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  1. Only watched the original series so I haven't seen anything from Shippuden yet though I have read up about it. Reason I say it might have a pc release is cause amazon italy had a page up for a Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst which was taken down, also was listed on steam registry a while back. Rumor is it might be a GOTY version of NUNS3 for PS3, 360 and pc. Of course it's just a rumor, and Namco ain't talking but with all those rumors flying around and the price drops after only 3 months of release, well...
  2. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 $25 at Best Buy for rewards zone members. Seen vids of the game and it looks cool. I hear there might be a pc/steam release though so not sure if want. =/
  3. That would be cool too, lots of good stories to choose from there. If you wanna make gangsta rap, maybe do something with Star Ocean 2? That game did have pickpocketing and counterfeiting after all, totally G'ed up.
  4. Make a rap and/or rock opera for Xenogears. It would be brilliant. It could be all about Fei and the conflict with his personalities throughout the Xenogears timeline, maybe have Grahf as the big bad nurturing his destructive qualities or something. It would be epic.
  5. Torchlight free on GOG.
  6. Humble Weekly Bundle on Telltale games. $4 got me the Walking Dead, Back to the Future and more.
  7. Last Remnant 2.50 at Gamersgate for today only. Also Humble Bundle 8 came out yesterday.
  8. Free Penny Arcade Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 steam codes.
  9. Witcher Enhanced Edition free with rebate at Newegg today only. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832198060 They had Rage also but that sold out.
  10. Hitman Absolution $4.99 steam code at amazon.com, $8.99 for professional edition.
  11. Oh, you're one of those people. I kid of course, the music is pretty good. =P
  12. Legacy of Kain collection $4.50 and Dragon Age collection $9.99 at Gamersgate right now among other deals. Wish I held off on buying Dragon Age Ultimate Edition 4 days ago on Steam, paid $8.74 for the Ultimate Edition and the guide when I could have got the Ultimate Edition and Dragon Age 2 on Gamersgate for 2-3 bucks more. =(
  13. Gotta love how some people are getting excited over this just cause it has Yoshitaka Amano and Nobuo Uematsu working on it, and they brush aside the part where Compile Heart is developing, the same Compile Heart that makes average games at best. =/
  14. Rocket And Crank 2015 hint hint Ratchet dawg
  15. $200 is too much but yeah it's expensive. Waiting for a reprint myself. That or just get a PAL version, then you can play it on Dolphin with the HD texture mod.
  16. I've been thinking of getting it for $12, but on the fence for now. It does look fun but supposedly it can be beat in 5 hours, but it does have cross play which is good for when I get a Vita. Rumors are that it might get a Steam release though.
  17. I had a thought last month that if Capcom ever tried to resurrect Mega Man it would end up being a totally different type of game compared to the older titles, more of a reboot like DmC or Bomberman Act Zero since that's been the trend lately. This recent article proves that Capcom was thinking along those lines even before the series and this game was canned. What's so hard to understand?
  18. I... saw it coming, but only when they announced that there might be a new game last month. Seems that if it ever comes back it's gonna be a reboot ala DmC.
  19. Still have the 3 LE games sealed. Not sure if I should ever open them and give them a shot. There's a lack of JRPG's out this generation but the Neptunia series isn't exactly known for it's quality now... =| Also Gar what the hell, I just started watching that Dog Days vid and there's nothing wrong with it so... well I guess those wires make up her costume cause it's in cyperspace or somethi... oh god... OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING WWWHHHYYYY *thought process*
  20. Didn't even have to click the link to know you meant Neptunia fyi.
  21. Guys seriously, this game is awesome. Anyone who hasn't played it and can run it should get it. Easily worth $3.
  22. lol you forget what those are? They've changed though from back in the day though. Now you gotta click on someones name, go to contact info and find the private message link.
  23. I cleaned the lens off my old PS2 once by opening it up and using a q-tip when games wouldn't start properly (especially the gold bottom dual layer ones), after which it ran good as new.
  24. Haven't played it myself but Zone of the Enders HD Collection for PS3 is known to have slowdown that wasn't present in the PS2 version, which is terrible for that game since the whole point is HIGH SPEED ROBOT ACTION. Regret pre-ordering it for the most part (got a poster for the pre-order which cushions the blow slightly) especially since I already have the games for PS2.
  25. No one here has seen LittleKuribohs Let's Plays? I thought the bloodlines ones were great. Though I guess you gotta like Yu-gi-oh the abridged series to really get it all.
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