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  1. I know what ya mean Drum. More artists need to show some love to this classic in the long running series!
  2. An excellent take on CT's opening theme,plus "Time Management" being its title was a sweet idea. Very nice job.
  3. Very odd,this is the only Rockman title with just one remix? How can that be?! It needs more love! Dj Abjurator I gotta say this is a excellent mix.
  4. Another excellent piece! Techno & FF fans definitely need to give this tune a listen.
  5. Very interesting tune. It really makes you feel as if you're near the end of the game and just about ready to take on your foe.When things come to pass,and you know it all ends here. Nice rendition of this song.
  6. Very nice remix. FFIII needs alot more remixes.This an excellent take on the "Dark World" theme.Every part of the song hits at the right time. Plus it goes to show that the recent FF titles have a ton to learn from their past.
  7. Excellent work Wingless! This remix of this classic tune brings back those memories of flying those Arwings into those unfriendly skies.(with some kickbutt techno playing) If the next StarFox game was to feature any kind of music..it would definitely have to be techno.
  8. Another great remix..what is AmIEvil up to these days? Wonder if he's gonna work on more CV songs later on this year.
  9. I just gotta say its about time there was a "Green Hill" remix. Especially in a techno funk-ish style.Rayza you've definitely done an awesome job with this timeless track.