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  1. Alundra get! Now I finally have the game to go with the guide I bought long ago... for a game I didn't have...
  2. Just a FYI there's going to be like two RPGs released for this system. Progress! =/
  3. Getting 100% in Far Cry 3. Such a pain to find some of those relics.
  4. Some games, like Infamous Festival of Blood don't have platinum trophies, usually downloadable titles which aren't meant to be "full titles" lack platinum trophies.
  5. First time someone from OCR has said that. Thanks! ^_^

  6. I'm playing through my backlog too, trying to see if I can beat 100 games or close to that by years end. Up to 3 games now. In order I beat Amazing Spider-Man, Golden Axe and I Am Alive. 97 more to go!
  7. Have I heard of it? I own part 3 so yes. Haven't played it yet since I hear it's a time sink, you can spend like a 100 hours plus playing it. Also the music for the series is done by Yuzo Koshiro of Streets of Rage and Shinobi fame.
  8. All you gotta do is have a save before the last goal so you can get each of the character endings. Rest is all regular playthrough stuff I believe. Just missing the million ending and getting item completion, which I plan to do once I replay the game later on before jumping into the sequels. Once I get those I get platinum. Also, I really want to beat that mysterious Mask de G fellow in the martial arts tournament next time I play cause he copied Gio's moves, not cool.
  9. Got 3. Infamous 1 and 2 and Amazing Spider-Man. Would have one for Vanquish but there's this one challenge that's literally almost impossible. I think I read that maybe a thousand people beat that challenge and got the platinum for that game. Other than that I just need like 2 trophies for Atelier Rorona to get platinum on that.
  10. Dhsu makes oath to not buy anymore new games until he thins his backlog. Never buys another game in his lifetime. =P Would probably take me like 5+ years to get through my backlog.
  11. Am I the only one who would like a new Breath of Fire and a new Power Stone if they can do those right? Hell I wouldn't mind the absence of a BOF game if they would at least include a character or two in one of their crossover games, whether it's a fighter or one of those SRPG's with Namco. Also obligatory MML sequel reference.
  12. And does this mean that Valve is gonna develop Del Toro's game?
  13. Hope you have a good one dude!
  14. Didn't notice it was ending. Would've maybe put $10 to help get it closer to $20,000. Hope they add the extra story arc anyways. Looks like it might be cool. Period
  15. Wii U sold out during pre-orders from what I've read. They only sold 400,000 because they only produced 400,000.
  16. Tis why I avoid buying some indie games during steam sales, I figure they might be in some humble bundle in the future.
  17. THQ has got money problems I've read so putting some older titles for download is probably a good way for them to make some cash.
  18. New bundle up. Includes Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor along with soundtracks for 5 of the titles. Pay more than the average which is currently 5.46 and get Saints Row the Third as well. FYI they are all Steam keys, unlike the previous bundles.
  19. Could also just grab the Sega Genesis Classics pack if you wanna get a bunch of games officially endorsed by Sega. I got the first 5 packs via download for $5 during Black Friday on amazon. 50 games total, with some really good ones like Streets of Rage series, Phantasy Star 2-4, Shinobi games, etc with no DRM. Best to wait and see if they go on sale again soon.
  20. Listening to it on Youtube. Track 4 sounds like something from a Nujabes album, which in case you don't know, is AWESOME.
  21. Solution to the problem: Buy a PS3, buy 3D Dot Game Heroes, make your daughter in the character creator, have fun.
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