. When you use it with Novint's demo apps it seems pretty cool, but when used in conjunction with a real fps it becomes very apparent that it's nothing but an expensive gimmick. Buy it for no more than $15 at a garage sale, if that.
  3. I saw the thread title and I JIZZED IN MY PANTS. But seriously, guys, this is wonderful news and I wish the best to the both of you. Also: My father listened to your Christmas album, Jill, and loved it. My custom-ripped VBR mp3s now reside on his tiny 1GB mp3 player. ( On another note, I loved it as well. )
  4. I listen to the music from Lineage II all the time because I frickin' love Bill Brown's music. I hate him because after he started writing the music for CSI:NY, he seems to have just stopped writing music for games, period. :'(
  5. Ah, Chrono Trigger. I knew not how much I have missed ye. Just got the reforged Masamune and heading back to Frog. I would be playing now, (during my Macroeconomics class), but the red light of IMMINENT BATTERY DEATH is lit and I forgot my charger at home. : (
  6. It wasn't overlooked at my house, after we were done shooting off fireworks I broke out my multi-hundred dollar laser collection and handed one to each of my family. Hilariousness and fun ensued.
  7. I definitely second at least one of Zeklan's sugggestions: Full Metal Alchemist. I loved the series and the movie.
  8. By the way, he didn't arrange these pieces for any film project. They're for his Zelda fan game made in RPG Maker XP.
  9. Can't wait to give it a listen once my physical pre-order arrives, Jill.
  10. Happy birthday, Karl! (Want I should send you them $15 bucks back?)
  11. And remember, the Aperture Science bring-your-daughter-to-work day is the perfect time to have her tested. Congrats!
  12. shadowolf: Everyone you said, though, is based on the assumption that we need the ability to rewrite over what has already been inscribed. Although that has been a standard of computing for a long time, there was a time when my father wrote programs on punch cards for use at the room-size computer at his university. What if we simply make the storage medium big enough that we wouldn't absolutely NEED the ability to rewrite data, we could simply write a new copy of it. I'm thinking an external USB drive that has slabs, not discs, of which you can buy at the sizes of one terabyte, ten terabytes, and one hundred terabytes. Sound good? Obviously it's not practical in the long run, but for us peoples that just want a crapload of storage space RIGHT NOW, it would work in the short run.
  13. The picture was awesome except for the fact that it didn't have my name on it. Especially since 1408 was my room, in my name, and on my credit card.
  14. Hokay, I have uploaded all 101 pictures that I took: http://hosting.thasauce.net/magfest_6/pics/ Enjoy.
  15. While at a Jamspace session at 5AM, I called on Shnabubula to make a direct-post RTS mix on-the-spot, and he delivered. This mix will be available at http://remix.thasauce.net within the next few days, when we have time to edit the recording.
  16. Merry Christmas, all! May Santa bring you all the new keyboards, guitars, drums, mixers, mics, cables, software, and other miscellaneous music-related equipment you could ever want!
  17. What do I want for Christmas? The girl I love. (And a new desk.)
  18. My best friend is a crazy-ass Cuban driver, and can drive amazing well at high speeds. There are two problems, though: 1. None of the other drivers on the streets of Miami can drive as well as he can, apparently, and 2. He drives an old '99 Saturn that has no anti-lock brakes. I have been in the car for at least 5 of his 'damageless' accidents. Example A: We're driving down Kendall Drive (88th ST), a major road in an area called Dadeland. It has just stopped raining, so the road is soaked, and I have 40 seconds to get to work before I'm late. He guns it up to 80 when suddenly another driver coming out of an exit accelerates to PASS us. The problem is the light just up ahead has just turned red. Now, this guy's newish vehicle with its wonderful anti-lock brakes has no problem slowing down in time; my friend's car on the other hand, does. So now we're sliding down 88th at 70 miles an hour, right? My friend starts slamming his car into the right-hand curb to slow down, and we just slightly bump the guy in front of us. He didn't stop, so we didn't either. 50 seconds later, we pull up into my workplace, CompUSA, and we go to inspect the damage. NOT A SCRATCH! Not on the bumper where we hit him, and not the right-side of the car or tires that had just been slamming into the curb. NOTHING. I'll never understand how he does it. (Must be a class-specific ability, like swimming.)
  19. I would love to wake up in the morning to DarkeSword Toast Crunch. Yum.
  20. Didja really have to delete my scripts, djp? Why couldn't you have just renamed them to .old? (also happy birthday herograw)
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