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  1. So this came out today, anyone else getting it? Been waiting for this game myself since it was announced back in 2011. In case anyone doesn't know the game is a action beat-em up rpg with online co-op for up to 4 players (or you can use AI companions/PSN friends ghost AI characters) with Vanillaware's high quality 2D artwork for the PS3 and Vita. Game has 6 different characters, each with their own fighting style and skills/equipment, a deep loot system and it has a 15-20 hour long story campaign with multiple difficulty levels. If anyone is interested in going co-op, hit me up on PSN at Flash_Strife. Gonna pick this up in a bit so hope to see some OCR peeps there.
  2. Whoops, should had said it was on sale for that price like a month or 2 ago. Also Rama it was for those games, except maybe for transformed but all the others for $10, kinda like this bundle though I could have sworn they had a $15 one with all the games, including Transformed, don't see it in my amazon history though. Just saying it might be possible to get a cheaper bundle later on if you're not in a hurry to get them all now.
  3. Believe I've seen that before for about $10-15 on amazon so not the best price if you're trying to get it at the cheapest possible price.
  4. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG omg OMG *Actually sees and reads about it* Not sure how I feel now... =/
  5. What sucked is I didn't have the money at the time but had it the next day. =(
  6. I thought it was a bit disappointing myself. They didn't do any indie bundles like they did last year and the last day seemed to have fewer big sales than before. Then again I could just be disappointed that they didn't put Ys 1&2 on sale again for $5.
  7. Hey Lyrai, any chance I can get a Bioshock, Dead Island, Kerbal, Skyrim and Torchlight off you? You can have my dupes if you'd like. Got Tomb Raider, Prison Architect, Football Manager and Chivalry. I just wanna see what getting a set does.
  8. Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition at Best Buy $8. 6 game collection plus soundtrack and book about the series history.
  9. Only got Strike Suit Zero bundle. Other places had some great deals, such as Best Buy selling Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition for $8 or gamestop's current sales, which I used to grab a Ni No Kuni guide for $19.25 (little over 50% off).
  10. Extra Tomb Raider, Chivalry and Football Manager. No one?
  11. Probably not gonna happen but a sale on Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara would be awesome. And here's hoping Ys 1 & 2 goes for $5 again.
  12. I bought Ys Seven Premium Edition from them. Last copy so the box had a sticker. Understandable I guess except the artbook which was in a drawer also had a sticker on it. WTF?
  13. Extra Chivalry and Football Manager here. Need Bioshock, Dead Island, Kerbal, Skyrim, Tomb Raider and Torchlight.
  14. So far I've grabbed NOTHING. Gots no money.
  15. That game is my #1 most wanted game this year. I was hyped when it was announced just cause it was a Vanillaware game, but seeing the trailers on IGN drove that hype up to 11. About the day one thing, no worries, I got Amazon to honor the $30 pre-order price I placed years ago so I got it through them. Will have to wait for it to arrive to me first. Just an FYI Dragon's Crown gets free DLC voice track for the first month only. Also, breasts?
  16. Guys! Please please PLEASE vote for Strike Suit Zero! Really want that plus I've already seen Bastion around that price many times before Edit: SON OF A BITCH!
  17. So Zolt... you getting Dragon's Crown next month? Looking for some people to play that with.
  18. Got my order for Metro cancelled little over an hour ago. Sucks. Haven't had a good experience with Best Buy in forever though so I should have expected as much. Wish it would have worked though, I only ordered 1, not 100 or so like I hear some people did. =/ Edit: And now Ys 1 & 2 is on flash sale on steam and me with no money. Methinks karma is broken today.
  19. Don't think they're gonna honor it, except for maybe some people who got lucky and got it earlier. My order still hasn't gone through, paid with paypal hours ago and nothing yet.
  20. 3D Dot Game Heroes and Dead Nation are two that I've played that come to mind. I've only played the first PS3 Atelier game and it was okay but the sequels fixed any negatives the first game had, so if you're into RPG's then those would probably be good picks. Also Dragon's Crown and Tales of Xillia is coming next month so there are those to look forward to. And while it's not an exclusive, Vanquish was hella fun and you can get it cheap if you look carefully.
  21. Good thing I got my nephew to get this instead of me. Now I can wait for Full Burst to come out and I can play the PS3 version in the meantime. Got NUNS2 from ebay so I can get the full story. NUNS3 has got some pretty sweet music IMO. Also Darke don't lie, I've seen my nephew play it and this game has a BUNCH of story scenes, I'm talking Xenosaga like levels of cutscenes.
  22. Anyone wanna get the 4 pack? I'd put $5 for one if anyone wants to.
  23. Only watched the original series so I haven't seen anything from Shippuden yet though I have read up about it. Reason I say it might have a pc release is cause amazon italy had a page up for a Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst which was taken down, also was listed on steam registry a while back. Rumor is it might be a GOTY version of NUNS3 for PS3, 360 and pc. Of course it's just a rumor, and Namco ain't talking but with all those rumors flying around and the price drops after only 3 months of release, well...