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  1. Not to mention that one challenge that's almost unbeatable.
  2. I'd be willing to listen to it, since I can't remix and all...
  3. Got a lvl99 Amazon, lvl35 Elf and playing a Wizard right now if anyone needs a hand, just message me. I know some people complained that the game might not be worth it cause it's a beat em up and those usually aren't long, but each character I've played so far has had VERY different play styles so there is variety if you like playing with different classes and the difficulty levels REALLY change up the gameplay too if you go that route. I'm over 140 hours in and still going, gonna play all characters before I put this away. Very fun game IMO. Also,
  4. Really wanna get this since I love No More Heroes, make sure to mention how good it is.
  5. That's cool. If not to clear some dungeons we should get on at least for a sec so we can use each others characters as AI companions. My amazon is pretty good right now cause of all the marathon dungeon diving so I got to the level cap for normal mode. Got lots of good equips and my skills are good too, none of that crazy AI stuff where they level up skills to like 3 or 4 and then not equip the item the skill needs.
  6. Ah, so that boss is a Monty Python reference? Didn't know. Just about FREAKED out when I saw it. Think I spent the first 10-20 seconds just guarding cause it was so vicious looking. Zoltan: Some references here Malaki: Get well soon dude. Everyone: Not seeing any PSN names here. Just Gollgagh for PS3 version? Would be good to get some others. Also FYI you can pick up bones of people you play online co-op with. WAY better than the average AI bones since you get their equips and skills. AI makes the weirdest choices for skills and equips...
  7. You don't HAVE to sell at MSRP, though I thought they had a deal with Nintendo to sell this game and that the deal would mention something about selling it at MSRP, though I would have no idea about that sort of thing. Just seems slimy that it would be reprinted (if it's true) and that GS would get a majority of the profit by calling it used. Unless Nintendo is in on it too, then they would just look worse then they already do in my eyes.
  8. Newegg isn't too bad, they just don't get any bonuses if you pre-order. I got one copy of the game for $30 myself (pre-ordered when it first appeared on amazon back in 2011 when it had a different publisher and MSRP) and it's easily worth it. Probably won't go lower than 40.49 till the end of the year around the holidays so if you can wait till then do so. Also Brush I sent you a friend message to the PSN account in your profile. Edit: So I was just doing some marathon dungeon diving and I found some bones with the quote "should've been a family man". Also found an amazon named SnuSnu. XD
  9. Yo Brandon Dragon's Crown is on sale $40.49 right now.
  10. Dragon's Crown 40.49 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara steam key 10.19 or 4 for 31.19 Anyone wanna do a 4 pack deal? Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 7.19 Could always upgrade this when the new one comes out for $15 more.
  11. Pretty sure they can't sell new games WAY over MSRP without possible repercussions, that's why they gut them and raise the price by calling the games used, it allows them to sidestep any deal they have. Also found this... XD
  12. No one notice this yet? https://www.humblebundle.com/ Probably the best bundle they've had all year. And all goes to charity or humble tip, whatever you like.
  13. Get it now before it becomes vintage. >_<
  14. Trust me, you'll be better off playing it enough to unlock online co-op. Fights can get chaotic at times with all the stuff that goes on onscreen that you can sometimes lose track of what you're doing. Playing it a while helps to make it easier to avoid that situation.
  15. Just unlocked online co-op. Damn does the game get hard once you do, actually had to continue for the first time, and ended up doing it twice on the same stage. Ended up losing money in a stage for the first time as a result. AI is brain dead most of the time too. Sure would be great to get some PS3 co-op help...
  16. Gamespot blasted this game in their review. Doubt it can be that bad since the NES version is AWESOME. 77 metacritic overall score so far. Wanna get it but want to see what some of you guys have to say about it first.
  17. So references and stuff? http://art-eater.com/2013/03/from-mickey-mouse-to-jesus-the-latest-dragons-crown-trailer-is-full-of-epic-homages/ I win.
  18. Gonna CRUSH this game on the weekend. Hit me up if anyone wants to get a party going.
  19. So I've read. Heard that some employees would actually call other stores if they don't have enough pre-order bonuses to see if they have any extras to send their way. Sucks that the guy who gave me my copy didn't help me out, especially since he was the same person who promised they would have it on the phone the day I made my pre-order.
  20. Message sent Boss. Thanks again!
  21. That would be AWESOME. Yes please.
  22. Yeah, but when I pre-ordered the girl wouldn't give it to me saying wait till release day. Some Gamestops do this I hear, other give it to you when the pre-order is made. Guess that Gamestop was anal about it. It sucks too cause I went a hour after they opened, doubt 5 people came in to pickup their pre-orders at that time.
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